Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

Book of Armstrong

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Arcanist Human

Name: [Redacted] "MAC" [Redacted]
Work: Ram Skull
Hex Operation: Easthaven | Armstrong Arms [Gunsmithing]
Position: Solitary
Former Operation: New York
Specialization: Weapons 

Excerpt from [Redacted] "Syndicate Book": [/font]

Once upon a time...

A lone traveler from a foreign land...

Sought Out Myth and Legend...

On A Land Beyond Sky and Sea...

Away From The World Of Man

There he Encountered Four [Illegible]

Tiesta the Sylph of Rumors

Gragou the Garou of War

Flor the Lady of Harvest -

Xepher the Lord of Executions

The Traveler lost in this New Land

Sought Guidance in exchange for favour

For the Excitable Tiesta ...He taught knowledge of the outside world

For this she gave him the knowledge of living lightning

And [illegible] followed him on his journey

For the Bored Gragou...He provided a challenge with strange weapons

For this he taught him how to control his inner flame

And [illegible] followed him on his journey

For the tired Flour...He gave his labor

For this she helped him grow his talents with deep stones

And [illegible]  followed him on his journey

For the lonely Xepher...he offered his life...

For this he trained him in the ways of the corroding waves

And [illegible] followed him on his journey

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Arcanist Human

Current Level
Untrained =>  Dabbler





Calling Solemnly to Thee: Strikex4 | Charm Use | Ballistic | Metal | Melee |Collector
That One Taylor Swift Song About Woods: Charm use | Metal | Cinderx1
Specialty Unboxing!: Strikex4 | Ballistic
Ego Death Strikex2| Cinderx2 | Charm Use| Ballistic | Metal | Collector
A Bird Can Roost But on One Branch: Cinderx4| Collector| Metal| 2xstrike | Ballistic
The Graceful Night: Charm use| Metal| Cinderx1
The End of Winter: Charm use | Metal| Ballistic| Cinderx4| Strikex4

Roll Cinder or Strike 20x

Strike: [16]
Cinder: [12]

Use a cantrip, boon, charm, or level ability x5 - [Completed]

Charm: 4
Level 1 Ability [Collector]: 2

Utilize Each Keyword 2x [Completed]

Metal: 6
Ballistic: 4
Melee: 1

Participate in Encounter Thread 1x

Specialty Unboxing


Perform a ritual [Completed]


Perform a ritual without a power-source [Completed]

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Arcanist Human


Dabbler > NOVICE


Participate in 2 Player-Run or Site Events (2/2)
Magic Ability Instances

Roll Cinder or Strike 30x (30/30)
Use a cantrip, boon, charm, or level ability x10 (15/10)
Utilize A Trained Keyword (3/3)

Participate in Encounter Thread 2x
One (1) thread involving tests of skill relevant to your Path with another PC
Fundamental Thread Prompts

Perform a ritual with 5 Collected components
Perform a ritual with a Keyword outside of your chosen portfolio
  • Thread | Participants | Summary

Weakness Thread Prompts

Perform a ritual with non-human or tainted blood
  • Spellbound | YUTO MOCHIZUKI | Mac makes "scales" using a bulletproof vest and Yuto's blood as the activator.

Perform a ritual under pressure (rushed casting, less than 3 posts
  • End of Line | Mina Straus | Mac trying to make sure a gate is sealed.

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Arcanist Human


Treasure Hunt
  • Good Item: Good Compass [used]

  • Average Item: Average Wedding Ring with little Joy [used]

  • Good Item: Good Boat Anchor lost after an outing [used]

  • Superb item found; Lost ancient jewelry [used]

  • Good Bittersweet Childhood Memory on the Breeze [used]

End of the Line
  • Superb Item: Nails of the Dead [Used]

  • Average Item: Recording tuned to haunted white noise [Used]

  • Good Train Track Moss [Used]

  • Good Broken Train Track Piece [Used]

Lonely Solitude
  • Superb Item: A Handkerchief Full of Blacksmithing Talent [Used]

Hunting Thrills
  • Good Fallen Wolf Pelt [Used]
  • Good Deer Antlers [Used]
  • Good Deer Pelt
  • Good Wolf Skull [Used]
  • Average Deer Bones [Used]
  • A few Good inquisitive quips in a jar [Used]
  • Item: Good Jar of Frozen Dirt [Used]
  • Item: Good Reliable Lantern [Used]
  • Item: Essence of Charm Use [Used]

  • Item: A Hephaestus Good Prayer
  • Item: A Good Dagger’s Spell
  • Item: Poor Ink Stains
  • Item: A Good Invocation of the Guardian King of the North (Bishamonten)

Sorry to Bother You
  • Item: A Good Pair of Studious Glasses from an Engineering Major
  • Item: Average Gossip on the Breeze

  • Item: Average Shine of a New Sword [Used]
  • Item:

Off to the shooting gallery
  • Item: A Good Silver Bullet
  • Item:
I need Healing
  • Item: An average concerned sigh
  • Item: Item: Average Kindness

Raven in the Library
  • Item: Good Finger Motions of a Railway Line [Used]
  • Item:

Lessons in Magic
  • Item: Item: An Average Toolbox [Used]
  • Item: Item: Average essence of a fixed motherboard [Used]
  • Item: Item: Good Silver Molar [Used]
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Arcanist Human


Calling Solemnly to Thee: Strikex4 | (2) Ballistic| (2) Melee
Specialty Unboxing!: Strikex4 | Ballistic
Ego Death Strikex2| Ballistic
A Bird Can Roost But on One Branch: 2xstrike | Ballistic
The End of Winter: Ballistic| Strikex4
Workin In: Melee| Strikex4
End of Line: Ballistic| Strikex3

Rank 1 => Rank 2


2x threads training
2x threads utilizing Mundane Keyword [Completed]
2x threads utilizing Mundane Keyword in Encounter [Completed]
20x rolling Strike utilizing desired skill [ 17- Ballistic]

Unranked => Rank 1


1x thread training in desired skill [Completed]
1x thread utilizing desired skill [Completed]
1x thread utilizing desired skill in Encounter [Completed]
10x rolling Strike utilizing desired skill [ 6- Melee]

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Arcanist Human
Current Items:


It was a small skeletal figure, made of mercury. The last of its form is now molding itself into his jewelry and gun. The gun was now a flintlock; long, elegant, and imposing. His rings now completely warped in color, from its original silver to a pale blue. They too were imposing with skeletal-like features, with the exception of one now bent into the form of a crown.

A black and silver flintlock gun with an oddly angry skeletal figure made of mercury attached to it.


Changing the bullet material:
- can only be metal. Any kind of metal, although the ones with a mechanical value are sky iron and silver. Both are acceptable options.
- It cannot turn things into salt, as that would need the Earth keyword. Instead, although it is a flintlock, as an enchanted item it can be loaded with and fire a variety of ammunition that has a scattershot effect in a variety of gauges. aka, it can shoot shells loaded with salt.

The Graceful Maidens

A pair of Silver Twin Rapier's: Lucille the Petals (the Light Porcelain Hilt) and Charlotte the thorns (the Dark Porcelain Hilt) decorated with blue rose petals and theater masks etchings. Each with a trigger installed.


These two swords are able to shed their mass in the shapes of either petals or thorns that then fly at an opponent. The two swords must be wielded in tandem for this effect to work.

While wielding these two swords, a ranged (Ballistics) Strike roll may be made. If the wielder does not have the Ballistics Keyword, they may simply use their base Strike. If the Strike roll meets or exceeds the target's DC, either Lucille or Charlotte is able to shoot petals or thorns from its blade like a ranged attack.

Before the ranged attack can be used again, the metal mass of the sword must be replenished with Cinder roll of Complete Success or greater to recall the pieces or add fresh metal. Both cannot be used in the same post, but a recall may be made at the same time as a Strike roll.

The Onyx Forge

A blackened trunk with two skeletal hands holding the top. Its size and girth could be mistaken for a coffin and is just as difficult to transport. A skeletal black and gold serpentine skull with wings is stamped in the center of the trunk's lid.


When opened, the inside of the trunk becomes a hot esoteric forge with a transmutation circle in the center, allowing for a ready-made circle. Inside the trunk, lined up nearly, are metal bonelike tools for etching, hammering, and branding.

When used for a ritual, the Onyx Forge provides an Assistance bonus to the Circle roll of the preparation phase. With its size and heft, its use must be planned ahead of time, or the ritual must be brought to its location.


This magical arm is a true masterpiece, crafted with the power of both witchcraft and alchemy. Its intricate design features ornate ivory and bronze deco-punk motifs, including skeletal clawed features that add a fierce edge. The joints are fashioned with metal strings and iron wiring, blending function and form in perfect balance. When in use, the arm emits a constant gear-shifting noise, signaling the power emanating from within and becoming hot to the touch, revealing just how much energy it is channeling. With every movement, this enchanted arm radiates the power and sophistication of its creation.


A functioning magical (mechanical) arm. It can be used in rituals to help craft magic items.
The arm's superb craftsmanship lends itself to speed and accuracy. Once per ritual, the user of the arm may reroll a failed preparation roll in the same post, saving time and energy.

Ogun's Warrior

A mantle made of red, black, and green wolf fur. A wolf skull's decorative piece dyed in iridescent Red Green and Black. The fur looks and feels more metallic than it should. The skull's teeth are lined with silver. A protective piece, fit for a magical warrior.


The Ogun's Warrior mantle has 1 Luck vs. Strike or Cinder, allowing it to take a hit to Luck in lieu of the wearer.

Former Items:

Bladed Pinions

One golden feather from the Stooped Judge. The vanes are in perfect order, not a barb out of place. It is soft to the touch when you move your finger gently along the edge, but it is as sharp as a blade at speed.


Usage(s) Left : 0/3

While holding or touching the feather, on a successful Cinder roll, you can feel your thoughts organize, information becoming easily accessible and ordered. You can see your next move clearly, allowing you to add the Assistance effect to your next roll. Each feather can only be used three times. After the magic is used, it retains its strange physical properties as a feather blade but becomes otherwise inert.

The Bronze Needle

A bronze and crimson rapier. It gave off a lifeless inorganic feel. Designed like a 3D printed weapon with brutalist aesthetics. The blade was thinly twisted to a needle-like point.


Once per thread, while wielding the Bronze Needle, the user may add an additional +1d6 to their Strike roll.

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