Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

Short Story 

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TW: Injuries

Almost Like A Dream, In the Haze of Blue Light...

Time Repeated Itself...

Mac's eyes fluttered as the haze of painkillers slowly faded away.

He lifted up his arms to both were bandaged. His right arm held together by pins, screws, and bars. He tried to move his fingers, but could feel them stuffed into the cast. They were being held together by a thread. His legs faired better, but were also racked with pain and bruising. And he couldn't forget the burns. So many burns. While checking his person, he realized that he was stuck with multiple acupuncture needles. This was exactly like what happened a couple of weeks ago.

He could tell he wasn't going to recover as quickly as before. Or rather, he wasn't going to be zipping around injured like he was before. At the moment, he was just amazed to be alive.

He didn't call for anyone when he awoke. Rather he stayed silent, contemplating all that had happened: The Chinese New Year fiasco, the execution of Clovers, meeting up Briar, fighting Brian. Mac started to get a headache thinking about it. After an hour of contemplation, he was greeted by Doctors, his father, Briar, and many...many members of the Syndicate. He hadn't been able to process everything.

Not even when the doctors explained to him all that had done to him while he was out. And how long he was out: Half a Month. Part of it included not only repairing his punctured lung and broken ribs but also, the burns he had suffered, the lacerations, but also the subject of his hands.

They were able to retain 56% of his left arm and 43% of his right arm. Damaged fingers, muscles, tissue, and bone had to be removed. The price paid for not sitting at home like he was supposed to. At least that's what some said under their breath. Mostly by the vultures waiting to see if he would recover or not .

After a few days of wrapping his head around his current situation, and what was recovered from the Underground Cache. He started to throw himself into his studies, investigations, but also recovery. The first thing he did was have the missing parts replaced with prosthetics and metal workings. It was the most painful start, only made easier by his charms. He practiced sculpting and tuning his new limbs and bones. Mostly without letting Briar and the others know.

The second part involved magic not his own. He let the healers work on him daily for the burns, except for the ones on his right arm. He wanted to keep those battle scars. When he wasn't training his limbs to move the way he wanted, he started to study from the many books he had received. Especially two that caught his eye:

The Cursed Iron Puppet Technique : A mixture of esoterica, martial arts, and puppetry. Focuses on craftwork and intricate commands.

The Sky Fire Blacksmithing: Adding the usage of electricity in the art of Blacksmithing.

He realized how squishy he was compared to the others in the city. It didn't sit well with him. Especially not in the position he found himself in. After a month recovering at his place and studying. Mac went back to his place of business with a new goal in mind.

What was waiting for him with a Black Pitbull...

Welcome back Young Master,


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