Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.


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Orbiting the tropical Kerelia, the strategically placed Sigma-class station is nestled between the edge of Federation controlled space, the Tholian Assembly, the Klingon Empire and the unknown. The Sovereign-class USS Denali arrives with a fresh-faced replacement crew, ready to tackle a host of new challenges out on the outskirts of the Beta Quadrant. But life this far from the civilization that they once knew can be hard. It can be unexpected, wonderful, and it can be dangerous.

The year is now 2382. The Dominion War is over, and once again we look toward the unexplored.

Join us on the FRONTIER.

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FRONTIER is a play-by-forum Star Trek RPG. Launched 29/02/2020, we offer exciting new adventures for new and veteran players alike. Our forum is host to four roleplay scenarios; Frontier  Station, our event-driven and laid-back jumping-off point, the USS Denali, the exploratory arm of our operation, the USS Astrophel with their mission of science, and our downtime-roleplay area for player-led collaboration or for players who prefer a more relaxed, slower-paced level of activity.

We offer a new way to SIMM, a friendly, open staff, Jcink Premium features and an average of 35+ IC posts per day from over 20 active players. Our OOC community is lively and friendly and we believe that player engagement and creativity are the most important aspects of any roleplay.


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