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The Disciples of Vasuki

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The Disciples of Vasuki

On the wrong side of the law, the Disciples of Vasuki smuggle, steal, deal, and swindle, working in the shadows and living in the light.

This is a legacy organization, available for use in backstory and as NPCs in threads. There are no PCs who are active members.

001. - ABOUT
Originally hailing from India, the Disciples of Vasuki are only a small part of a large Indo-Sino organization. Specifically, they are a branch of the Vasuki family, one of five different sects.

Historically, this group is known for fighting bloody battles with the European Exchange for control of Erasmus Cross, working to achieve their own ends in the underbelly and black markets. Both groups constantly fight for territory and influence in the government wherever they meet, but the Disciples have the distinct advantage of not playing by the rules. It is the Exchange's quick work and determination which prevents them from achieving total control.

The group encourages black market trade, smuggling, and are known for their flawlessly executed heists and brutal assassinations. They are known to own popular escort services wherever they operate, though it is all-but-confirmed that these beautiful men and women also function as spies and assassins.

The Disciples are not contacted without great forethought. Strange and mystical things happen among their ranks, giving them an aura of the unknown. An aura that, unfortunately, many half-bloods in Asia flock to. The promise of power and acceptance that the Disciples promulgate in the face of a society that might reject them is a powerful one.

When it suits them, the Disciples also function on the right side of the law through puppet organizations. Their influence and money puts politicians in their pockets, much to the chagrin of the Exchange.

Though there are plenty of gangs that roam the streets, the Disciples are the most prominent of criminal organizations within Erasmus Cross. This group exercises it's own brand of criminal justice, quashing competition and protecting their own assets.

002. - MEMBERS
They are not picky with who they welcome into their ranks; men and women, half-blood, pure and afflicted - all can rise in the ranks and achieve influence and a place in society. One, however, does not publicly advertise their membership unless they want to be taken out by the Exchange or their own people.

Once their allegiance is revealed, however, Disciples are treated with fear and respect by those in the know, as they have no qualms about killing and disposing of those who wrong them.

The people of Erasmus Cross regard the criminal organization with fear and respect. Throughout the world, those in the know avoid the Disciples and their operatives to the best of their abilities.

004. - RANKS
The Disciples are a matriarchal group, with one shadowy woman known only as the "Naga" pulling the strings. She has been in charge since the early 1800s with no forthcoming explanation as to her longevity. Few people beyond her lieutenants know her or see her face, but she is a looming presence in the organization, and her word can be the difference between life and death.

There are two separate groups in the Disciples. At base, there are people - gangs, business owners, and other individuals - who simply work for them, paying tithes and claiming protection. They have no official title. These people are considered a part of the organization but are given their heads in their endeavors so long as they do not interfere with the greater organization's work. They do not rise in the ranks unless they express specific interest.

Then there are the true members. These are people who wish to unlock the secrets of the organization and gain the power and status inherent within. These members work their way up three tiers, each with new demands and responsibilities.

Novitiate - The lowest rank of true members and the largest group, these people are still trying to prove themselves as worthy of power and responsibility. They rank only a little above those without any rank at all.

Acolyte - These are those individuals who have proven their worth. Often, they command groups of Novitiates, working to gain renown so that they may be promoted to a true Disciple.

Disciples - The namesake of the organization, this is the first rank at which an individual is given access to the special forces of the Disciples, known as the Yaksh and the Devas.

Tongues of the Snake - These are the lieutenants of the shadowy Naga. They hold the greatest responsibility and power in the Disciples after the Naga herself and answer only to her.

The Disciples are known to have a library of dangerous scrolls, ancient tomes, and eldritch artifacts hidden away in their vaults, all across Asia, North America, and, it's rumored, in Erasmus Cross. This is a massive deposit of magical information, the greatest of which is a repository of the true names for thousands of otherworldly beings. Often, the creatures summoned in the ritual that creates the Yaksh come from these Scrolls.

These are humans who have become what the magical world knows as "Cursed". Among the Disciples, they are known as the "Blessed". The difference between the Yaksh and other cursed individuals is that this variety is caused solely by magical influence from otherworldly entities.

Using ritual magic, an otherworldly entity is summoned, bound to this reality, and made to imbue magical energy upon a Disciple. At times, if a Disciple is lucky, the summoned entity may come willingly to bless them with magical energy, but this is rare and usually comes with its own stipulations. In both cases, the sort of creature that cursed the magic user determines that magic user's initial abilities.

Mechanically, the Yaksh follow the Cursed Path. Because the curse is purposeful, chances for madness, death, or other negative effects when it happens are mitigated. They are still subject to their Sorrows. Also, there is always the chance for the creature that cursed them to find their way back into the world and come after them.

In the cursing process for the Yaksh, an eldritch creature is dragged forth (or perhaps, they are simply seizing a chance to slip into the realm of reality?) from the Other Worlds. As a result, the Yaksh are 'marked' in a way, by the creature that provided their power, and sometimes, that creature claws its way back into our world and finds the unfortunate human who bound them and siphoned their power.

Most die - or worse - but those who live and not only defeat the entity, but bend it to their will (by force or agreement) are unrivaled in power and rank, except by the most ancient of the Disciples. Using ritual magic known only to the Disciples, they can bind the spirit to themselves. These ancient spirits, unknown in origin or purpose, give their new masters added strength and magic according to the spirit's powers. However, those who choose to become Deva live for the rest of their existence with another voice whispering in their ear. All power comes with a price, after all.

Mechanically, the Deva follow the Possessed Path, but often dominate their Passenger. Formerly Yaksh, if they leave the Possessed path, they become Cursed once more, but do not possess the abilities from both paths. Please note as well, that the bound spirit cannot be a major figure, such as elder gods or named gods of mythology.

The Disciples function primarily in India, with cells in China, Europe (Erasmus Cross), and North America. They have no foothold in Easthaven, as they operate primarily in the Chicago and DC areas.

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