Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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The Basics
Allie Greene is a young professional. She got her law degree sooner than most, and is good at what she does. She's also an arcanist, with a particular focus on learning and blocking information. She's got a tarot deck on her at all times, along a pack of cigarettes, a bad habit she has failed to break. And, she's a member of House Hex, although most wouldn't know that. She's slow to trust and willing to be ruthless to achieve her goals.

For those few she does trust, she's something of a mother hen. She tries to look after people, and will remind you to drink water or get enough sleep. She has some deep-seated insecurities regarding being useful enough to be kept around.

Allie is a social chameleon. She will behave in whatever way she thinks will benefit her most. She can show high-class manners, So, she'll be friendly often enough. She'll make "friendships" to keep up appearances or get her ahead. And she'll grow fond of certain people. But, as it stands, the only people she truly trusts and are the other members of House Hex. They are her family and she will do anything to help them. For anyone else, she keeps them at arm's length, ready to turn on them if she has to.

She also does Tarot readings, usually for herself, but can be convinced to read for someone else, especially if they pay her. Showing interest or knowledge about Tarot is a fast way to make her fond of you.

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Malik Cartwright

Allie is a member of a criminal organization. She rarely gets her hands dirty herself, but she will do what she needs to in order to achieve the House's goals. So she can be dangerous and she can cause harm. But that rarely involves any personal hatred or malice on her end.

What does cause her to mark someone as a personal enemy is if they threaten or hurt her or her House. She will not let that stand and will retaliate harshly.

Finally, she is, in truth, from an old magic family from New York. She was presumed dead after a fire that killed the rest of her family, but she got away. If someone manages to recognize her, she will not be happy about it, to say the least. (They might recognize her if they are familiar with high society in New York. There was also a brief period about 8 years ago when she went "missing" and her face was shown on TVs a lot while her parents begged her to come home. Talk to me for more details if interested)

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Allie is up for casual sex, but she isn't interested in any sort of romance, given she doesn't trust most people. She's also willing to use sex and sexuality as a tool to get what she wants, although she doesn't use such tactics very often. There are other ways to manipulate people.
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