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Full Version: The Lighthouse - March 2022, Volume 1 Issue 4
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Weather Forecast: Scattered Showers
The Lighthouse
Easthaven, MA - Wednesday March 2, 2022 - Five Pages

March 2022 Sightings

Something curious is happening around two pillars of our community! The ever reliable and entertaining Easthaven Downs have been experiencing strange evening events, tack going missing, prize horses becoming lame right before a race, and the bookies have been behaving strangely. All concerned citizens (and gamblers!) are concerned about the state of affairs!

Similarly, after the chaotic February, the inhabitants of UMass Easthaven's Ivory Tower are finding their careful routines disrupted. Essays going missing, footsteps following them down hallways, and the bursar blowing off important meetings! Something is certainly afoot.

To the more adventurous readers of the LIGHTHOUSE! Head out to Easthaven Downs or UMass Easthaven and report back!

Curious Circles
Runes etched into the pavement, vandalism or more?

A trusted source has shared with us the sudden appearance of strange circles and unknown runes all over the city, along with a string of seemingly unconnected murders. The police have not been forthcoming, having rudely thrown our intrepid journalist out of the scene for contaminating the crime scene, infringing on our right to free speech! They're hiding something, but so far our investigations have brought us nowhere.

crime scene
Photo by Richard Bell

Be careful out there, dear reader! Should you stumble upon these grisly scenes, make sure to gather all the information you can. The LIGHTHOUSE knows untold dangers lurk in the shadows, but these strange circles promise something sinister. Remember the S.I.S! Salt, Iron, Silver!


Nian of your business
Puzzles: Fact or fiction?

The Lunar New Year went off with a blast, all of Balmoral in enthusiastic celebration, but there were rumours of strange sightings and creatures, and puzzle boxes found all over with mystical abilities! Worry not, dear reader, the LIGHTHOUSE has investigated and revealed these as the hoaxes they are. We found these boxes, old and dusty, knock-off antiques or a cookie tin from their nan, and found nothing remarkable about them!

Lunar New Year
Photo by John Xiao

It does appear that the evil spirits were held at bay and we can thank the observers of Lunar New Year for their fireworks and red streamers. Should anything more curious and potentially dangerous pop up, don't hesitate to get in touch, readers! The LIGHTHOUSE is on the job!

Have a Tip?
Write-Ins Welcome!

The LIGHTHOUSE is always on the lookout for the supernatural and otherworldly. Have you seen anything around our fair city? Write in at our PO box so we can inform the world!

The Lighthouse is Easthaven's local supernatural rag. Everything in here is in-character and, as such, can be deeply misinformed. You can decide if your character believes them or not! The only thing that is objectively true is the listed locations in the sidebar. Those change each month, and if you visit them, there's a good chance you'll meet something (extra) spooky!

Since it's in character, you can respond in character in this thread using the code below. You're able to change your avatar image in the avatar section. Just link to any image!

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