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⁂ Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Moderation Request

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Alert the Staff

If you require a moderator, please refer to the list below and post in the appropriate thread using the template provided. When you have posted, copy the post link and tag @admin in the Discord server's #mod-request channel. This guarantees that we will see it.

Do not edit your posts in this thread. If you have posted a different mod request and have a new one, make a new post.

This thread is for the following:
  • Reputation increase
  • Establishing a location

For other requests:
[b]Link to Dev:[/b] Link to the development thread post where reputation has been tracked.
[b]Total points:[/b] How many reputation points do you have?
[b]Rep Level:[/b] Which rep level are you currently and which are you increasing to?

[b]Location forum:[/b] Old Town/Newton/Upper Fens/Lower Fens/Greater Easthaven
[b]Character:[/b] Who owns it?
[b]Location name:[/b] What is the new location called?
[b]Location description:[/b] What is the location? Make this as lore-friendly as possible, but staff reserve the right to edit it to suit the neighbourhood it is in.
[b]Threads:[/b] Link the threads required for establishing a location on the map.

Brooke Hansen Offline
Ayi'ig Half-Blood
Character: Brooke
Link to Dev: link
Total points: 14
Rep Level: Relative Unknown > Familar Face (11-20)
Algy Trevelyan Offline
Zmey Gorianin Half-Blood
Location forum: Greater Easthaven
Character: Algy Trellian
Location name: Diflu Airfield
Location description: The Diflu private airfield is an old mainstay north of Easthaven, found nestled between the trees of the Diflu Woods west of the expansive farmlands closer to the coast. For safety reasons, they cleared away the trees around the airfield, but the surroundings still have dense woods. The runway and taxiway dominate the space, sized for small passenger airplanes and light craft, with the apron sizable enough to allow multiple small planes to be parked to wait for take-off. Arctic Airways has its flight school and chartering business next to the airfield, with three medium-sized hangars off the apron and a business office near the parking lot. The airfield is a non-towered airport, following standard operating procedures for Essex county.

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