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Tracking dice rolls and results can get tricky in threads you're using for Advancement. It's helpful to log whether the roll is Cinder or Strike, which Keywords were used, the result, and if it was the character or the Encounter who rolled. Simultaneously, it is necessary to track the Luck of those involved in the thread, whether it is a PVP thread or a PVE thread. Below is a useful template for how you can organise your dice roll information.

Important Aspects of Tracking[edit source]

  • Note which bonuses you have applied (if Luck, do this only in the first post when the Encounter begins).
  • Note which degree of success you have rolled.
  • Note keyword(s) used.
  • Note abilities used.
  • Include the DC of your opponent or Encounter for ease of reference.
  • Remember to roll for yourself and the Encounter in your post. Use the Strike/Cinder die listed in the Encounter table.
  • Interpret the dice rolls through flavour in a way that works for you but reflects the dice results.
  • If you're in combat against another PC, the PC being "hit" is the one who interprets the hit, not the attacker.
  • If a dice result does not work for you at all, you can disregard it, but you cannot list it and use it for Advancement.
  • Luck is not hit points; you do not have to take damage if your Luck is lowered. Luck is the stamina gauge of how long a character can keep fighting.

Players can use our Custom Codes shortcuts to add visual appeal to their dice tracking. You can use them by simply framing the phrase with square brackets ([-]). For a full overview of

Example, with summary post[edit source]

[note][cantrip], Fire

[cinder], Fire, Complete Success

Encounter [strike] hit, 4 passes vs. DC3[/note]

The PC strikes out at the Encounter using their [cantrip] and expands on that with a [cinder] roll, which allows for hitting the Encounter's [luck]. They can then describe the attack, flavoured by the "Complete Success" modifier and the used keyword. The PC also rolls and describes the Encounter's counter attack, flavoured to match the roll and type of attack, either [cinder] or [strike].

If the PC uses any abilities like [cantrip], [charm], [boon] or [aspect], note this as well in the dice tracking area. Those on the Cursed path should note when they roll on their [sorrows], as well as the result of that roll.

If the combat is between PCs, it is up to the character getting hit to describe how it lands, not the one rolling the successful hit.

[footnote]PC [luck] [unit=3,max=4]

Encounter [luck] [unit=4,max=5][/footnote]

Blank example[edit source]

[note][cinder] or [strike] rolls, w/ keywords & relevant bonuses. Can note [DC].[/note]

[footnote][luck] count for PC and Encounter [unit=#,max=#][/footnote]