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Keywords are used to create and customize your character's abilities, defining potential and limitations. There are two main categories, Mundane and Magic, with Magic keywords having some sub-groups of keywords. When creating or advancing your character, you select keywords from a few given pools that can help define your character's power base or theme.

All chosen keywords count towards the total count of keywords for a character's path rank unless otherwise stated or included in their Advancement. Only the Mundane Keywords are fully exempt.

Using Keywords[edit | edit source]

If your character possesses a keyword, they can theoretically do anything that keyword might imply or evoke, or that specific ability is available to them. For example, taking the Elemental keyword 'Fire' could mean that your character is capable of creating sparks of flame, extreme heat, or remove heat from a hot object.

Techniques for using a keyword may be different. Two shifters may have the same stealth keyword, but the way they use it may be a matter of moving silently or camouflage. In that same respect, it is important to be mindful of the constraints of keywords as well, and consider what they cannot do. Fire cannot make ice, and Animate cannot change the shape of an object. Some do have codified limitations, but they will be noted in their descriptions. It is important to remember Keywords are purely in the meta; characters don't know they 'have a keyword' they simply know their abilities or what kind of magic they specialize in.

Modular: Mix and Match[edit | edit source]

The keyword system is designed to be modular, allowing players to mix and match as they build their character concepts. Keywords are utilized differently by each path, humans and metahumans alike. Some do have limitations, based on what the word means, and some have special rules in the game system, but those will be noted.

Development Notes[edit | edit source]

In the process of playtesting, some keywords might be modified or altogether removed. If you have a keyword that's been absorbed into another, you may assume your character now has the new keyword. If one has been removed, you will have the choice to replace it, although we avoid removing keywords that characters have picked.

The players job is always to define a power for each keyword when you fill out your character profile, staying within the constraints of that keyword. You are welcome to develop more without Advancing ranks, but this must be done through threads.

The Different Keywords[edit | edit source]

We have four categories of Keywords, but not all are relevant to every Path. Each have their unique flavour and pool of keywords that enables players to customise their character's abilities.

Mundane Keywords[edit | edit source]

The Mundane Keywords are skills most can train up without too much trouble and there isn't a limit to how many you can have. These are physical skills such as various ways of fighting, or even a way to train your mind so you can resist outward influence.

See Mundane Keywords for a full list of keywords in this category.

Magic Keywords[edit | edit source]

The Magic Keywords are the backbone of our magic system. Anything that is magic has a Magic Keyword connected to it. These keywords are limited, based on a character's current ran on their Advancement path. The trade-off is that they are also far more powerful and versatile. A single Magic Keyword can do multiple things, so long as the player can argue for it and others agree.

See Magic Keywords for a full list of keywords in this category.

Universal Keywords[edit | edit source]

The Universal Keywords define the more straightforward abilities that someone might want, such as strength and speed. These keywords are available to be taken by any Path except the Arcanist. Some Paths, such as the Shifter and the Undying, have some of these keywords automatically. When taken by the Possessed, they only offer their benefits while the Passenger is active within the Host.

Similarly to the Magic Keywords, these are limited by how many Keywords a character can have at their respective rank. Universal and Magic Keywords are counted together towards the limit.

Preternatural Senses Your senses are tuned far above the human average.
Heightened Strength You are able to lift a draft horse overhead with little effort.
Heightened Speed You are able to run at the speed of a horse, while retaining human stamina.
Inhuman Strength (Prerequisite: Heightened Strength) You are able to lift a standard SUV overhead with little effort. +1d6 to Strike.
Inhuman Speed (Prerequisite: Heightened Speed) You are able to run at the speed of a cheetah, while retaining human stamina. +1d6 to Strike.

Path Keywords[edit | edit source]

The Undying, Shifter, Possessed, and Spirit Paths have a pool of Keywords unique to them. These are called the Path Keywords, often unique and played differently from the Magic Keywords. Some Paths have access to the Magic Keywords simultaneously, while others only have their Path Keywords to draw from. The Path Keywords are listed on each Path's page.

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