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Full Version: Character Review Form
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Character Review

Three on a Match uses account profiles as the character sheet. Go to the CHARACTER CREATION GUIDE and follow the instructions to fill out your account profile.

After filling out your character's profile with the relevant fields through the Player CP create a new thread with this form with your IC account, with each applicable field filled out.

The thread title should be: "Character Name - Path"

Then, go ahead and tag @admin in the #mod-request channel with a link to your thread.

Additional Notes
If we have feedback, we'll post it directly in your thread. If you'd rather we did it privately, let us know, and we can start a private thread in Discord. In general, we post feedback publicly just in case other people have questions we end up answering through the feedback or in the rare event that a character application has us updating the lore.

Path: This is your character's chosen PATH.
Rank: Either Untrained or Dabbler. Take a look at the CREATION GUIDE for your options.
Reputation: To learn about the reputation system, take a look at the FAME AND INFAMY DOCUMENT.
Mundane Skill(s): (E.g 'Brawler I', 'Ballistic II', 'Melee I') More on Mundane Keywords HERE
Magic Portfolio: (e.g. 'empyrean', 'cthonic', 'elemental') This is only relevant to Arcanists. More on Portfolios HERE
Magic Keywords: (e.g. 'light', 'mutation', 'metal') More on Magic Keywords HERE
Magic Abilities: (Briefly name the characters minor magical abilities. These are the Charms, Cantrips, Boon, or Aspect, depending on which Path the character belongs to. The description and limitations of these can be found on the individual Paths guidebook pages.)

Character Review Form

[b]Reputation:[/b] (A number from 0 to 10, specifying fame or infamy.)
[b]Mundane Skill(s):[/b] (E.g 'Brawler 1', 'Ballistic 2', 'Melee 1')
[b]Magic Portfolio:[/b] (e.g. 'empyrean', 'cthonic', 'elemental', remove this if you are not on the Arcanist Path)
[b]Magic Keywords:[/b] (e.g. 'light', 'mutation', 'metal')
[b]Magic Abilities:[/b] (Briefly name the characters Charms, Cantrips, Boon, or Aspect, depending on which Path the character belongs to)