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Getting Started[edit | edit source]

01. Account Creation[edit | edit source]

  • Create your Out of Character (OOC) account. Register an account under your internet handle on the forum. This will allow for linking multiple IC accounts together and let them show up in the memberlist. We allow accounts to share emails, so you only need one to register.
  • Create your In Character (IC) account. Register an account under your character name. This is usually in the format of Name Surname, or (Surname Name, depending on culture). Having no surname is acceptable for those who might not have it/remember it.
  • Fill out your profile application. The "application" is the user profile, so all information should be put into the profile fields. Short explanations explain each field.
  • No characters may be below of the age of 18. We do not want underage characters in play.
  • Pick your Face Claim/Play-By. Chosen face claims/play-bys must be celebrities and public figures, not private persons or illustrated pictures. However, face claims/play-bys are not required.

The OOC account and IC accounts can be linked through the account switcher, which can be done through the User CP under the "Account Switcher" tab.

We do not reserve Face Claims. You can input your choice directly into the provided field when editing your IC account and, when accepted, the Face Claim will show up on the Face Claim list automatically.

02. Select a Path[edit | edit source]

The Paths

03. Select your Rank[edit | edit source]

Players can choose to start at the base rank of a Path, Untrained, or the second rank, Dabbler. Each change what the character has access to regarding Keywords and abilities. Each Path page has a quick summary of what each rank involves.

Ranks: A rank is a level in our Advancement system, an OOC way of enabling IC growth for a character. It denotes how many Keywords and abilities your character has. Gaining a new rank means getting all the Keywords and abilities associated with the new rank in addition to those from your previous rank. Each Path lists their ranks on their pages.

04. Select your Keywords[edit | edit source]

When creating your magical powers, come up with one or two related to your chosen keywords. You begin with the amount of Keywords defined by your chosen Rank, but magical powers themselves can grow or be added to in play without using Advancement.

  • Refer to your specific Paths creation guide to find out how many Keywords you can select.
  • If a character begins at the Untrained rank, they can add one (1) Mundane Keyword as well.
  • If your chosen path is a Mundane Human, you add two (2) Mundane Keywords.

Magic Keywords: The magical abilities of the character, flexible and able to be interpreted based on what the Keyword or a combination of Keywords might mean.

Path Keywords: Magic keywords specific to a certain Path.

Universal Keywords: A subset of magical keywords that offer a defined ability relating to strength, speed, or senses.

Mundane Keywords: Signifies an advanced level of skill with something mundane, like certain types of weapons.

05. Fill Out Your Profile[edit | edit source]

  • Fill out your application through the User CP, under the "Edit profile" tab. This is found through the "User CP" button in the sidebar.
  • You can use bullet points or full paragraphs for any field, we have no go-to standard so long as all necessary information is there.
  • You should have access to all profile fields, but not all are applicable to all Paths. Read the descriptions under each section.
  • Remember to refer back to your chosen Path's page for certain details, like dice pools, Maker's Mark or abilities.
  • Feel free to note down any Path specific abilities in the Spells & Powers field.
  • Note down any relevant Other Magic Notes, such as Sorrows for Cursed or similar.

And that's it! Your chosen Path and rank will define your Strike, Cinder, and DC without any math and Path rank overview will give you your dice pools.

Recap: Where are you now?[edit | edit source]

When you've finished your profile, you should have:

  • Chosen a Path and used your chosen Path to fill out the Strike and Cinder fields with the base dice pool appropriate to your rank, found at the bottom of the relevant page. The DC is set by admins on acceptance.
  • Described your character. You should have filled out the basics for your character; Personality, Appearance, and History.
  • Defined any magical powers. Describe the powers connected to the characters Magic or Path Keywords in the Spells & Powers field, usually one per keyword. This is not necessary for Mundane and Universal Keywords, as they're predefined.
  • Defined any minor powers. Describe the boon, cantrip, charm, or aspect of the character based on which Path chosen. Remember these are minor abilities.
  • Keywords are set by admins, so they do not need to be written down or listed in the profile. You provide the keywords when you request a review of the application.

06. Final Step: Post for Review[edit | edit source]

When you have all the above in place and consider your character finished, post a new thread in the Character Activation Forum using the template provided and tag @admin in the #mod-request Discord channel for review and approval.

Established Players[edit | edit source]

After three months as an active player on the site, you can create up to two (2) characters with one of the below options:

  • Make a character at Novice rank, rather than being limited to Untrained or Dabbler.
  • Add two (2) Mundane Keywords to a character of Untrained rank.
  • A Mundane Human with four (4) Mundane Keywords instead of the standard two.

Remember to note which option you're taking when you submit your character for review.

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