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There are eight Paths to choose from on Three on a Match. These dabble in the various folkloric figures and tales that we know and enjoy in our world. The only rule for most of these is that there is a folkloric or mythological equivalent, otherwise the Paths are defined on their individual pages.

Choose your Path[edit | edit source]

Mundanes[edit | edit source]

Humans, or the Mundanes as they're often called, are the most populous of the groups in the world. They're your average joe, ranging from the dyed in the wool sceptic to a superstitious believer who might see the edges of the actual reality of the supernatural.

Arcanists[edit | edit source]

Arcanists are humans who have taken things a step further. They practice magic, using the scientific language of ritual building. It's a risky business, but most find their niche to explore and research. Ritual magic itself is very dangerous, so many Arcanists do injure themselves in the pursuit of knowledge.

Arcanist Resources ArcanistsArcanist AbilitiesFamiliars and Focus ObjectsThe Resonance EffectRitualsEnchantmentsArcanist Advancement

Cursed[edit | edit source]

Humans or Arcanists who have run into trouble, the Cursed are the result of magic going wrong or malicious magic taking root, in whichever form that might take. They have their own trials and tribulations, needing to suffer through the side effects the curse imposes on them, even if they gain the advantage of being able to use magic.

Cursed Resources CursedCursed AbilitiesThe Seven SorrowsCursed Advancement

Possessed[edit | edit source]

The Possessed, similarly to the cursed, are humans who have had something magical happen to them. For whatever reason, they now carry an entity with them. Perhaps they got on the wrong end of a summoning, perhaps they wandered into this entities stomping ground. Whatever reason, they're possessed.

Possessed Resources PossessedPossessed AbilitiesImpulse and UnchainedPossessed Combination Keywords

Half-Bloods[edit | edit source]

A Half-Blood has never truly been fully human. Somewhere in their lineage, a creature that boasts supernatural or mythological connections exists. Magic exists in them, showing as a physical mark and as abilities that are often unique to their lineage.

Half-Blood Resources Half-BloodsHalf-Blood AbilitiesBloodrushHalf-Blood Advancement

Shifters[edit | edit source]

Shifters are therianthropes, men and women able to transform willingly or unwillingly into beasts. Wild man-beasts, members of the wild hunt, or cursed individuals, they come in many shapes and sizes. There are two varieties, the Natural-born Shifters and the Afflicted Shifters, with similar abilities but some unique features.

Shifter Resources ShiftersShifter AbilitiesAttunementShifter Path KeywordsNatural-born ShiftersAfflicted ShiftersShifter Advancement

Undying[edit | edit source]

The Undying are those who roam the world endlessly, unceasing and, as the name signifies, undying. They retain their intelligence and reason, for the most part, but the magic that keeps them going also gives them their greatest weakness. They must feed on something to survive, be it the blood or flesh of the living, electrical bursts, or the raw emotion of a creature enraged.

Undying Resources UndyingUndying AbilitiesGroundingUndying Path KeywordsUndying Advancement

Spirits[edit | edit source]

Ethereal, incorporeal, bodiless, these are the Spirits. There is very little known of spirits; what they are, where they come from, how they came to be. Not even the spirits themselves are completely aware. What they all come to understand is that their beliefs make or break them.

Spirit Resources SpiritsSpirit AbilitiesManifestingSpirit Path KeywordsSpirit Advancement

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