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Mundane keywords are keywords that may be taken by any Path, magical or not. The skills described here are only those which affect the dice mechanics. All other non-magical "mundane" skills in a person's daily life, from skipping rocks to rocket science do not require a keyword. Unlike magic keywords, each of these mundane keywords can be earned with training.

Aside from "Iron Will", you do not need to select these keywords in order for your character to use (for example) guns, swords, or know martial arts. These keywords simply describe a high level of prowess in any given area. For example, you do not need to take a rank in Ballistic to be reasonably skilled with a firearm or throwing knives, and with your Strike pool, you can still use said weaponry. However, should you take a rank in it, it would mean you are especially proficient.

General Keywords[edit | edit source]

Iron Will You have a great deal of mental fortitude, allowing you to resist the effects of mind-altering magic. If you are a Mundane Human, you can now resist mind-affecting magic with a Cinder dice pool of 5d6. If you are in any other Path, you may only add 1d6 to your Cinder pool for the resistance roll. If you have the Knack alongside Iron Will, you can add a 1d6 Cinder bonus from that Keyword in addition to Iron Will's bonus.
The Knack Requirement: Active membership with the Exchange and a character on the Human Paths or Half-Blood Path. Some Exchange Agents just kinda... develop this knack for the job. The high-intensity demands has them pushing themselves to be better and think faster, but it's easy to lose once they stop. This bonus does not apply to Undying or Shifters. +2d6 to Strike in Supernatural related rolls (combat/social). Luck bonus of 1.

Combat Keywords[edit | edit source]

Combat Keywords each have four attainable ranks, which each add one (1) additional 1d6 to your Strike pool. As three mutually exclusive rank skills, they do not stack except with themselves. For skills that need a weapon in hand, the bonus to your Strike pool is only valid while armed, and Brawler is only valid when engaging in hand-to-hand. You can have more than one combat skill. You can advance up these ranks through fulfilling certain requirements.

Brawler I, II, III & VI Whether you do martial arts, boxing, or are just plain scrappy, you are pretty good at going at it unarmed. +1d6 to Strike per rank, for a maximum of +4d6. Luck Bonus of 1 at Ranks II and VI, for a total of 2.
Melee weapons I, II, III & VI Swords, knives, a baseball bat, a chair leg–these are your handheld weapons, pointed, edged, and blunt alike. +1d6 to Strike per rank, for a maximum of +4d6. Luck Bonus of 1 at Ranks II and VI, for a total of 2.
Ballistic weapons I, II, III & VI Guns, slingshot, throwing stars? Are you a ninja? Are you an archer? This is the keyword for you. +1d6 to Strike per rank, for a maximum of +4d6. Luck Bonus of 1 at Ranks II and VI, for a total of 2.

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