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In the Eyes of the City[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, there's that guy everyone seems to know. This could be you! The longer you deal with and dabble in the supernatural and the chaos that can follow, the more likely is it that your name is remembered by those who witnessed it or saw the aftermath. In the end, word may travel, and you might find someone pointing at you and saying, "Yeah, you're that guy!" Depending on the nature of your past deeds, they might say it with scorn or with enthusiasm.

Starting out in Easthaven, your name will not be too well known. By default, all characters are at 0 reputation. At character creation, you can choose to go into the first rank of the Reputation ladder, but you may not go above 10 in this rank.

You can track your Reputation gain through using the Development forum and the templates we have.

Reputation Effects[edit | edit source]

Reputation is only meant to determine how NPCs perceive you along with a few other mechanics, such as Advancement and Encounters. Reputation has no effect on PC perception unless the player would like to play it otherwise.

What gains points in Reputation?[edit | edit source]

Reputation is an all-encompassing scale for how well known a character is in the city of Easthaven, but gaining points is limited to Site Events, Tiered Events, and Player Events.

  • Site Events: 2 points
  • Tiered Events/City Mysteries: 1 point
  • Player Events: 1 point

Reputation Ranks and Perks[edit | edit source]

The Reputation ladder has three pre-defined ranks, from 0 to 30. Gaining 31 points allows a player to define the character's Reputation title themselves.

  • Rank 1: Relative Unknown (0-10)
  • Rank 2: Familiar Face (11-20)
  • Rank 3: Man About Town (21-30)
  • Rank 4-10: Ability to self-select personal title (increments of 10 each rank)

OLD SYSTEM[edit | edit source]



Incidents are divided up into two categories: minor and major public incidents.

  • Minor: +1 Fame/Infamy: small lawful or chaotic magic act. You may not have been witnessed by everyone, but you definitely had an effect on the world around you.
  • Major: +2 fame/infamy: publicly seen lawful or chaotic magic act. The Police and the Exchange know what you've done and you've caused a commotion.

Whenever you accumulate enough points to gain a level in Fame or Infamy, you can submit your threads with the provided template for review.


Reputation only pertains to magic and the supernatural in Easthaven. Mundane crimes are the domain of the police.

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