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Full Name
Noah Bandar
29 years old
Relative Unknown
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Monkey King Inactive

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Go Wild.
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The Basics
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Date of Birth:
May 5th
Compulsive gambler
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Street, Borough
2221 Darmit Rd, Apt 12, Lower Fens
29 years old
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Manish Paul


Noah is a tall guy with a strong jawline and very thick hair. His face is particularly expressive, although that doesn't always mean its a good thing as he is garbage at hiding his emotions.

With long arms and legs it is easy to imagine him running around, though his build is a bit too wide to be seen as athletic and his taste in less refined ware leave him looking like someone working a low end job than a suave man about town.

Maybe its something unseen about him, but people tend to get a reckless and mischievous vibe from him often without ever even speaking to the man.


Noah can be pretty reckless and mischievous. Let's face it, he was a pampered punk growing up and tends to think that everything will work out for him. This has been proven wrong on MANY MANY occasions but he seems to have trouble learning a lesson from any of them.

Noah has a gambling addiction that isn't doing him any favors and he is a bit of a danger slut. Chance of getting hurt? Liability paperwork? Odds of ending up in a terrible fight? Let's do it. Noah especially loves a good scrap. Not any of that fight to the death stuff, he just likes to rough house. Between having 2 brothers and 4 sisters, physical shoving practically became a form of affection.

Noah very much wants to be seen as someone responsible that his family can count on. He just hasn't managed to align his actions with his desires yet. Despite getting older every year he still seems very much a kid at heart.

Maker's Mark

Noah has a small dark spot on his chest, like a smudge of soot. He calls it a birth mark, which technically it is, but when he accesses his powers the mark spreads across his chest and body while heating up. Additionally flames tend to spread from his body giving him orange fur and a tail- all made of mildly warm fire.

When he fully enters a bloodrush, Noah will often have his entire head consumed in fire while many of his mannerisms and actions become more ape like in nature.

Animal Appearance

Other Information


Noah was born to a pretty close family. Two brothers and four sisters, made it so Noah never really felt alone. His family came from all over the world, but most prominently India and Asia. They were the decedents of a powerful creature, Hannuman. Or maybe the Monkey King. Thing was that his family could never seem to decided which one it was, if they were the same being in different cultures, or anything really. It was odd, having a family so devoted to an ancestor that they had zero contact with and barely any information on.

Some of the family took it pretty seriously, setting up in mountains or forests and claiming territory for the family. Noah's parents weren't that bad, though his grandparents surely were. For the most part Noah's immediate family just lived with the customs but tried not to be dominated by them, it was the reason Noah had so much freedom growing up. Maybe that is why he has some of the problems he has.

When you have a lot of siblings you don't end up with a lot of things that are solely yours and what you can get just for yourself you usually have to buy yourself. His mom and dad were far too prone to tell him to share as a kid. As he got older he found that if he paid for it himself the odds his parents would side with him on ownership was a lot higher. But money was always the problem, money and Noah's distaste for sitting still too long. He had trouble holding down any job long term when he just wanted to fool around. Then he discovered the answer! GAMBLING.

Noah has been in debt, out of debt, had windfalls, been bailed out, gotten back in debt, been threatened over debt, and borrowed money to pay off a debt before. He lives jackpot to jackpot and his financial situation never seemed certain from one month to the next. He didn't mind it as the uncertainty added a kind of spice to his life that he enjoyed, but his family quickly grew sick of it.

His grandfather recently came into possession of a prophecy. In the next few years a powerful artifact related to the family would arrive in a small town in Massachusetts. Hoping to force some responsibility on Noah, his grandfather tasked him with going to Easthaven and setting up roots, investigating the players, and when the item arrives stealing it back for their family. Noah accepted, happy with the freedom the job gave him and the idea of his family relying on him.

Besides, he has like two years or something to sort it out. Meaning he can play around a bit then just get it all sorted out at the last second without any problems... right?

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Fire, Mimicry
Brawler I

Spells & Powers

Fire coming out of the Monkey's head (Fire): Noah's abilities seem to be naturally tied to fire. As if a great furnace burned in his chest he can call forth flames from his mouth and shape them with his hands. Doing so spreads the charred mark on his chest, and while he can manipulate the flames he can't put them out. Only spread them further.

Splitting Hairs (Mimicry): Like some of the stories of his ancestor, Noah can create copies of objects. All it takes is a good idea of what he wants, and a plucked hair from his head. The things can't be too crazy since their durability isn't the best- additionally nothing alive since even if he makes the body for it the things can't seem to ever move of their own. Usually Noah just uses this to make weapons or fake a few bucks for snacks. By the next day the objects always return to being a dark strand of hair.

Minor Magic Abilities

Monkeying Around (Boon): From the moment Noah was born he possessed exceptional hand-eye coordination and agility. Because of this it seems as if he can scale, climb, or navigate over most any object, terrain, or obstacle- not unlike watching a Monkey run around.

Monkey See Monkey Do (Mimicry): If Noah can watch a mundane task be performed, such as martial arts or a sport or even a simple task like sewing and cooking, he is able to perfectly copy those motions once. However copying motions doesn't give him a perfect copy of results. Copying how an athlete runs or jumps doesn't make his muscles suddenly trained for the activity. Once he has copied the action he has to watch it again to copy it once more. He can only copy something he has seen that day.

Other Magic Notes

Brawler I: +1d6 Unarmed Strike


Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Go Wild.


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