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Here on Three on a Match we use a pass-fail dice pool system, that we call Strike & Cinder Storytelling Dice. If you're not familiar with a system like this, rest assured that it is a very lightweight system which allows you to focus on writing and playing while simultaneously offering a sense of mystery and adventure. It has been pared down and simplified for forum play-by-post roleplay, but we always welcome feedback, so don't hesitate to let us know if a mechanic feels off, too difficult, or too clunky.

Rolling the dice is completely optional, and should be considered like a tool in your toolbox. Using them is rewarded, but foregoing them is perfectly acceptable as well if you'd rather just talk things out with your partner. That said, each character is statted out according to the system at creation. The dice pools are simple mechanical values, but do not necessarily define what a character can and can't do. Players have the freedom to use skills outside of the dice pool. Some may find it entertaining to play with mixing flavour and dice involving mundane skills, but this is up to the player.

Likewise, they are required for threads that you intend to use for Advancement and will often be utilized as part of the game mechanics for events. When you're rolling in a thread and intend to use it for Advancement, you need to track your dice.

Using the System[edit | edit source]

To keep it simple, the dice system only describes degrees of success or failure. The way success or failure is interpreted into the story or flavoured is left up to the player. Things will be accounted for in broad strokes, rather than something a little crunchier like a tabletop RPG system.

It's imperative to remember that the dice system is there to work for you and your storytelling. We just ask that you're faithful to the dice rolls in your interpretation, even if the outcome isn't precisely what you'd hoped for. That said, you are welcome to ignore rolls, but if you decide to do that, it cannot be used for advancement.

How To Roll[edit | edit source]

For Strike & Cinder rolls that you intend to track and use for Advancement, please use the #official-dice channel on the Discord. Check out the Help:Dice Rolling page for further information.

Central Features[edit | edit source]

Navigate to the linked pages to read up on the different features of the Strike & Cinder dice system.

Dice Pool A dice pool is a set number of dice that is rolled all at once.
Threshold A threshold is the number a die result needs meet or exceed in order for the die to be what's known as a Pass.
Pass A Pass is when a die in a dice pool meets or exceeds 4.
Explosions An explosion occurs when a die rolls a certain number and player can then roll again.
Assistance When one character spends a post assisting another, the recipient may add 1d6 to their next roll relevant to the type of Assistance.
Difficulty Class A Difficulty Class (also known as the DC) is the number of Passes you need in a rolled dice pool in order for that roll to be considered a success.
Success Range Untargeted Strike and Cinder rolls are measured against the success range, which decides how successful they were (or how badly they failed.)
Luck The "Luck" stat represents a PC's or NPC's staying power in a risky situation.
Contested Rolls A type of dice rolling that can be used to counter another roll, in the case of resisting an effect or competition.

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