Three On A Match
⁂ Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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It's hot, it's time to hit the beaches!

June Update | 2024

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June Updates

Only a small one this month, since we're still fresh off the Guidebook update. Remember, if anyone's missing something from the Guidebook or spot a mistake/mistype, please tell us in the #discussion channel in the Discord server, there's an open forum post for any comments or corrections!

  • A limiter for how many posts Null can block Cinder in an Encounter has been added.
  • Shielding has been modified to allow it to be used non-defensively.
  • The Master-Legendary Keywords are in the process of being updated. The main categories of Space, Time, and Reality will be broken into three keywords each. More to come.
  • Advancement Prompts for Master and Legendary

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