Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Emery Troxler
21 years old
Good for Nothing
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About Me
Hello! I'm Scout, I'm 25 and my pronouns are they/them. Feel free to hit me up on discord for any sorts of plots.
Scout (they/them)#9395
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
I'm pretty comfortable with any sort of mature content, violence or sexual.
Player Information
Scout (they/them)#9395
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
I'm pretty comfortable with any sort of mature content, violence or sexual.
The Basics
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Date of Birth:
July 8
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Street, Borough
21 years old
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Matthew Clavane

Strike & Cinder

Emery is a nervous wreck who tends to withdraw from other people. They used to love the spotlight, but they don't want any sort of spotlight while they're cursed. They're very concerned with their reputation, something that has been true for practically all their life. They try not to be an asshole, but their motivation for doing so is pretty self-serving.

Emery has messy brown hair to their shoulders that they often tie back. They're bony and pale, with dark eye bags.
Maker's Mark
Animal Appearance

Other Information
They're currently lying to their family about how they're doing, making up lies to make them not worry. Their social media accounts were under the name "Kooky Spooks." They introduced themself as Kooky, although their real name was known, and called their fans the Kookie Jar

-Grew up in Iowa, deadbeat dad, decent step-dad. Mom and step-dad have a recent baby. - Normal life, went to Baxendale College at 18 with some scholarship money and started developing an online presence on Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. while studying photography and the like - Explored and talked about spooky shit, became fairly popular influencer, playing into spooky rumors about Easthaven. Very good at balancing between doing enough wild stuff to garner interest and making sure that stuff doesn't actually cross any lines that would get them in trouble. - Their last video never got posted. Went to explore the basement of Fallow Hall, interrupted a ritual. They didn't get a good look at whoever was doing the ritual, and they don't know what the ritual was for, but when they stepped into the ritual circle, all of the gathering magic focused on them. They collapsed and their camera overloaded and broke. The ritualist fled. - They first thought they were just hallucinating, then realized that others could see their visions. - Stopped attending classes and packed up as much as they could from their dorm room. They sent emails saying they were sick, hoping they could figure out what was going on and make it stop quickly, but they've lost their scholarship since then, so they probably won't be able to return. - Planned to go home to family, but couldn't figure out how to travel the distance without losing control at least once. Plus they didn't want this to endanger their family, especially the new baby. - Now homeless and desperate, caught between trying to just survive, trying to keep anyone from ever knowing about their curse, and somehow finding out how to stop it. Has been homeless for maybe 6 months

Magic & The Metaphysical

Magic Keywords

Illusion, Sound/Song

Mundane Keywords

Brawler I
Spells & Powers
Currently, Emery has 0 control over their magic, so these will happen at random.


Emery can produce horrific illusions. Most of their conjurations are subject to horrific selective processing (the Troxler Effect), so the sights and sounds are monstrous, deformed, and drawn from the deepest wells of lizard brain fear. Think faceless people, aberrant proportions, and fantastical beings.


Emery can also create auditory illusions. They are similarly disturbing to the visual ones. This generally takes the form of noises so high or low pitched that you feel them more than hear them. With the low and high frequency sounds, being around them for significant amounts of time can cause nausea, dizziness, migraines, fatigue and/or tinnitus.
Minor Magic Abilities
Cantrip (Dissonant Whispers) Emery will sometimes carry with them a soundtrack of disembodied whispers, just at the edge of hearing. The whispers aren't saying anything but it sounds like they might be. As with all their magic, they have no control over this, but this does not trigger their Sorrows.
Other Magic Notes

Seven Sorrows

1. Emery sees themself surrounded by swords and other sharp edges. Touching them causes pain but does not physically harm them 2. Emery's senses are turned up to 11. Colors are brighter, sounds are louder, smells are sharper, etc, and all of it is impossible to ignore. This generally leads to irritation or overstimulation. This lasts for the next sunrise and sunset. Whichever of those happens second marks the end. 3. Emery finds themself in a walking daydream. They struggle to remember the existence of trouble or danger. The daydream will usually lead them into dangerous situations. This lasts 1 hour, until they take harm, or until someone goes to the effort to shake them out of it. 4. Emery is blind for the next 1d6 minutes 5. Emery feels an intense shock of pain, enough to make them collapse. If applicable to the scene, take one luck damage. 6. Emery loses the ability to see color for 1d6 minutes. As well, they become deeply depressed. 7. Emery must dance for 5 minutes straight. This will leave them physically exhausted afterwards. 8. Lively classical-sounding music follows Emery for 2 hours 9. Every word they say appears to be written in the air as if emerging from their mouth. The words then float away. This lasts for the duration of the conversation, or 2 minutes. 10. Lucky roll. Nothing happens. 11. Emery sees a HUD overlay like they are in a video game. This lasts for 1d4 hours. What type of HUD and what information is shown depends on the current situation. The information shown is based off of Emery's own understanding of the situation. Certain values may be staticked out if they have no idea what they would be. 12. A ghostly fire clings to their body, most often on their hands, for 1 day.



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