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Full Name
Jules Philip Durand
668 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Lich Undying
Cthonic Duskborn

Player Information
About Me
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Go Wild, or at least as Wild as you can with someone who has no active sex drive or pulse.
Table of Contents 00. Personalia 01. Magic 02. Inventory Top
The Basics
Preferred Name
Jule, Le Dernier
Date of Birth:
May 6th
Work Location
Street, Borough
1412 Cedar St, Old Town
668 years old
Eye Color
Green Blue
Hair Color
Face Claim
Willem Dafoe


Jules is a thin gaunt figure on the best of days, and a painfully thin skeletal one on the worst of them. His body's condition varies based on how recently he has Grounded himself, but his undead nature is only apparent in his thin frame and gaunt features. Otherwise he looks like an older man in his late fifties to sixties. With brown hair and a brow best described as severe, Jules strikes an imposing figure if not a particularly threatening one. Jules finds himself dressing to impress, suits and collared shirts on the weekdays and then again for the weekends.

The most relaxed he can be seen is the rare V neck shirt, not counting his more comfortable ritual robes for special occasions. His pale skin and sickly appearances would easily lead many to assume he is ill, which is just fine by him. Better suspected ill than the living dead. Though not something likely to be easily seen, Jules' bones have many different carvings and engravings on them. Some of the more elaborate marks sport gold or silver filigree. These are all of an arcane nature to help better channel his necromantic power through his own corpse.


Jules is many things. Intelligent, inquisitive, incorrigible, invasive, intense, and even at times irreverent. But above all else he is insane. Hardly a surprise considering what he had done to and for himself to get to where he is now. He loved magic growing up and when the fear of his own mortality threatened his study of what he loved he sought to change it. Leaving him in his current state. That wasn't what drove him mad, his isolation did that. Still... he is quite mad, though he manages to hide it expertly.

Trapped in self-isolation for most his life he had actually managed to forget more about magic than many learn. At times these magical theories might resurface in his mind leaving him excited over the prospect, while other times he might lose interest or focus suddenly as ideas drift or ebb from his undead skull. He is very aware of his own flickering grasp on sanity and does take some measures to address it. It is for this reason that many see Jules writing almost everything down when he can. Simply put he can't forget it if he reads it in the moment.

Another way he works to maintain his mind is by being more active in the moment. Not those silly human moments like holding a loved one or enjoying a sunset. A lich's moment: The year, technological or philosophical advancements, the invention of indoor plumbing! Jules stays in the moment by building a life for himself that he then has to regularly keep track of thus reminding himself of the easily forgot things like the current date or if a war is on or not. His current job, that he even went to school for a couple short years for, is as a criminal defense lawyer. A hilariously pointless job where he works to stop people from spending a few of their miserably short lives inside a perfectly good jail cell. The idea of it is funny, after all he lived for centuries in what was basically a cell and they were some of the best years of his afterlife.

Maker's Mark

Animal Appearance

Other Information


Jules was born in France, 1355, During the hundred years war. It was a difficult time and his childhood was far from happy. His older brothers went off to fight. His youngest sister died of illness. Jules himself expected to fight and die in that war but his talent for magic showed itself and a mysterious group paid his family to take him. To be torn from his family but also be free of the risk of dying in that war, Jules didn't know what to feel.

The group called themselves Les sages oubliés, the Forgotten Wiseman, and studied the secrets of the arcane in hopes of leading the Masses once the war ended. They were foolish and saw the war as the culmination of some great prophecy that would begin their rise to power. If such a prophecy existed, it certainly wasn't about the Wisemen. Jules thankfully loved magic, he practically breathed it from tye moment he woke up to the moment he slept. So when the Wisemen attempted to gain power, well before the war officially ended, and were deemed madmen and heretics, Jules wasn't worried to find himself exiled as it just meant more time for his studies.

To make a terribly depressing story short, the Wisemen feared for their lives and sealed their entire order inside a cave. Oh it had water and food but as time passed they had less and less of both. They turned to necromancy and decades and decades and decades and decades later only Jules remained. Having tricked or trapped the others inside a phylactry that he used to power his own moving corpse. Sometime in his life he'd made the jump from human to lich. It didn't bother him, all that mattered was his research. Yet even a large supply of power drained from several mages eventually runs out, thankfully Jules noticed just before he died.

So, as one does he freed himself using the corpses of his old companions and then harvested enough energy to properly revitalize himself. Then he went back to researching magic. Jules did this off an on for a few... well he doesn't know exactly how long. If his notes are any indication long enough to go fairly insane and then maybe sane again? Hard to say when your handwriting was clearly done by a quill set between your teeth.

Worried for his own mental health, or rather that he'd go so mad he would end himself and thus end his research as well, Jules took on a new task for himself. Joining the world, if only to properly keep track of time and occupy his mind a bit. He studied law in America and then formed a simple practice to establish himself. In the end he found himself in Easthaven, a place that by chance or fate he arrived at by picking a location a random (provided it met his requirements for researching magic). Maybe the list isn't as long as one might think but regardless of how he chose it... Easthaven got itself a new undead lawyer.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Heightened Strength Heightened Speed Preternatural Senses Necromancy Phylactery Daywalker

Spells & Powers

Phylactry: The art of forging a vessel for Jules very soul. A lifeline separate from his body. So long as the phylactry exists Jules is able to feed power to it or draw power from it. Though the farther away he is from it the weaker he becomes and the more taxing any transfer of power is. If destroyed Jules would be greatly weakened but could create a new one. However if he is killed without a phylactry he will stay dead forever.

Minor Magic Abilities

Spirit Sense

Jules is a highly accomplished necromancer and years of study and practice have honed his senses, mundane and magical, to sense spirits around him even if they haven't manifested yet.

Other Magic Notes


To maintain his Undying state, Jules must take the vitality and life of others. This need not be entirely fatal, drawing years off of someone's life but leaving them alive if weak and weary. The years taken do matter though and ones pulled from the young and vibrant are always more grounding than those who are old or lacking vigor. This vitality is stored in Jules' phylactery which he draws from when needed. Should he take from someone until they die that energy is always the sweetest, sustaining him longer than the same number of years taken from a surviving victim.


Mors Argentum - Silver. Silver-backed mirrors do not show your reflection. Although it does not burn you in the same way it would those beastly shifters, proximity tends to make you feel a little like your seams are loosened.

Merciless Sun - Early on, you discovered that sunlight weakens the eldritch magic that binds you together. So long as you are under the cleansing light of the sun, you are sickly and weak, and prolonged exposure will destroy you entirely.

Faith's Reward - You are an aberration, a monster who has stepped out of the natural flow of life. Those who wrote the code of the universe take exception to this. You are discomfited by holy symbols, so long as the one holding them is a believer. If one touches you, it will temporarily deaden the eldritch magic on that body part.


Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Go Wild, or at least as Wild as you can with someone who has no active sex drive or pulse.


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