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Early Spring

Spring is starting to warm up the chill of winter, with snowdrops and vernal crocuses making themselves known.

Full Name
Evan Luke Saaranen
33 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Bear Shifter

Player Information
About Me
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Go wild
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Ev, Ever
Date of Birth:
January 1st
Student, odd jobs
Work Location
Street, Borough
Robin Hood trail, Greater Easthaven
33 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Tom Hopper


Evan is a tall man in excellent physical condition. The best of his life to be perfectly honest. He keeps his hair short and often wears five o' clock shadow as a fashion statement. He likes to dress casually but owns a few dress clothes for special occasions. He tends to prefer dressing for activity, be it hiking or work with his hands like carpentry or mechanic work.


Evan has one leading mantra. Make the best out of your situation. Do what you can with what you have is how he has always tried to live his life. This can make him seem a bit happy-go-lucky most of the time, however Evan has a bad habit of bottling everything up and trying to shoulder everything on his own. He is a disciplined and hard worker with a weakness for vices and pleasures. For someone that works so hard to stay healthy it is crazy what he'll put his body through for a cheap thrill.

Evan is terrified of the new instincts and strength of his new bestial side. He tries to think of it as separate from himself as much as he can. The blackouts, hazy memories, and animal outbursts leave him up late at night. He is still shellshocked over the first time he killed someone while shifting- before of course blacking out. He doesn't want to be a monster but has few thoughts of trying to do anything but make the best of being one. Can't change what you are.

Evan does enjoy the increased strength being a shifter has granted him. He likes feeling like a super hero to some extent, but feels too guilty about it to want to admit it. He knows he can't fight anymore without risking a shift and the sudden changes in his life's style and goals has left him feeling more than a little out of his depth. He is just thankful he still has his Grams to help center him.

Maker's Mark

Animal Appearance
Evan's shifted form is that of a massive black bear. He is a hybrid form, which doesn't differ too much from a normal bear save for better balance and dexterous thumbs. His size is absolutely hulking in nature.

Other Information

Milo's Rules.

1. Know your surroundings.

2. Know your neighbors.

3. Know your limit.


Evan had a typical if not particularly happy or memorable past. His mother left when he was young and his father raised him. His dad was a soldier and they travelled around a lot. When Evan was twelve his father died in a car accident. It was crushing for the boy but his grandparents were there to take care of him. They lived in Easthaven. Evan grew up with his caring but older parental figures. They did what they could for a kid angry at the loss of his father.

His grandfather passed away due to cancer some years later. He was a good man and over the years helped temper young Evan's anger. He taught the boy to work with his hands, woodwork, mechanics, keeping the body busy to get out of your own head. When Evan was in highschool he did football. When he graduated he started doing martial arts as a hobby to keep him busy. He'd always been a physical sort and he turned out to be good at it. He started college but never finished.

At some point Evans found he enjoyed MMA. He dropped out of college after his first two years to train and pursue a carrier as an MMA fighter. It was a long road and lots of training, he made ends meet with carpentry and working as a mechanic, but eventually he debuted as a professional fighter. He called himself Ever, a fun ring name, and his bright happy go lucky personality and fierce aggressive style garnered him some small popularity.

Life was good, but Evan found himself leaning toward a life of excess and vices. Long weekends of drugs and drink. Parties, models, and fights. He started to lose his edge in the ring and would go on long binges of intense training followed by relapses of hedonism. Eventually this would lead him to the end of his carrier, though not in any way he or anyone ever expected.

One weekend he and several friends rented a lodge to go skiing and party. They had booze, coke, and a few feisty young women all lined up. It was late and they were driving late returning to the cabin. Officially, Evan's friend lost control of the car and it was sent off a sheer edge wrapping around a tree. Unofficially... Evan saw it. A massive bear, bigger than anything he could ever imagine, attacked their car. It flipped it over and slammed it into a tree. Its claws tore through the metal and its fangs grazed Evan. The police report called the tears damage due to the torn guard rail and tree branches.

Evan was in the hospital for weeks. It probably should have been more but on the first full moon he recovered. And changed. Evan changed into a massive bear monster and tore through the wall of his hospital room. He killed the person he shared the room with. He probably would have killed a lot more people if a second giant bear hadn't shown and distracted him. The two bears fought for hours until eventually Evan and the man, Milo, shifted back.

Milo worried Evan would change and came after him, but the attack was called a car wreck and it was hard to find him. Knowing Evan had changed made Milo decide to help him. It took some time for Evan to accept but eventually he agreed to spend a year with Milo, camping and learning what he was. How dangerous he was. What the exchange was and about natural shifters. When Evan seemed to understand enough he departed from Milo, who was never one to live in a group, and decided to make a new start of his life.

He returned to Easthaven, returning to his Grams home, and revealed what he was to her. She accepted it surprisingly easily. Apparently years of living in Easthaven for years made her more ready to accept the supernatural than your average retiree. She agreed to help him make a new start at life but in exchange he needed to go back to school and quick the drugs. Clean himself up, try his hand at a real degree, and keep the monster inside him at bay. Sure. Why not.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
4 5
Partial Shifting, Shielding
Brawler I

Spells & Powers

Aspect of the Beast - Ursa Major: Evan is gifted with supernatural endurance. He is capable of taking traumatic hits or working through heavy injury without going down or going into shock thanks to this supernatural endurance!

Minor Magic Abilities

Other Magic Notes

Brawler I (+1d6 unarmed strike)


Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Go wild


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