Three On A Match
⁂ Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Early Spring

Spring is starting to warm up the chill of winter, with snowdrops and vernal crocuses making themselves known.

May Update | 2023

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May Updates

Very few changes to the system in May, only a clarification for the Cursed and anyone unfortunate enough to be in their vicinity. Our ongoing Event Ides of March is still active, but will end on the last day of May. And, as always, there's some City Mysteries to be discovered!

  • In the event of the Sorrows impacting other players through abilities such as Reflection or anything similar, any mechanical penalty is limited to a single post.
  • Some guidelines and advice on developing Sorrows for Cursed have been added to the Sorrows section.

Spreading the word
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Site Mini-Events

Train Station of the Dead
Check out the Therefore Sheol enlarges its throat City Mystery Event. Read all about it at the link. There's still a thread someone can nab!

The Ritual Murders
The Exchange and the EPD have been pursuing a string of murders for the past few months where the culprits are still unknown. So far, only Exchange Agents have investigated the ritual murders. They know the rituals are necromantic, the victims appear to be primarily half-bloods, and a strange seal broken into fragments has been found at all locations. Clues found on site appears to imply that either the victims or the culprits spend some time at Baxendale College. All threads are taken and underway. Once these are complete, the next stage triggers. Keep an eye on this space!

May Hotspots

McCoy Apple Orchard & Pebbleway Cove

City Mysteries

Our City Mysteries meters are in our footer, under the board statistics. No Fly Zone is close to triggering!

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