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Therefore Sheol enlarges its throat - City Mystery

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Train Station of the Dead


Chapter I: Therefore Sheol enlarges its throat

The Upper Fens train station has always been somewhat strange. Practically everyone has a first, second, or third-hand story about it:

"My grandma was at the platform alone-"

"My brother was coming back from a night out, and he saw-"

"-she heard-"

"-they all swear they spotted-"


Little glimpses of shades, cold spots, odd sounds, unearthly smells... Train lights for trains that never arrive. People standing on opposite platforms, shrouded in shadows.

There are a few fun urban legends: keeping a little packet of salt in your pocket before heading down to the platform ensures your train arrives on time. The deli at the Fens Field station entrance hates this one. Unfortunately, people keep stealing their little salt packets, so they keep it all behind the counter and have a sign out front that says 'no salt'. Newcomers assume it means to behave. Old townies know they can't get their SIS there.

But all of it can be dismissed as superstition. Right? Odd stories, something spooky to tuck the kids in with at night on Halloween.

Unfortunately, nobody knows everything, not even the people in the know. The most they know is that the subway lines seem to have been built along leylines, either by coincidence or design. One could find this in the libraries of Baxendale and the APL, sorting through old city maps. They know that there are rumours of long-abandoned subway tunnels in the Upper Fens that go somewhere subterranean. They know that sometimes the ghosts aren't just a trick of the eye.

The only truth is that something extra odd is going on in the subway, and it seems to have spread along all the lines. That people are now claiming to have spoken to ghosts. That there are creatures lurking in the far back tunnels. There have been hallucinations of ghostly waters flowing along the tracks, and the sound of a distant bell, tolling the dead.

The Exchange and perhaps some other organizations are on the case, keeping the very strangest things contained or studying the phenomenon, but things always get through the cracks.

Ethereal sightings and encounters abound. Who will venture into the subways to find out the truth?

Chapter I

Therefore Sheol enlarges its throat

Chapter II


  • To participate in Chapter II, you must have participated in Chapter I or join a character who has participated in Chapter I.

Chapter III


  • To participate in Chapter III, you must have participated in Chapter II.

How-To & Rules

  • Begin a thread in one of the five subway locations in Easthaven. If you post an open, note it is for the "Train Station of the Dead" event.
  • There are limited threads, so a player should stick to one to two characters for this event.
  • For Chapter I, there is a limit of 2-3 characters per thread.
  • When you feel like it's time for the encounter to drop, submit a Monster Encounter Request and tag @Admin in the #mod-request channel on the Discord. Be sure to note that it is for the "Train Station of the Dead" event.
  • Once you have the encounter, you may solve it with combat, socially, or by escaping.


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