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Early Spring

Spring is starting to warm up the chill of winter, with snowdrops and vernal crocuses making themselves known.

Full Name
Malik Alexander Cartwright
25 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Arcanist Inactive
Elemental Conjurer

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About Me
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
May 1
Work Location
Lower Fens
Street, Borough
, Newton
25 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Curtis J. McDaniel


Mac is "monstrously handsome". He's a pretty boy with scarring, tattoos, and metal that suggest someone whose seen some shit . Standing at 6'2, there was once a time he would have been considered...deviant in how he appeared. Although a time before that he was a computer nerd dressed in Grandpa's finest polos and Hawaiian shirts. Years of bullying and constantly finding himself with his teeth kicked in changes things.

Now, He keeps up his appearance to hide the fact that most late nights were spent behind computer screens counting dollars, meetings in sketchy bars, and cleaning bloodstained covered walls. Also hiding that fact that in the last year, injuries have caught up with him. His arms now covered in bandages hiding mechanical limbs and tattoos. His left jaw refitted with sharp teeth from an unwilling monstrous donor.

In recent years, with the addition of wearing gloves, Mac has changed his wardrobe. Out with the Battle Jackets and in with the Dress Shirts with Suspenders. The inspiration, though he would hate to admit it, was inspired by watching 1980s Martial Art Cop Movies. You know the ones where the main bad lead is dressed to the nines in suspenders, stylish shoes, rounded sunglasses, and his murdered mentor's jewelry. The last bit was especially enticing to Mac.

In his line of work both Gunbrokering and other endeavors, he's learned to keep work coveralls, an additional outfit, and a comfortable pair of shoes. Sometimes the job can be a little dirty. And the last thing he wants to do is have to throw out a good pair of Stacey's. And sometimes, but not many needs to keep bullet proof vest, a black out mask, and maybe some dark clothes. For when discretion is advised.


Studious| Inventive| Intelligent |Curious

Mac was the poster child for the "Gifted and Talented" program. He read above his reading level. He aced test. His nose was always in the books and not in the clouds. His favorite thing was science and computers where he could show off the things that he learned. His mother was his biggest cheerleader when it came to that side of him. His father...not so much. He wasn't too impress with his experiments or curious nature. It killed the cat...quite literally in fact. Mac hid behind his intelligence. He was afraid of the world finding him too boring and too awkward to be around. It only made his fears manifest themselves in crude ways. Bullies can smell those things like sharks. Then came the sarcasm that manifested itself with being a jaded teen. It became a weapon and a wall. It was that way in college as started out that way until the burnout and familial burden crept in. And there was the fact his father stole every financial security Mac had. Then came the numbness to do the things one has to do to make a few dollars.

Ambitious| Performative| Caustic | Devoted

Some would say, as he is now, Mac is a cold bastard. And, Larry would be fair to make that observation. After all he did put the man 1000 leagues under the sea. However, let's not focus on that. Let's focus on the positiv- his neutral traits. Mac is all about getting ahead and moving forward. He doesn't have time to waste when there's so much of the world he hasn't conquered. When there's so much money and power on the table to grab, why would he waste any opportunity to grab it. It's a type of devotion that should be admired. Well at least admired in his usual circles. His sarcasm and poker face is a result of training towards this ambition. It's better to be looked at as an unfeeling brick wall than a bleed heart to be kicked around. Larry learned that the hard way. And his father will as soon as he locates the man. Mac ponders what he would tell the man first: that there's a better term for what he was or that his abandonment turned his mother into a literal zombie.


A lot of things happen within a year that changes a person. Morality gets thrown out the window.

Maker's Mark

Animal Appearance

Childhood friend that he's lost touch with it.
Friend. Knew Markus sister well. Taught Markus about magic and how to use it.
Friend. Does Magic With Him. Possible War Crime Buddies and Occult Scholars in the Making.
Healer Friend. Moral Compass. Would kill someone for her.
Other Information


Knows conversational Patois. Understand and Read Latin. He also understands Gaelic, Russian, German, Italian. Currently studying Japanese and Korean.


Dated an MMA Fighter.


Witchgun stays on his right hip. Two pistols stay in his shoulder holster. Kited with S.I.S bullets.


Salt, Iron, Silver rods stays on his person at all times. Small salt bottle stays in his bag.


What was this journey supposed to be about?

How it started? It started with the term "Witchgun" in the family photo album. It started with late-night googling the term: "Magical Moors", "Transmutation", "Western vs African Witchcraft", and "Magical Sciences". Mac went back to his roots involving stories of Conjurors and Practitioners from different African Diaspora. It ended with practicing the first ritual his father ever performed. It was theoretical: the idea that one could turn junk metal into precious metals. From that "Theory," Mac was able to turn rusted tin rings into silver rings. From there the theory was now proven fact. With this spark in mind, Mac rushed off to Easthaven where his father's Estate is. Also coming with him were years of cash, criminal contacts, and weapons collected from a life hardened by abandonment. And leaving behind his mother who seems alive...but everything behind her eyes is hollow. A face that is both blank but screaming internally. Also leaving behind the memory of his mother saying "Your father has cursed me..." without a shred of context. That's what this journey is was about...Context. Well, context and power. What he found... He found power, despite what he's lost from it. He found it. The power to use magic and bend the natural elements to his will. He found profit, more money than he's ever had before. A family. Not broken. Not dead. Not missing. And with answers. Who was he? The son to a criminal mage turned monster and a magical hunter. He was fine with it, because he had everything he wanted. It all burnt up within a year... He also finds a trail of dead bodies and traumatic bouts with the supernatural. He found out about what the destruction of a home and family really looked like. What infighting looks like after the Heads die. He witnessed the destruction of the Syndicate alone...night every night. One less member making it back. There was also the sacrifices that came with this journey. The loss of innocence with having to get hands dirty. The physical toll of injuring your body fight after fight. The broken bones that healers can't fuse back. The fingers burned from irresponsible usage of magic. The scars of blades and claws, digging into skin with each fight against those once called family. The sacrificing of an arm for a future component to a spell. Not by choice. It was for the family. The syndicate. His father promised he would pay him back. He didn't. He found truth in pain. It continued with smashed teeth during that one confrontation with the one called ''Mom". Hunter first...Killer second...Mother third. He couldn't blame her, they didn't really know each other. He got in a few shots and bites. He really did try to save his family. Luckily that old lady and her bookclub knew how to put a jaw back together. Or let him cry for hours after watching his safehouse burn. When he confronted her at the coffee shop, all he wanted was closure. What he got...was "Don't take it needed to be done." She didn't even pay for the coffee. His dad was too busy saving his own ass. Selling out the family. Selling out the secrets. He said he did it to stop the fighting. He didn't want to be in any hunter's sights. He couldn't blame him, he didn't really know him like he thought he did. He never called or texted. He never made sure his son was okay. In those months of recovery...Mac realized something. Mac realized that it was best for everyone if some folks stay quiet forever. He made sure Silver kept his father quiet forever. Took his teeth as a parting gift and his bones as payment for the arm. His mother, while a great huntress, bad driver. At least that's what the police officer said after finding her motorcycle. Bad driver or bad brakes. Only Mac knew. He got her gear and set it ablaze. No point in dwelling. What has he been up to? Planning. Mapping. Waiting. Organizing. Studying. Making his way from London back to where his journey first started.

The Real Story...

He was born to Dexter Armstrong and Oliva Cartwright. Dexter was an enchanter that abused his family's studies for profit. Oliva was a hunter with tunnel vision. The two had a whirlwind fling where that resulted in the birth of their only son. His name was is Malcom Armstrong. His father would later take off with [redacted] after becoming bitten by [redacted]. His mother Oliva would then leave him in the care of her sister Tasha Cartwright. She would often bring young Malcolm to Easthaven to visit his grandmother on the Armstrong side. He would have many adventures, some mundane some magical, but he was loved. And then one day he wasn't. His grandmother died under mysterious conditions. And Tasha would prevent Malcom from coming back...and having parts of his memories removed. She did, however, have a fail-safe. If Malcom ever returned...[redacted]

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Metal, Fire, Electricity
Ballistic I

Spells & Powers

Specialty: Elemental Enchanter

Mac's mage craft involves working and enchanting physical objects to cast physical spells. He has a focus in the elements Metal, Fire, and Electricity. His usual go to power sources are usually a Forge or Tesla Coils.

Minor Magic Abilities

Charm: Metal Sculpt

This Charm allows Mac the ability to bend metal no bigger than the palm of his hand and no heavier than 5 pounds. Mac is not limited by composition or quality. He can change the physical shape of an object but not its color, composition, or inner components (in the case of containers). His ability only works through physical touch.

Charm: Tuning

This charm allows Mac to fix and tune machinery no more complicated than a car. Mac sends out a small energy pulse through an object to pin point where something needs to be fixed. His ability only works through physical touch.

Other Magic Notes


Rust - Also goes by Rusty, Spot, or Good Boy. A white Bull Terrier pup with a reddish-brown "rust" spot around the eye. A loveable dog whose way too good for his owner.



It was a small skeletal figure, made of mercury. The last of its form is now molding itself into his jewelry and gun. The gun was now a flintlock; long, elegant, and imposing. His rings now completely warped in color, from its original silver to a pale blue. They too were imposing with skeletal-like features, with the exception of one now bent into the form of a crown. A black and silver flintlock gun with an oddly angry skeletal figure made of mercury attached to it. Effects Changing the bullet material: - can only be metal. Any kind of metal, although the ones with a mechanical value are sky iron and silver. Both are acceptable options. - It cannot turn things into salt, as that would need the Earth keyword. Instead, although it is a flintlock, as an enchanted item it can be loaded with and fire a variety of ammunition that has a scattershot effect in a variety of gauges. aka, it can shoot shells loaded with salt.

The Graceful Maidens

A pair of Silver Twin Rapier's: Lucille the Petals (the Light Porcelain Hilt) and Charlotte the thorns (the Dark Porcelain Hilt) decorated with blue rose petals and theater masks etchings. Each with a trigger installed. Effect These two swords are able to shed their mass in the shapes of either petals or thorns that then fly at an opponent. The two swords must be wielded in tandem for this effect to work. While wielding these two swords, a ranged (Ballistics) Strike roll may be made. If the wielder does not have the Ballistics Keyword, they may simply use their base Strike. If the Strike roll meets or exceeds the target's DC, either Lucille or Charlotte is able to shoot petals or thorns from its blade like a ranged attack. Before the ranged attack can be used again, the metal mass of the sword must be replenished with Cinder roll of Complete Success or greater to recall the pieces or add fresh metal. Both cannot be used in the same post, but a recall may be made at the same time as a Strike roll.

The Onyx Forge

A blackened trunk with two skeletal hands holding the top. Its size and girth could be mistaken for a coffin and is just as difficult to transport. A skeletal black and gold serpentine skull with wings is stamped in the center of the trunk's lid. Effect When opened, the inside of the trunk becomes a hot esoteric forge with a transmutation circle in the centre, allowing for a ready-made circle. Inside the trunk, lined up nearly, are metal bonelike tools for etching, hammering, and branding. When used for a ritual, the Onyx Forge provides an Assistance bonus to the Circle roll of the preparation phase. With its size and heft, its use must be planned ahead of time, or the ritual must be brought to its location.

Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels


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