Three On A Match
⁂ Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Full Name
Tanaka Daisuke
29 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Kaibyō Half-Blood

Player Information
About Me
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
Nov 11
Cook/MMA Fighter
Work Location
Old Town
Street, Borough
, Lower Fens
29 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Lewis Tan

Goki is a tall, sinuously built man, well-muscled and graceful. His hands are calloused, knuckles thick with scarring. His wardrobe is simple - streetwear or workout attire. His dark hair is kept short.
Single-Minded | Loyal | Honest | Playful | Go-With-The-Flow | Idiot

Maker's Mark
Goki's Marks are subtle but unmistakable. He has an eye-shine in certain lights, and an ability to see in lower light than humans. When he is particularly pleased, he is capable of purring. He does not yet know that this isn't a normal human trait and has found no reason to mention it to a doctor, since it feels pleasant and only happens when he's happy.

Animal Appearance

Other Information
Speaks Japanese and English. He has no idea what he is nor that his grandmother is a yōkai. He goes by the nickname "Goki", which was affectionately given to him by his MMA coaches. It means 'roach'.

- Goki was born in Japan, although he has dual citizenship due to his mother being Japanese American. He grew up there, learning both Japanese and English, and spent some of his high school years there before his family abruptly moved to America, to Easthaven specifically, on the the advice of his paternal grandmother. - This was was a huge upheaval, but the family, Goki included, took it on faith. Her advice has always been sound, often allowing the family to avoid disaster or bring them great fortune. This was the case once more, when his father found a good job with an American company that allowed them to live comfortably. Back home, their old home experienced a flood that might've destroyed the family if they'd still been living there. Goki tries not to think about that too much. He still visits Japan to see his grandmother and extended family. - For Goki's part, he thrived in America, making new friends and experiencing many things he hadn't back in Japan. He also grew closer to his mother's side of the family. His older sister also found the love of her life, and just recently started a family. He loves being an uncle, so all in all a good thing. - Still, not everything was perfect. Growing up, he always did poorly in school, except in athletics, so he leveraged that. - In America, he passed high school and flunked out of college - his grandmother told him not to go, but he wanted to try it anyway. Now he has student debt and no degree, but he hasn't lost heart. Instead, he's pursuing a career as an MMA fighter instead and his grandmother approves greatly. Goki has long since bought into her fortune-telling abilities and has a great deal of filial loyalty to her. - Works as a line cook in the meantime. Still thinks about classes but figures that'll come with time.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Fortune, Prescience, Fire
Brawler II

Spells & Powers


Goki is able to siphon luck from the future and apply it to himself. He has become so good at this small thing that he tends to just take a near unnoticeable amount of luck from multiple sources, so when the bad luck manifests for that person, it's simply a minor inconvenience. In a truly desperate scenario, he tends to make a 'wish' and that takes a large amount of luck directly from his own future. Or someone else's. He avoids this at all costs, only understanding that wishing results in a bad result down the line.

Lucky Guess

He's an annoyingly lucky guy, and often comes up with the right thing to say at the right time.


He gathers up all the misfortune in a given area and spits it out into his hand in the form of a ball of dripping flame. Then he can give it to someone else, cursing them with bad luck for a spell.


Goki knows to trust his gut, feeling a chime in his chest when something sounds like a good idea. Likewise, he doesn't dream, he has visions of the future, but often doesn't remember his dreams.



This is what it says on the tin.

Flame Body

Goki is able to heat his skin for short periods of time, from a mild warmth to causing burns to anyone in physical contact with his skin.

Minor Magic Abilities

Ancestral Boon

Catlike His footsteps are particularly quiet, although not silent, and he can eat raw meat with little to no ill-effects.


Lucky Cat Goki can find any small lost object when he puts his mind to it, especially if it is money or something shiny and valuable. Most of the time, he somehow senses precisely where to look, but sometimes, the item will manifest in the next place he searches, even if that place has been previously searched by someone else. He also often has just enough cash on him.

Other Magic Notes

Item Name
Snake Ring
The rings are fashioned like a snake biting its tail, the metal cool to the touch but not uncomfortably. It shines like polished silver, but it is crafted from pewter. When worn on a finger or in another configuration, it will hide small signs of inhumanity so long as it touches the wearer, forming an illusion over small features that makes the wearer stand out as other. The enchantment is not strong enough to hide a fully shifted shifter or a full bloodrush, but it can hide elements and make one seem a little more human in the ways that matter. Earned here

Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels


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