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With a dice system like the Strike & Cinder Dice comes actually rolling dice. We have a bot on the Discord server that can do this for everyone. There are two channels, the #official-dice channel is for anything related to using the Strike and Cinder system. Meanwhile, #general-dice is for any rolls where you want to flip a coin or ask the dice bot to choose from a list.

Rolling Official Dice[edit source]

The syntax for rolling dice in the official dice channel is /roll. Any message must start with this. You need to specify how many dice you're rolling and what type of die. We use six sided die, so this would be /roll #d6 where the # is the number of your dice pool.

You can also ask the dice roller to Explode, as in re-roll a die. In our system, explosions happen on a 6 (and 5, if it's a full moon). Append e# to the code, where # is the number you want the roller to automatically reroll. This means you would have /roll #d6e6.

Similarly, you can ask the dice roller to cross out numbers that aren't a Pass. In our system, the Threshold is 4, so any number 4 or above is a Pass. The code for asking the roller to "keep" the Passes, is k>3. Some mechanics can change the Threshold, so remember to change the number when these are active.

In the end, you would have /roll #d6e6k>3, where # is the number of your Dice Pool. Sending this code in the #official-dice channel will look like this:

/roll 9d6e6k>3 becomes:

9d6e6k>3 (4, 4, 6!, 4, 6!, 1, 5, 1, 3, 3, 4)

Total: 33

The total won't matter, but counting the numbers that aren't crossed out gives you the number of passes you have. In our example, we have 7 passes. You compare this to the Difficulty Class or Success Range.

Calling your Rolls[edit source]

It is important to 'call' what you're rolling and who is doing it. The dice roller also allows you to append text to the roll. You can do this in two ways, bracketing the words in [ text ] or simply writing it after the full code. Using [ text ] adds the text as a suffix to the message, while writing the text adds it as a prefix. You decide which one you prefer using.

Character, Cinder Fire vs. DC5 9d6e6k>3 (4, 4, 6!, 4, 6!, 1, 5, 1, 3, 3, 4) Total: 33

9d6e6k>3 (4, 4, 6!, 4, 6!, 1, 5, 1, 3, 3, 4) [Character, Cinder Fire vs. DC5] Total: 33

Rolling in General Dice[edit source]

The same roller as above can be used in the #general-dice channel, but it has more options beyond that. Avrae does dice rolls. Asterie does random divination or other odds rolls. It uses /.

Asterie Commands[edit source]

  • Type tarot random for a random tarot card.
  • Type rune [type] for a random rune. _Elder_, _anglo_, and _younger_ are some runesets you can use.
  • Type astro [sign] for a horoscope.
  • Type hiero for a random hieroglyph.
  • Type 8ball for an 8ball prediction.
  • Type choose [options] for a selection from options you input.
  • Type coinflip to flip a coin.

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