Three On A Match
⁂ Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Early Spring

Spring is starting to warm up the chill of winter, with snowdrops and vernal crocuses making themselves known.

Full Name
Samiel Blackfeather
65 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Possessed Human

Player Information
About Me
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Player is fine with writing all kinds of sensitive subjects.
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
July 15
Private Investigator
Work Location
Lower Fens
Street, Borough
Willow Street 25/B, Lower Fens
65 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Viggo Mortensen

- A middle-aged man that can be very much described as angular because of all the sharp edges in his face and silhouette; - Tall, wide-shoulders, but often hunched over, - His once handsome face, now tired and sunken; - Scarred, one leg with a limp; - Fashion? Expensive. Futuristic;
- Sarcastic Glaswegian; - Painfully honest; - Morbid sense of humour; - Fatherlike for younger people; - Loyal to people he cares about; - Patient, but within a limit; - Has a nasty hyena-like laugh he uses when faced with absurdity;

Maker's Mark

Animal Appearance

Other Information
- Speaks English, Scottish Gaelic and Russian;

- Born in Glasgow to a working-class parents who both died in workplace accidents, became an orphan when he was 10, his birth name was Ian Blair; - The boy spent his time at the orphanage studying hard and showing promise in mechanics, but as the time shown, someone of his heritage wouldn't really go far, making him a prime recruit for the army; - From the army, young Ian was pushed into Secret Service, where he worked as a Cold War spy, mostly doing his best to steal intel about Soviet weaponry; - Discharged at the age of 25 due to injury to the leg, declined desk job and instead focused on education. Changed name to Samiel Blackfeather; - At the age of 28 founded a computer company called Feathercorp, where he put all of his work and knowledge in electronics, that's also when he met a Russian immigrant, Natalya, who later became his wife and mother of his children when they got to 30; - The marriage lasted whole 10 year and after the birth of their twins, it became painful as Natalya turned to be abusive, took one of the boys in the divorce; - Things were going rather uneventful, the remaining twin grew up and left the nest, the father just kept taking care of his company until his ex-wife decided to take it, as it was the last thing he had. One of the products got sabotaged, forcing Samiel to give Feathercorp over to Natalya; - Samiel moved to US to start anew, burned in Europe. One day, drunk and lonely in the room he rented, he prayed for help, but no one answered. In drunk stupor he decried God and asked Satan for help and he received what he asked for. One of them answered; - He woke up with a massive headache, a mother of all hang-overs and when he looked in the mirror, he saw his hands being wrapped by snakes and another moving in to strangle him. They soon disappeared, but an oddly dark laughter echoed in the room; - The irony of Samiel's chosen name and the cry for help caught attention of the certain demon, a particularly capricious incubus. But the helpless human has yet to learn the name of his Passenger; - The occassional slips in sanity didn't stop the man from dusting off his Secret Service skills and becoming a private investigator;

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Disorder, True Sight

Spells & Powers
- Disorder: Samiel's lovely passenger allows his host to corrupt any kind of data he can find. If there is a drawn labyrinth, it shuffles and becomes unsolvable. If there is a true sentence written, it becomes a lie or simply gibberish. The use of this power slowly drives the possessed man mad and delusional, as the chaos he causes strikes back at him. - True sight: The incubus grants his pet ability to see past lies of other people, be it spoken or written. The demon used to be an angel after all, this power is gentler on the body and mind, as it only causes prolonged headaches, vomiting and insomnia after prolonged use.

Minor Magic Abilities
'Come again?': A cantrip that causes a background noise obfuscate an important bit of information. Based on Disorder, it introduces a little chaos in the conversation. It might be a loud truck, a crash, a horn going off... Samiel is not entirely sure if he did that or did it just happen naturally.

Other Magic Notes
-The incubus: Usually manifesting himself as a relatively young, red-haired man with long horns, but it's a form he considers humanity would be comfortable with and one his passenger would find particularly attractive. Usually accompanied by snakes. A trickster and seducer, his true intentions with his host are still unknown, but he seems to want to keep the end of his bargain. But what does he want in return remains a mystery. Unchained: Call the exorcist, the man is clearly possessed by a demon. His head might not spin, but he is looking sickly, his eyes are milky white and his voice sounds like Legion. The incubus is struggling to keep the body moving, the puppet still struggles against the puppeeter's whims, so his movements are jerky and unnatural.


Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Player is fine with writing all kinds of sensitive subjects.


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