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Site events are staff-run events that usually involve Encounters or some use of the Strike & Cinder Dice. These are usually PVE, but sometimes can be friendly tests of skill or more social based interactions and tasks. The mode varies, sometimes the Encounter Card is dropped at the start of the thread, where the players can build up to facing-off against it, or it's request-based like normal Encounters, but custom tailored to the event. Other times, for the more social events, it might come in the form of a list of tasks.

Most of the time the Encounter card will have all the information a player needs, but in the case of a request-based Event or just needing more information, player's are free to ask staff for more context. This will most likely come in the form of the best ways to approach the Encounter based on the character's involved, and what they'd know about the Encounter.

Past and Current Events

We have multiple events that happen throughout the year, some that go over months and some that last years. Below is a list of the slower progressing City Mystery events.

Active Events
Ritual Murders

City Mystery 2022: A string of murders motivated by some evil magical intent has swept through the streets of Easthaven.

Train Station of the Dead

City Mystery 2023: An upheaveal in the underground subway brings forth spirits and ghouls to harry innocent subway riders.



Jan 2024: Winter Charity Gala

The yearly Winter Gala kicked off with equal pomp and circumstance as always. The wealthy and influential of Easthaven along with the lucky few who purchased or won their tickets descended on the Founders Mansion for a night of elegant waltzing and networking. The name of the game was raising funds for local charities in the city.

Outside the cozy warmth of the gala, night shepherds were lured in by accidental magic attached to the VIP tickets. A few citizens of the city found themselves fighting off the nighttime boogeymen.



Dec 2023: Spectres in the Dark

The second phase of the Train Station of the Dead. Spirits seem to walk more freely than before, their spectral forms popping up in the corner of your eye among the liminal spaces of the city. Along with them, more ominous darker shapes appear, a threatening presence the Exchange are investigating, but the city wide incidents are many and hard to track..

Oct 2023: Haunted Homestead

A company with expertise in making up haunted houses rolled on through to transform a local farmstead into a haunt to remember. The company set up mundane tricks and human actors, but in a world where monsters are real a few genuine frights will seep through the cracks. Most found themselves running into dressed up actors and mechanical tricks, but a few had the misfortune of evading or defeating a few monsters from someone's darker dreams

June 2023: Cultists at Large

The second phase of the Ritual Murders City Mystery. The Exchange have made headway into the investigation of the ritual circles and the murdered half-bloods and turned up the heat on the necromantic cultists. They're on the hunt.

Mar 2023: Ides of March

The APL threw a literary bash to remember, awash with storytellers, murder mysteries, and even an actors troupe putting on Julius Caesar.

Unbeknowst to the literary librarians, a wizard of ill repute swore to sow some danger and confusion, applying mastery of illusions to hound attendants with spectres of past killers and strange murderers.

Jan 2023: Train Station of the Dead

A City Mystery triggers. The subway tunnels grow ever closer to the realm of the underworld. The Exchange contains the worst of it, but some ghosts and ghouls slip through the cracks.



Oct 2022: Halloween Hullabaloo

On Halloween, the community of supernaturals threw a Halloween bash to put all others to shame. Protected behind wards and illusions, children and adults alike enjoyed a carefree festival, with tricks and treats!

Outside the wards, Halloween was somewhat more spooky. A roving group of Headless Horsemen wandered the streets looking for trouble. Both bystanders and Exchange were among those who chased the menaces off the streets for another year.

Aug 2022: Masked Madness

Through the month of August, Party Planet party organisers (or the Ethical Reformed Cult of Dionysus, to those in the know) threw an end-of-summer festival to delight the senses.

Little did attendees know, by some mishaps some dangerous masks went missing and some intrepid problem solvers were recruited for the hairy job of getting them all back.

A few bystanders might've caught the fantastic sight of mythical monsters made real, but those are just clever light shows, right? The lenghts Party Planet will go to for a big bash!

May 2022: Beltane Bash

On the 1st of May, as the Easthaven Botanical Gardens celebrated Beltane, some enterprising Arcanist triggered a ritual in the hedge maze on the garden grounds.

Whatever the perpetrator hoped to accomplish is unknown, but for the month of May wandering spirits, fire elementals, and fey wandered freely among the hedgerows.

They were up to mischief, rather than harm, but many a maze-wanderer encountered something otherwordly before the ritual faded with the sunlight at the end of May.

March 2022: Ritual Murders

A City Mystery triggers. The discovery of ritual circles and dead bodies arouse suspicion and the Exchange hurries to investigate.

Feb 2022: Year of the Tiger

As the Lunar New Year began on February 1st, a sinister spot of mischief was discovered. Puzzle boxes that had arrived by mysterious means to Easthaven were scattered all over the city, with Chinese spirits called nian attached to them.

The few who encountered these puzzle boxes had to solve the puzzle and fend off the attacking nian, who had a vested interest in keeping their puzzle boxes intact.

At the conclusion of the day, all puzzle boxed were dealt with, the Exchange out in force to track down and neutralise the nian to ensure the safety of Easthaven.



Dec 2021: Winter Festival

As Easthaven kicked off its annual Winter Festival, there were a few surprise visitors courtesy of the Welsh Heritage Society. The Welsh Christmas spirits called the Mari Lwyd came to call, engaging attendees in clever poetry battles and giving out Christmas baubles.

Later, anyone who engaged in the competition and wordplay would discover their baubles had turned into enchanted marbles.

20th Century

The Modern Age

The Digital Revolution

As technology advanced, supernaturals globally had to adjust to an increasingly digitalised life and increased surveillance. Easthaven dabbled in the industry, but the success of local companies was moderate, lagging behind Boston even if some innovations came from the city. Soon, supernaturals realised the interaction of tech and magic served well to create enough sceptics and conspiracy theorists that it only served to obscure the truth further.

The World Wars

The world kept spinning, and so did Easthaven. In the following world wars, many young Eastonites found themselves embroiled in the conflicts, mundane and supernatural alike. On the Atlantic coast, they were a harbour for some military ships and their shipyards and factories turned to the war effort.

19th Century

Civil War & the Union

Easthaven Thrives

After the Civil War, Easthaven enjoys a rush of trade and goods, rapidly growing the wealth and size of the city. It becomes an attractive place for immigration, reflecting the growth of Boston's immigrant community.

Among these are families with supernatural blood in their ancestry, beginning the expansion of the previously small supernatural community in Easthaven and beginning the growth of Balmoral street as a haven for the weird and kooky.

Exchange in Easthaven

In the 1840s a section of the Boston Exchange cohort breaks off to settle in Easthaven. They're quick to set down roots and connect with the small local supernatural community, helping the people and managing threats from within and without.

18th Century

Revolution & Growth

Exchange Expansion

By the 1790s, Exchange cohorts have settled in many major cities, operating in the areas around as well as within the cities themselves. Many cohorts remain mobile, but in contact with those who have settled down.

Exchange in America

In the 1720s, the Exchange has established itself on American soil. With the colonies and the homesteads, the Exchange rapidly learns to adapt to going where they're needed rather than remaining in one city such as in Europe.

17th Century

A British Colony & the Exchange

Exchange Established

The Exchange has its beginning in Erasmus Cross, England, 1688.

Founding of Easthaven

Easthaven is established as a colony in 1626.

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