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Full Name
Simon Vass
65 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Cat-sìth Half-Blood

Player Information
About Me
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
November 21
Work Location
Street, Borough
Juniper Street 16A, Newton
65 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Dominik Tarnowski

- Tall, slender, a bit of a male model kind of look, - Slightly curly brown hair, usually very intentionally messy, - A little bit impish face, big, bright eyes, - Fashion? Eboy aesthetics. Often crossdressing for fun, because he doesn't think clothes are gendered.
- Pretends to be someone who has his shit together, - Flirty, boastful, theatrical, - Deep down inside, an anxious mess with terrible impostor syndrome, - Desperately trying to keep up with the times, - Schedules mental breakdowns on his birthday,

Maker's Mark
OwO: Vass has very cat-like eyes that may go unnoticed in regular daylight and when he's relaxed. Issues arise when he gets overly excited about something or when it's pitch-black dark, making his pupils cover his irises completely.

Animal Appearance

Juno is Juno. Vass' beloved pet guinea pig and possibly manager. At least that's who Vass is pointing to when he says 'you need to talk to my manager about this'.
Other Information
- Vass usually hides his Glaswegian accent, imitates BBC English pretty well, - Growing up as a gay man during Thatcher's administration, he's pretty distrustful of cops, politicians and casually homophobic people;

- Vass was born in Glasgow, to a single mother. Like a proper cat, his father fled to chase some more tail around. And the mother couldn't afford to take care of the rather peculiar child, so he found his way into orphanage. - He was a difficult child. Prone to emotional outbursts, not understanding the magic that was bestowed to him and the orphanage staff couldn't really understand it either. One time Vass told another kid to kick rocks and he just did. For hours on end. Making the young half-blood panic, desperately trying to explain that he didn't mean to. Like he didn't mean to kill the baby bird one girl saved by just touching it. - Vass quickly learned to detach himself and mask his emotions, confiding only in one boy that seemed to want to listen to him. Once they grew older, they actually secretly started dating. But his dear friend eventually just left to join the military. - Once he left orphanage, Vass decided to go to acting school. Hell, he acted most of his young life, so why not actually put his talents to use and make money? And the talent for magic proven to be useful, a random orphan kid with no background had it hard enough. A little bit of charm here and there and he found himself on a list. - Acting school was where Vass actually felt great. Even though the rivarly could get a little bit too much. He found himself getting roles even without the need to use his powers, climbing that ladder of success. - He found himself on theatrical scene, in his element, letting himself vent his emotions through the more villanous and tragic characters. But he wanted more. So he reached for more, eventually trying movies. But it wasn't the same, he craved live audience. - Vass eventually noticed something peculiar about himself. His body haven't changed in a while... But it was nothing, right? He had good genes! - He got a vocal coach and a dance instructor. He moved from Glasgow to London for a while, first as a back-up at West End, but eventually starting scoring more prominent roles... - Years passed, usually people were getting slightly wrinklier, maybe more pudgy... But he had trainings and good skin care routine, right? - Eventually, Vass ended up moving to US. First to LA, trying that movie scene again, but it was frankly gross. And he still felt like he needed live audience, so he moved to New York, to Broadway, where he was welcomed with open arms thanks to his experience... - He had years of experience, but not a grey hair on his head. It... was weird, right? He should be pushing 40s already... But maybe good genes... - The world around him was changing. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Vass found himself catching up pretty quickly, found himself still being ID'd when he was buying cigarettes and it started really getting into his head. - The internet was an exciting new thing. He quickly get onto that. The slang was easy to learn, he blended in... - He should be at least 50 now. He found himself staring at the mirror in this cold November night. But he still saw a face of a young boy. Good thing he moved around so much, otherwise people would be asking questions. After rather disastrous sequel to Phantom of the Opera, Vass quit Broadway and ended up doing small gigs. - He started doing internet full time and moved somewhere more low-key. Out of sight, out of mind. Internet granted him anonymity, he wouldn't get recognized without make-up, people usually haven't seen him so up-close either... - Easthaven seemed nice. A nice city by the sea. A perfect place to settle in for a while and figure out what to do now.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Vampirism, Charm
Melee I

Spells & Powers
Vampirism: They said his lineage had ability to steal souls, so Vass was blessed with at least an ability to steal someone's vitality. Either for himself or to store it for later. For this, the half-blood need to actually touch his victim. Charm: With a note of magic in his voice, Vass has an ability to bend other's will to his own. With a trigger word of 'pretty please', that is. Melee weapons I: Vass grew up on streets on Glasgow, he knows how to give you the smile. With a knife.

Minor Magic Abilities
* Boon: I know what you did in the dark: With his cat-like eyes, Vass can quite easily see in the dark. The pitch-black darkness causes eye strain, though. *Cantrip: Raid: Vass can steal vitality of small insects without touching them. It gives him no energy, but is great against annoying mosquitoes.

Other Magic Notes
Bloodrush: It's nothing new for Vass to actually achieve this state. The man likes to push the boundaries and rely on his magic. His usual friendly mischief becomes definitely more malicious, as his sidhe bloodline was known to lead people to their doom. Takes every kind of disrespect to heart and lashes out. His appearance becomes more cat like, his hands clawed, fangs longer, nose flatter and ears become more pointy. Hiss.


Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels


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