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⁂ Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Full Name
Adrien Nowak
25 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Nephilim Half-Blood

Player Information
About Me
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Player is comfortable with all kinds of mature content
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
Work Location
Street, Borough
, Old Town
25 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
bleached blond
Face Claim
Jan Rozmanowski

➤ Ridiculously tall, but reasonably muscular; ➤ His hair is naturally brown, but he bleaches it to fit his 'angelic' image better. It's also naturally curly, which tends to show whenever it gets a bit humid; ➤ Slightly androgynous, pretty boy; ➤ Streetwear enjoyer, often modifies his clothes to his liking;
➤ Quiet and reserved; ➤ Silently judgemental; ➤ Distrustful, but won't show it; ➤ Slightly manipulative; ➤ Reasonable, afraid of failure; ➤ Thrifty; ➤ There is a cheerful side to him, but he rarely lets anyone show it;

Maker's Mark
The malformed wing: Adrien's ancestry is angelic, from the choir of Virtues, making him a Nephilim. He has one, stubby wing without any feathers growing out of his back, making him appear a bit hunched. ➤ The giant: None of his parents were particularly tall, Adrien's height, while within human limits, could be attributed to his ancestry.

Animal Appearance

Other Information
➤ Speaks both English and Polish fluently; ➤ Has knowledge of supernatural beings and other supernatural hybrids and surface level knowledge of arcane magic;

➤ Adrien was born into a cult formed in Utah that was searching for a new messiah for the new ages, they had a small compound in a rural area where the members lived; ➤ The leader finally decided to create one of his own, by carefully playing matchmaker between the members who showed some supernatural abilities, be it through showing proficiency in arcane magic or having innate magic in them; ➤ And so, the little boy was born. With one, little stubby wing on his back. And from the start, he was marked as the chosen one and groomed to take over the cult; ➤ He started out as a cheerful kid, enjoying cult activities and happily performing little miracles of light and healing, but as he started becoming more aware of the world, the pressure started to mount and he retreated, becoming a rather quiet teenager; ➤ In his teenage years, despite his isolation from peers, he started being a little disobedient, especially after venturing a bit more on the internet. He was found cutting holes in his clothes to mimic punk fashion and punished for it. He started questioning elders and got punished for it. But why would they do this? Adrien was the reason the cult existed, right? The young man started forming plans for reform; ➤ When Adrien became 18, it was as if the stars aligned properly, because the old leader died. The old man was poisoned, but the young messiah had no clue about it. It was a sign, right? He assumed the role of a new leader and started making changes. The followers were now able to express themselves more, within reason. He listened to dissenters and talked them down, instead of isolating them. He refused to slander those who left. All those methods grew ire of the elders, who were used to more strict control. They started plotting. ➤ Adrien practiced his magic and innate abilities, but never mingled with the arcanists. It was a failsafe imposed by the elders, in case they needed to oust him as a 'false messiah'. So they asked him to perform a ritual and of course, his blood wasn't fit for it. The magical backlash wounded many, the poisoning of the former leader was revealed and the young man was kicked out; ➤ He found himself at the streets, alone. With no proper life exprience or anything. But luckily for him, he was quite smart and he knew magic. So he wandered around offering his services to whoever needed them, traveling around the US. Did whatever work that would take him, often physical work. He mingled with Polish minority communities, since he knew the language from his father; ➤ Many times he was robbed, beaten up, which lead him to be more careful with giving trust; ➤ Finally, he found himself in Easthaven where he thought he'd settle down. Staying at Lethe until he had enough money to rent a property for his business. What business? Well, he enjoyed fashion, so why not sewing...

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Light, Healing
Brawler I

Spells & Powers
Light: Adrien can make his hands glow to use as a make-shift torch or can make any existing light source brighter. Sometimes so bright, it's enough to hurt someone's eyes. Dispersing shadows or a flashbang? He's your guy. Healing: With touch and a bit of effort, Adrien is able to heal wounds and injuries, provided they're not too egregious. He won't be able to heal someone who's been bisected or at the verge of death. Brawler I: Over the years of travels, Adrien learned to defend himself mostly through his fists.

Minor Magic Abilities
Boon: Lemme see: Adrien's eyes glow in the dark slightly, making him able to slightly see in the dark better. Cantrip: Papercuts: Adrien is able to heal small cuts and pricks on himself, useful when sewing or dealing with papers...

Other Magic Notes
Bloodrush: During Bloodrush, Adrien's quiet personality goes through drastic changes, reflecting his ancestry more. He gets more bombastic, appearing a little arrogant and might sound a bit apocalyptical at times. He means no harm, though. Physically, the glow of his eyes gets so bright, his eyes begin to bleed and his skin becomes cracked like marble, with light pouring out as well. His wing stub starts bleeding, trying to push feathers through and grow rapidly, causing him a lot of pain, as it's unable to.


Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Player is comfortable with all kinds of mature content


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