Three On A Match
⁂ Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Mother Dearest

Dalton Cessair Offline
Arcanist Human
Dalton's got a very unique burden in that he's haunted by the spirit of his long-dead mother. I'm looking for someone to pick up that role.

The Basics
Dalton's mother died of lung cancer when he was 10, and it took some months for her to manifest, but she's following him on and off ever since. She has not been given a first name, but she's a high society Manhattanite who married into the equally rich Cessair family. You can also choose to hyphenate her maiden name with Cessair if that's where her personality takes you.

Her age has been kept vague, but it can be up to you whether she had Dalton while young or when she was older, allowing for a broad selection of actresses to pick from, whether you prefer Kiera Knightly or Meryl Streep.

She manifests to him as a bright and warm presence, soothing and comforting. She is primarily a positively charged spirit, but anyone can have their dark moments. If this is a direction you choose to go, this is a side of her Dalton would be entirely unaware of and she'd likely maintain her presence as positive with him.

The Path
Below is a table of the suggested makeup of the character's Path. Her Rank and Keywords are malleable, but this is my suggestion.

The Lady Cessair
Shadow (Dabbler)
Empathy, Illusion, Sound/Song
Cinder 7d6
Strike 1d6
Luck 4
Cantrip: Suggestion of an Empathy based cantrip, a minor ability to encourage positive emotions in a target for example.

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