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The Lighthouse - May 2022, Volume 1 Issue 5

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The Lighthouse

Easthaven, MA - Wednesday May 1, 2022 - Four Pages

May 2022 Sightings

Spring is here! And with spring comes the calming of the seas off the East coast. As we know, Pebbleway Cove is famous for the strange things that wash up on its shores, but there's rumour that something more is going on up the coast! What strange tides has come to Pebbleway Cove?

We've yet to get anywhere near All Hallows Eve, but as usual Easthaven Cemetery does not let traditional holidays stop it from being utterly unsettling. The word is out of strange happenings in the twilight hours, figures wandering the paths and leaving poor folks cold and empty. Be careful if you're visiting relatives!

To the more adventurous readers of the LIGHTHOUSE! Head out to Pebbleway Cove or Easthaven Cemetery and report back!

A Beltane Bash
Garden labyrinth or dangerous ritual?

The 1st of May means Beltane has arrived! Among many Wiccans and New Age enthusiasts, it's considered an important celebration and although The LIGHTHOUSE knows them to be frivolous hacks, we cannot deny the magic in a night such as this! It is said one needs to build protective bonfires and offer food to the aos sí, or spend the rest of the year unprotected! Often celebrated with parties, Beltane is a sight to see!

Photo by Johnny Caspari

One such event is the upcoming spring festival, rumoured to have a macabre twist to it. We don't know about you, dear reader, but that hedge labyrinth grew awfully fast and in such a strange arrangement! It's something to look out for: is this a Beltane sacrifice waiting to happen?


Curious Circles Continues
Strange circles keep baffling investigators.

The murders we reported on in March have been brushed aside by the police as robberies and muggings, but we know those runes and circles means there's something fishy afoot! Stories of strange markings in innocuous spots in Lower Fens, Upper Fens, Old Town, and Newton are reaching our ears and we are cautiously curious!


Be careful out there, dear reader! Should you stumble upon these grisly scenes, make sure to gather all the information you can. The LIGHTHOUSE knows untold dangers lurk in the shadows, but these strange circles promise something sinister. Remember the S.I.S! Salt, Iron, Silver!

Ratty Vandalism
Street rats harrying honest businessmen

We've heard murmurings of some dangerous gang stirring things up in Easthaven, a group of thugs and ne'er-do-wells who seem obsessed with rats targeting innocent businessmen and workers in our fair city. The police are investigating, but so far there has been no information as to the identity of these rat-obsessed vandals. Rumour has it you can identify their passing by crude grafitti on the streets! Keep an eye out, readers, The LIGHTHOUSE definitely is!

Have a Tip?
Write-Ins Welcome!

The LIGHTHOUSE is always on the lookout for the supernatural and otherworldly. Have you seen anything around our fair city? Write in at our PO box so we can inform the world!


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