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Old Town is the oldest neighbourhood of Easthaven, the original city. While the buildings are old, only a few notable buildings predate the American Revolution. Many of the buildings. A few landmarks that were destroyed for various reasons—fire, storms, collapse—were rebuilt in the 19th century, but it's undeniable that the neighbourhood feels old down to the core. It's a hilly area, the terrain sloping down towards the harbour, with alleyways and side streets letting curious wanderers climb stairs and hills to explore the gems of old Easthaven.
When crossroads converge
by Max Kuryakin
07-10-2024, 03:01 AM

Max Kuryakin
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Easthaven's newest neighbourhood, Newton, is where new business thrives. It has a veneer of cosmopolitan attitude, the arrogance of a new city with shiny buildings and fresh starts, money enough to make things look good even if behind it all is a faceless corporation. There were a few mistakes, 60s architectural habits will always look too brutalist and cold, but there's some effort to liven it up. It's still Easthaven, though, which means weird is in its character even if it tries to pretend otherwise.
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Before the city's founding, the Upper Fens were a marshland, almost impossible to build on. At one point, the marsh got filled in to make way for the neighbourhood. Some of it still exists, the parklands saving the natural beauty in controlled areas. The Upper Fens is a primarily upper-class neighbourhood characterised by well-maintained and well-cared-for old red-brick houses. The neighbourhood's look is so important for the locals that the local council makes sure that any new buildings match the pre-existing architecture, with a lot of resistance towards too modern architectural choices.
Where Witches Play
by Serafina Duarte
07-11-2024, 09:02 PM

Serafina Duarte
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The Lower Fens used to be the same marshland as the Upper Fens and was filled in to make way for human habitation. However, the work was a little less expertly done, meaning some of the marshland still remains, and new and old buildings alike have to be careful about their foundations. The neighbourhood is predominantly a middle to lower class community with many old red-brick houses still intact but often not very well-maintained and sometimes actively crumbling. There are community efforts to fix things up, but money is always a concern.
Gotta keep on keeping on
by Dallas Montana
07-12-2024, 11:59 AM

Dallas Montana
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Outside of the city, reaching into the suburbs and the immediate area around, there are several sights to see. There is limited public transport access, primarily using busses while the subway stops at UMass Easthaven.
by Hanna Chao
07-11-2024, 08:46 PM

Hanna Chao
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