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Murderous Intent

Ides of March: Murderous Intent Event Thread

Rules of the Game
Players start their own threads, following the flavour provided in the above post.

If they wish to participate in the event, the players position themselves at the event through at least five posts of interaction with their RP partner, following the natural course of characters exploring an old building or finding their way through winding halls to a storytellers circle or murder mystery they've put their names down for.

When the players want to kick off the event, they request an Encounter in the Monster Encounter Request. The Encounter will be able to be solved in two ways: talking or escaping. Note that the encounters will only appear in darker, unpopulated areas of the APL, not in the middle of any crowds, so be sure to place the characters appropriately.

The event ends on the 15th of May, and no rewards will be issued after that date.

  • The characters can debate, delay, or befuddle the Encounter in a flavour that fits the Encounter and their preferences.
  • Should the players fail two social rolls in a row or experience a critical failure, the Encounter will turn hostile, forcing the characters to run.
  • Should the players commit any action that could be interpreted as hostile, the Encounter will turn hostile, forcing the characters to run.
  • The characters can run, hide, evade, or delay (through magic or force) the illusion's progression towards them.
  • The illusions cannot be killed unless the source is targeted; therefore, the aim is to outrun and hide from the illusion until its Luck runs out.

The Encounter Rules still apply. Both the player and the Encounter get a roll in each post, and players use the roll results to interpret success or failure. When the Encounter is finished, and someone has run out of Luck, players can post a link in #mod-request for the conclusion to the encounter and their rewards.

Murderous Intent
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