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⁂ Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Early Spring

Spring is starting to warm up the chill of winter, with snowdrops and vernal crocuses making themselves known.

Full Name
Algernon Hebblethwaite Trevelyan
118 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Zmey Gorianin Half-Blood

Player Information
About Me
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
April 23
Flight Instructor
Work Location
Greater Easthaven
Street, Borough
, Greater Easthaven
118 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Harrison Ford

He’s no young buck, but Algy’s aged gracefully for a human, looking around his forties according to human ageing standards. His hair has suffered little over the years, still retaining its natural dark colour—apart from a gentle greying at the temples that still has far to go, but it gives him character. He’s a handsome man, smile always at the ready, if a little crooked. Generally tan rather than pale, he spends time outside in the sun when time permits and he's never been one to enjoy cold weather, even if he's not very bothered by it. It helps to be your own personal heater. As he is barely above middle age for a Half-Blood of his lineage, he’s just as spry and fit as he was when he first started out, maintaining a fit physique. He is not a wall of muscle, relying instead on compact muscles and a leaner body, his 6’1” frame built for rapid response rather than power. As a veteran of a literal century, his body is a map of scars and old wounds that have healed, each has a story, but even Algy can’t remember them all.> Normally Algy can be found wearing an old bomber jacket if the weather suits it–vintage, as the youth terms it, but in reality, it's his old jacket from the war, lovingly maintained. He'd ofter in the flight school uniform or casual clothing, normally slacks and shirts, with the jacket to match. In a pinch, he might be in hoodies, but he generally doesn't favour them.
Intellectual | Friendly | Cheerful | Capable | Dilligent
Algy’s behaviour is a strange blend of youthful enthusiasm and the grizzled countenance of age and experience. He engages people actively and enthusiastically, sliding into an easy friendship with anyone around him, even the less pleasant individuals. A social creature first and foremost, but still low key. He doesn’t tend to get wild, but instead delves into intellectual areas, gives what advice he can, and poses as a general figure of wisdom for many around him. Despite his intellectual pursuits Algy is reckless in a fight and has little respect for odds, one of the few things he has left over from his wife. He's of the opinion that good old elbow grease, luck, and experience can get you through any situation. In light of this, he can be quite cocky from time to time, sure of himself and his skills. His single saving grace is that most of the time when he does indulge in his ego as a pilot it tends to be his enemies who suffer for it. As a result of his long wartime experience, Algy has a significant helping of survivor’s guilt weighting him down, self-aware enough to recognise it, but not to deal with it in a healthy way. When he’s in a rational mindset he acknowledges that he is not to blame for deaths among his comrades, but despite his clarity, he’s developed something of a drinking problem. He doesn’t allow this to affect his professional life, but when off duty it isn’t out of the question to see him with a drink in hand.

Maker's Mark
Algy has bright red scales trailing down his back and over his hips, marking his ancestry from the Welsh dragon in particular. Under a patch of these scales is the hint of what can only be called wing stubs, a late-developed attribute that shows the promise of wings, and they shift under his skin like they long to stretch out and fly. He also occasionally produces smoke out of his nose and mouth, but Algy has taken up smoking to cover it up.

Animal Appearance

Near enough family, Dune is Algy's former subordinate in NATO Force Thoth and current close friend.
A young ghost Algy encountered at the museum. He sees her rarely, but their friendship was forged through hectic adventures.
Having met during a strange encounter involving mythical monsters, Lin is a recent friend, but one with good promise.
An acquaintance from his work with NATO.
Other Information
  • Speaks Welsh, French, German, modern Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, and Hindi relatively fluently, with a rudimentary knowledge of Tamil. He knows some Spanish, but is still in the process of learning it.
  • His Welsh accent has long since been buried under a century of disparate influences, sounding almost "accentless" other than one a few particular words or when he's angry. Few can guess where he is really from.
  • Owns and operates Arctic Airways flight school and airstrip, with a good crew of both old and new colleagues.

Born in 1904, Algy's mother was a Welshwoman who fell in love with a dragon. This dragon was a forest dragon from Bulgaria, or a Zmey Gorianin, who sought her out in the shape of a man, the two marrying to live their lives. As is often common with the wives of zmey, Algy's mother isolated herself, dedicating all her energy to her husband and eventually their son. Algy's childhood was markedly lacklustre, the family not exactly poor, but living in isolation in the north of Wales. At the age of 10, when the war that they would eventually call the Great War started, Algy was relocated to an aunt in Pembroke. His father disappeared, avoiding being conscripted by the British army, and it was only later that Algy, then in his late teens found out his mother had wasted away without either of them there, dead by the time the war ended. At his aunt, he learnt of the mother's side of his family, all with blood from a great red Welsh dragon hundreds of years past–family legend said it was the one on the Welsh flag, but Algy dismisses that as fanciful thinking. It was as he hit puberty that Algy started to notice his heritage. Thankfully, he avoided getting wings under his arms, as was the Bulgarian habit, possibly the Welsh dragon blood saving him. Instead, bright red scales grew down his spine and framed his hips, eye-catching and noticeable. He also began producing smoke out of his nose and mouth, difficult to control as a youth, but he took up smoking to cover it. This changed much of how he behaved, turning up the charm and being overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming, all the while keeping people at a distance. They hardly noticed, as Algy was never openly rude of stand-offish. As a teenager, Algy had avidly watched the development of flying machines, his heritage making him long for flying and being in the air. As soon as he was old enough, he enlisted in the Royal Air Force. After the Great War, the RAF had its operations cut steeply, but Algy was still avid in the development of new air power and participated in the RAF actions in Iraq and other air operations in other areas within the British Empire. He took to flying with enthusiasm, learning the machines and anticipating the advance of the technology to accomplish even more than they already had. During a few months in Cairo, Algy met a local archaeologist, an enthusiastic and intelligent woman who caught his attention. It helped that she was devastatingly beautiful, what one might term a desert rose if such flowery language came naturally to Algy. She was a firebrand, defying expectations and the social mores of the time, pushing forward her work within Egyptology as best she could. Algy was taken by her, joining her expeditions since he was free from his RAF duties for a time. He made his appreciation clear but kept a respectful distance, but his tactics eventually worked. The two married, but Mariam remained in Egypt to continue her work, while Algy returned to her when he could. As the Second World War loomed, the RAF underwent a rapid expansion. Algy, at 35 years old, had already established himself in the ranks and was among those who pushed for a firm response to German actions in Europe. Throughout most of the war, Algy was on Bomber Command, participating in strategic bombing. He began in the Vickers Wellington, but their numbers were harshly cut down by superior German fighters. He served later in Bristol Blenheims, before going to the Avro Lancaster. When precision bombing was found ineffective, the RAF took to area bombing, almost guaranteeing civilian deaths, but to Algy and many others, it was necessary to end the war. Still, if he finds the time to think back, he regrets his role in the madness. Towards the end of the war, Algy's entire crew on his Avro Lancaster were KIA. He would've been dead too, if not for wings bursting out of his back, allowing for a shaky return to the cliffs of Dover and a slog back to base. That surprise of his heritage saved his life, but it would take a long time for him to get used to them. Near the end of the war, Algy received news that his wife Mariam had been killed during the North African campaign, with little other details. Last they'd spoken, however, she had told him of Germans with undue interest in supernatural artefacts of Egyptian origin, and her plans to make sure nothing fell into Axis hands. Based on his knowledge of her and the sort of situation that had erupted in North Africa at the time, he was more or less convinced she found her death at the hands of the Nazis. He mourned her, and is arguably still mourning her, but ultimately he wasn't allowed time to linger in his grief. After the war, Algy shifted to flying transport planes, the Avro York primarily, as it was almost identical to the Lancaster. He was involved in Operation Plainfire to supply Berlin behind the Iron Curtain but bounced around as the British Empire slowly shrank, rebellion after rebellion. As Algy neared his fifties in the 60s, he realised that while he [i]was[/i] aging, it wasn't as rapidly as those who were around his age. It was yet noticeable, he looked young for his 50s, but not outlandishly so. It seemed his career with the RAF was coming to an end. However, an old friend from the early day of the RAF linked up with him and offered a solution. He'd shift away from his current command and link directly with NATO. He'd be within the RAF still, but working actively with NATO. This led to a rather boring existence during the cold war, but this picked up after the revolutions in 1989 and NATO reevaluated their role. As NATO's role became more defined, Algy was among those who spearheaded the organisation of the military operations. When he could, he dipped into active participation, flying transports or anything else needed. Alongside this, Algy and a few others of a supernatural persuasion began putting together a task force that could address things that humans alone could not deal with. They tapped into the special forces of NATO's member countries: UKSF, NSFK, USSOCOM, FCOS, and many, many more. They identified those with the skills they needed, carefully selecting mundane humans they could risk revealing this world of myth and magic to and taking advantage of those who already knew, alongside other half-bloods or otherwise cursed individuals. Eventually, these turned into regular units, so long as they could convince the various commands to let them borrow the soldiers, or wound it into a NATO operation. Here, Algy's charm came in handy, able to convince many commanders to go without some of their soldiers. Algy often ran the risk of becoming quite possessive of these teams, leading them personally in many cases, or giving additional training. They were his people and the goal was to keep them alive to fight another day. Despite his seeming rank, he often kept close ties with them, sharing his extensive collection of alcohol when the moment was ripe and sharing war stories when they needed distractions or stealth pep talks. Decades of work went into this, but eventually, Algy was weighted down enough by his near-century of fighting and loss. He retired, passing on the operations to someone else and effectively retiring. He wasn't at loose ends for long, being directed to the curious town of Easthaven by a colleague and informed by another that one of his old soldiers had found herself in the town. He focused first on establishing himself, putting together a flight school on an airstrip a distance outside of the city and advertising lessons and air-tours, as well as some flights.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Heightened Strength, Flying, Fire, Air

Spells & Powers


Normally, Algy's wing stubs are just that, stubs under his skin. However, when he wants to fly, or is dropped into a situation where he has to, his wings burst out of his back as fully formed webbed wings, large enough to carry his weight and that of at least another person.


Along with his smoke, Algy can produce flames. From his mouth, out of nothing in his hands, setting something alight in the distance, he can do it. He isn't harmed by it, but others will be if they don't keep their distance. He doesn't take this power lightly, but plays with it more freely than some of his other abilities.


As a pilot, manipulating the air currents has been vital for saving himself and his crews while meeting nasty weather. He can do playful with it, he can be lethal, and with enough effort, he can change the weather by manipulating the air currents. This is something he rarely does and only if a disaster is oncoming. Playing with the natural order of things carries serious consequences.

Minor Magic Abilities

Half-Blood Boon:

Algy's boon is that of a body and a pair of lungs that can handle any manner of atmosphere and hazards. Notably, he's impervious to flame and heat, only feeling the comfortable warmth of them, thanks to the magics deep in his chest that produces his own flame.

Cantrip (Fire):

With a snap of his fingers, Algy can spark a flame between thumb and forefinger. It is no larger than the flame of a candle but resilient to being extinguished.

Cantrip (Air):

With practice, Algy has learnt to produce a gust of wind just by thinking of it. This gust can blow small objects off course or towards any direction he wants it in.

Other Magic Notes

Bloodrush Backlash:

Like all Half-Bloods, if Algy overuses the gifts of his bloodline, he will experience a Bloodrush. To his benefit, the nature of his father was that of helpfulness towards humans, so he does not start thirsting for human flesh or to tear into the nearest target. What does happen is his smoke and flame becoming uncontrollable, the air gusting around him into a terrible storm, while all semblance of human leaves his face as his body becomes a hybrid of the noble dragons that made him, an ugly caricature of something beautiful. His face elongates and scales burst out of his skin, while horns crown his head. His wings burst out of his back, along with a tail, shredding and knocking into anything around him.

Feather Blade
Re-roll one failed [strike] roll, once per thread.
Black and red stone hilt, the blade shaped like a feather. [url=]Details.[/url]
Enchanted Marbles
Keywords: Cut, Misdirection, Null, Heal. Four coloured marbles with different magical effects. Can be triggered for a one-time use of the connected keyword.
Halloween Charms
Keywords: Plants, 2x Animate, True Sight, Empathy. Each pumpkin charm contains one minor use of its given keyword. The charm is destroyed upon use. If used in a ritual, the pumpkin charm would be considered a Superb component.
Dream Catcher
Assistance bonus, 3 uses. It doesn’t exist physically because it’s just a thought. A concept. But it sits weighty in your mind’s pocket. It is indescribable and yet gives the impression of a dream catcher on a lunar hoop, with a glimmering net like spider’s silk dusted with dew. Details.
Blooming Casa Blanca
Keywords: Empathy. When this seed is planted, a night-blooming casa blanca lily will grow. When in full bloom, it will exude an aura of calm and happiness in the room it is in, and it blooms all year long.
Magical Terrarium
Keyword: Necromancy. Once per thread, while holding the pendant, the user can reach into the spirit realm. Though their physical form does not change, they can see and touch unmanifested spirits. Any physical interaction that uses Strike or Cinder would target a Spirit's Manifested DC.

Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels


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