Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

Full Name
Angelica Sunshine Dune
32 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Mundane Human

Player Information
About Me
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Very comfortable with all levels of mature content, from fade-to-black to explicit descriptions.
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
August 22
Exchange Agent
Work Location
Street, Borough
Ice Tap Avenue, Lower Fens
32 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Vanessa Hudgens

Dune is a lovely woman and she is well aware of this, happy to use her looks to their fullest advantage. Full lips, big eyes, wavy hair, soft tawny skin: whoever made her did a nice job. She dresses for the occasion but being a creature of routine and compartmentalization, she doesn’t complicate things. For her everyday work wear, the former military woman keeps her hair up and out of the way for safety’s sake. Being a reluctant desk jockey, she tends toward business casual, with nice trousers, heels, and button down tops. A bit of smokey make up tops off the look. On the occasions she goes out in the field, she happily sacrifices style for heavy-duty work pants, sturdy shoes, and a leather jacket. For a night on the town, she’ll turn it up to eleven, leveraging her looks with slinky dresses and high heels. At home, it's sweatpants and a swipe of eyeliner. Her left arm and part of her shoulder are covered in both burn and surgery scars. The entire limb is weak, prone to shaking and it aches in damp weather. She almost lost it in a ritual gone wrong caused by a rogue arcanist. She made sure to put a bullet between the fucker’s eyes before passing out. She wears ring she received as a gift from a raven she knows as Merula.
Dune would be the first person to tell you she’s as simple as dirt. She likes the simple things in life: booze, sex, and more wholesome, time with the people she cares about. Anyone who pays attention would say she’s complicated and does a shit job at hiding it. So while she’s carefree and easy-going, quick to a smile and always happy to crack a joke, there’s gravity to her. She possesses a flexible sense of morality. There are a few vague rules, like not kicking puppies or kids or whatever, but when it comes down to it, she’ll follow orders so she can come back alive after every mission.

Maker's Mark

Animal Appearance

Theo's her boss, and while Dune will follow his orders, she still considers him her friend off-the-clock. She's not generally fazed by his irascibility: she's encountered worse.
Brookie is Dune's rookie. They're friends, both on and off the clock as far as Dune's concerned. It helps that Brooke enjoys her war stories. Dune is very protective of the younger agent, hates seeing her in danger, despite knowing Brooke is very resilient.
Friend, one-way Concordance. Max and Dune met on deployment in Germany and formed a relationship that might've looked complicated to anyone on the outside. Were they dating or what? It's very simple to her. They're friends and sometimes they fuck. They still do that, sometimes feeding into each other's baser appetites, but they remain strong friends.
Friend, lover. Dune is a little nuts about Sizi AKA Sizzle. They met while Dune was on furlough while she was working with Force Thoth, and quickly established a summer-long romance. After reconnecting in Easthaven, they've continued their dalliance.
Friend, former commander in Force Thoth. Algy is the closest thing Dune has ever had to a father, and she deeply treasures her relationship with the older pilot. She wonders why he seems so old sometimes though... She knows he's hiding something, often ribbing him for information.
Friend and fellow agent. He's a weird one, but they get along thanks to a shared love for guns. She thinks he's hot.
Friends by way of Max. Dune and Goki get along like two peas in a pod. She flirts with him for fun, simply because it flusters him.
Other Information
Although Dune is already highly skilled in firearms and melee combat, she has not yet perfected the craft when it comes to shooting down things that are faster and stronger. She's working on it. Beretta 92 FS She is fluent in English and German and a smattering of other languages. She has an excellent voice for reading, and can imitate almost any accent. She is also very good at doing impressions of people.

Born and raised a military brat. Parents weren’t around very much, so naturally, Dune did what all kids did: try to get their attention and the method she chose was crime. She got into trouble for shoplifting and taking joyrides. She was truant more often than not. She was a scrappy kid too—not the cops’ favorite delinquent to pick up. These skills and that profession followed her well into her teens. She didn't join any gangs--her family moved around too much for that--but she always made fast friends with suspicious characters wherever she went. Drugs entered the scene soon after, and even if she didn't partake, she made a pretty penny moving stock. Then she turned eighteen. Her first and only slip up landed her in the slammer and with her record, the judge gave her no quarter. Either it was sweating out her sentence in prison or straightening out and joining the military. With the promise that she could wipe her record clean, she picked the service. She went to basic, got the shit beaten out of her until she formed herself a goal good enough to make it hurt less. She’d be a pilot. A really good pilot. In fact, she’d join the Army Rangers. It was already a soaring goal, made even more difficult by her small stature and gender, but this shining beacon sent her from boot camp to flight academy. Flight academy to special operations. Her singular focus and bulldog tenacity had her star rising hot and fast. Dune never quite made the cut to serve in the ground forces for the Rangers, but she found her calling in the skies, flying missions for their airborne division. She found good people there, good enough to give up that first dream and chase her second. By then, she'd worked out that there was way more to the world than she originally thought. Her commander, for example, told war stories that were at least a century old. She caught her copilot sneaking off during a full moon. She'd have to be fucking blind to miss the strange shit she saw around the world and it wasn't long before she worked it out and the people in the know let her in on a world of secrets. She learned it all. Half-bloods, shifters, undead, the Exchange, the Codes of Conduct. She learned about magic, and things from other worlds. It made her a better soldier. Sure, she was mundane, but the knowledge was power by itself. She could cut a deal with a vampire, and talk a werewolf down from a shift. Change a rune or two in a ritual and you've got trouble on your hands. Then, her arm got blown off while the regiment was hunting down a rogue arcanist in Germany. A stray bullet, a broken circle, and everything went up in smoke. The army put her back together. Stitched up her arm, surgery, pins and plates. But she couldn't fly anymore. Couldn't fight. Good thing she'd served her sentence and then some. She was discharged with honors, something her parents would probably be proud of if they hadn't washed their hands of her. At loose ends, Dune went back to America. For a few months, she wandered, traveled. Did the things she always said she'd do if she got a furlough. It was alright. She mostly drank in seedy bars all across Midwest. Then she learned that the Exchange existed in America too. A bit different than the one she met in Europe, but hell, she had the skillset, she had the knowledge. In Easthaven, MA, she walked into a little brownstone that said it was a PI and asked for the Inquisitor. No, really, the Inquisitor, the head honcho, the boss with the sauce. The guy who's gonna be twisting vampire ears and pulling wolf tails. That guy. That fast-tracked her right into the man's office. She didn't really slap down her resume--she hadn't expected a walk-in to work, honestly--but by the time she walked out, her name was on the roster and she was looking for an apartment somewhere cheap. That was a year ago. Honestly, she's a bit of a desk jockey with only a few field assignments while she works out her physical therapy. It doesn't help that she's totally mundane. She knows what she's doing but the execution leaves something to be desired. That said, just like with the Rangers, she's out to prove something. She's not sure what yet--human solidarity, yay?--but she's the kind of person who always shot for the moon and landed in the stars.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Iron Will Exchange Training Ballistics I

Spells & Powers

Minor Magic Abilities

Other Magic Notes
She cannot form a mental link with any magic items. Instead, when using them, they often just manifest their information visually for her.

Item Name
Wayfinder Badge
A palm-sized coin with mysterious geometric circles and runes etched into the metal, bronze with silver detailing. Its look is reminiscent of an astrolabe, but it is in truth the intricate enchantments carved into it. The enchantments need occasional recharging by Exchange Arcanists, as sun can depreciate the magical effect.
Winter Festival Marbles
2 count
A pair of marbles received from playing with the Mari Lwyd at the Winter Festival. Keyword charms: Misdirection, Null
A milky eyeball encased in what looks like crystal clear mucus. The fires of the nian's defeat have hardened the mucus into an unbreakable glass-like material. Within the glassy orb, the sightless eye appears inert but occasionally twitches, especially when the holder needs to make a decision, or things seem at a crossroads. About the size of a mandarin orange, when held, you are able to use the Shadow keyword spontaneously, like a Half-Blood. It has three charges. If used in a ritual, the Eyetwitch can provide the keywords Shadow or Prescience, but not both. When used this way, it is destroyed. Component quality: Superb
Shattered Fae Crystal
Superb component
Earned here.
Pumpkin Charms
3 counts
Earned at the Halloween festival. Superb components. Keyword Charm: 1x Psychometry, 1x Transmission, 1x Growth/Reduce
Crystal Ball
2/2 charges
Earned at the Halloween festival. Superb component. Keyword: Divination.
A gift she received from Merula.

Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Very comfortable with all levels of mature content, from fade-to-black to explicit descriptions.


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