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Full Name
Lin Nari
35 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Shèn Dragon Half-Blood

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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
Nov 1st
Information Broker
Work Location
Old Town
Street, Borough
Brindlebrook St, Old Town
35 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim

Pretty, dark eyes, long silver hair, short, shapely frame. Nari cares for her appearance but does not bother dressing to fit a part. She will wear whatever she likes wherever she is. Fortunately, what she likes is usually quite nice and she never likes to appear unkempt. Her daily wardrobe usually consists of streetwear, with a preference for purple, blue, or gold. Much to her chagrin, she lacks claws, but still wears her nails long and sharp, with plenty of trips to the salon to keep them nice.
Taciturn | Principled | Intense | Driven | Secretive | Observant | | Covetous Nari has a sense of honor that is skewed from typical human morals. She respects and honors worthy rivals and keeps her word should she give it, but she does not see herself as subject to human law.

Maker's Mark
Beneath her human hair, beginning at the nape of her neck, Nari has a soft burgundy red mane that extends down her spine and tapers to her tailbone. At a glance, it simply looks like a peekaboo hair coloring and if she must hide it, she will shave it bare. Most of the time, however, she allows it to grow and the hair always moves as if it is underwater. Likewise, her skin does not pucker when she spends too much time in the water. In fact, she generally prefers being submerged. Her canines also come to a sharper point than average, and her tongue is long and agile when she fully extends it.

Animal Appearance

Nari regards Theo as a friend, and potential confidante. When the mood strikes, things between them can get steamy.
Nari has an easy, light relationship with Max. She enjoys talking with him and playing chess when he visits her at the Honey & Ivy.
Theirs is a rocky relationship and although Nari finds Billy entertaining and fun, she does not always know where they stand.
Nari is fond of the Exchange agent, finding her a good ally in a fight and interesting to be around.
Nari is fascinated by and attracted to the other dragon and enjoys his company.
Sunako is a rare friend of Nari's. They enjoy meeting for tea, while Nari utilizes Sunako's services to acquire rare goods
A professional working relationship. Nari provides Jules with information, and, naturally, not all of it is above board.
Other Information
She keeps a small aviary full of sparrows. Nari is a child of many nations and none: she primarily speaks Cantonese and English, but knows conversational Japanese, Mandarin, Tagalog, and Korean from her travels. She can guess at Spanish with her knowledge of Tagalog. In English, she has a heavy Cantonese accent. She works as an informant for Easthaven's branch of the Exchange, recognizing the group from another satellite organization in Hong Kong.

Nari was born off the coast of Hong Kong on a small, well-appointed houseboat, emerging into the world as a squalling fur and scale-covered infant. While her mother slept, tended by her aunts and grandmother, her father, a shèn dragon assuming human form, soothed her with songs never heard by human ears, weaving tales of the open ocean and the unsullied sky. For generations extending past memory, Lin Nari's family has been composed of half-bloods to the last. Their bloodline is potent, claiming ancestry from various aquatic entities that lurk in Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino folklore. Although they straddle the line between the human and supernatural world, this family and others like it, set themselves apart from the human world, appearing from the outside to be clannish and cult-like. It does not help that along with an intent focus on filial piety and ritual, they make a point to often refresh the magic in their bloodline, preferring inhuman partners to humans, and allowing matchmakers to decide for them. As expected, Nari lived her life on the open ocean. She learned how to swim, sail, and navigate by the stars. She learned how to dive for pearls off the coast of the Philippines, and how to make mochi in Japan. In China, she studied at the feet of Wing Chun masters, honing her body for the martial arts. At home, her father taught her how to breathe rings of vapor, manipulate her body, and create pearls from poison. Her mother taught her about the human world, from how to dress and hide her inhuman ancestry, to cooking, to mathematics, literature, and other schooling. Nari was always intelligent and an avid learner, and as she grew up, it was rumored that her grandfather was considering her for a successor. The family business was her grandfather's shipping and courier business which sailed between the East Asian islands of the Pacific. Most of their work was legitimate but the most profitable work dealt with criminal enterprises. After all, non-humans are not subject to human law, or so they believe. As such, her family has a healthy criminal empire and though she is no stranger to hard work, Nari has lived most of her life with a silver spoon in her mouth. Although he drew the line at human trafficking, her grandfather had no qualms about other dealings with the various criminal factions of the East Asian nations. Nari and all of her cousins were introduced to these illegitimate dealings from a young age, and she quickly became an accomplished gangster. Unfortunately, by being slated as a possible successor, that put Nari in direct competition with an older cousin who had his heart set on their grandfather's powerful role. Although they worked well together as children, as they grew, they became rivals, often pushing each other to great achievement as much as hindering each other. They were both covetous, bloodthirsty, and ruthless. Their rivalry began to split the family and after a disastrous job for the Yakuza that led to the death of another cousin and the pair nearly murdering one another, their grandfather stepped in. For their transgressions, they were both cast out without hope for atonement. Only the two of them knew the truth: her cousin was the one who started the battle while she tried to cooperate, but when it was her word against his, she had no hope. Saying a possibly permanent goodbye to her mother and father, Nari traveled East, and eventually immigrated to the US. Like a moth to the flame, she was drawn to Easthaven, settling on in the Asian community on Balmoral street. For a few years, Nari just tried to find her feet again, working menial mundane jobs around Balmoral. However, it didn't take long before she found her way into more illicit operations, making headway into Easthaven's criminal underbelly. With care and experience, she began to work her way into the various operations in Easthaven and surrounding cities. Eventually, the money started to flow again and Nari began clawing her way back to the way she likes to live. Two years ago, she opened the Honey & Ivy Waterfront Noodle Bar. It is her pride and joy and like her grandfather's company, it has a legitimate front that facilitates a criminal element. She has gained a solid foothold in the city.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Water, Mutation, Flight, Illusion
Brawler 1

Spells & Powers


Shapeshifting Nari is able to mutate her body to grow masses of tentacles, reflecting the shellfish traits of her draconic ancestry. These appendages primarily sprout from her back, hips, and shoulders, but with concentration, she can grow them from anywhere on her body. She is able to control these boneless tentacles, growing up to four large long ones at one time, with the number increasing for smaller tentacles. They are flexible, with the equivalent strength to a human limb. Warm to the touch, they have the same nerve endings at the tapered tips as a human finger and have a soft texture. They are slimy when wet. These tentacles are usually soft pink, coral, or a variety of blue, greens, and purples in color, with a slightly transparent quality, similar to a clam's tongue. Using this power is fairly easy for the half-blood, although it severely dehydrates her and she begins to crave rice wine. However, it is effortless when she is submerged. Given time, Nari is also capable of mutating her lungs and airways so she is able to breathe water instead of air. She can also grow scales, fins, and a tail, although she retains her human shape. The entire transformation takes about ten to twenty minutes, so although she is an excellent swimmer and quite at home in the water, she does not instantly take to living beneath the waves.


Sea Dragon Nari is able to call forth clouds of vapor from existing bodies of water, directing their position and opacity. Likewise, when swimming, she can cut through the water with ease, much like her serpentine ancestors. When it comes to controlling water, she also needs existing bodies of water or water vapor.


Get Off Of My Cloud Nari is able to achieve flight through her control of water vapor, with results varying depending on the moisture in the air. On the ocean, she is able to achieve full flight, using vapor to lift herself into the air or hydroplane across the water. In dryer climes, she needs to take the time to form either cloudy platforms that she can hop between or a single mass of vapor that she can ride on.


Mirage Nari has a special talent for creating illusory scenes and structures, modifying the space around her so that it is not what it appears. An empty room can become a beautifully appointed lounge, a door can appear in a wall or windows looking out across scenery that doesn't exist. The things within the illusion can be interacted with and are real to every sense save the magical.

Minor Magic Abilities
Boon - Dragon's Pearl Nari is able to purify food and water at will. Whenever she does this, she takes the impurities into herself, and begins forming a pearl in the back of her throat to contain them. If the impurity is particularly severe and it takes her longer to cleanse her body, she will produce a black pearl.


Wuxia This is not true flight, but something close--Nari becomes near weightless and is able to bound forward and into the air, gliding over the ground or between surfaces for short distances. Likewise, she can briefly stand on things or cling to things that would not normally support her weight. She tends to leave wisps of fog wherever she lands. Water Pulse Nari is able to pull moisture from the air to create up to a quart of liquid water, and manipulate it. If there is already water present, she can manipulate about this amount with little to no effort.

Other Magic Notes


When Nari experiences a Bloodrush, black, ridged scales appear on her shoulders and back while small horns sprout from the crown of her head. Her hair becomes the same burgundy color as her mane. She produces a kind of fragrant smoke. She is compelled to seek water and nest in a submarine grotto. Nari's shèn dragon type is a mix of the two legends found here: Not to be mistaken for the Shenlong, the shèn is an Asian dragon that is often described as a sea monster, due to some mollusk-like features. Its scales are rough, dark, and ridged like an oyster's shell and its tendrils are agile and slimy like tentacles rather than whiskers. Still, it does possess the grace and power of a proper dragon. It can both swim and fly, and has incredible shape-shifting powers. It likes to drink sake and can create pearls in its throat.

Item Name
Winter Festival Baubles
2 count
Baubles that turned into marbles, obtained from the Mari Lwyd during the Winter Festival
Bladed Pinion
3/3 charges
A golden feather from the Stooped Judge. The vanes are in perfect order, not a barb out of place. It is soft to the touch when you move your finger gently along the edge, but it is as sharp as a blade at speed. While holding or touching the feather, on a successful Cinder roll, you can feel your thoughts organize, information becoming easily accessible and ordered. You can see your next move clearly, allowing you to add the Assistance effect to your next roll. Each feather can only be used three times. After the magic is used, it retains its strange physical properties as a feather blade but becomes otherwise inert.
Pumpkin Charms
5 count
Marbles with tiny pumpkins in them. Earned at the Halloween festival, 2022. Keyword Charms: 1x True Sight, 2x Fortune, 1x Transmission, 1x Elasticity
Jack-O-Lantern Pendant
A tiny crystal pendant with a little terrarium inside. Allows Nari to reach into the spirit world, once per thread. Full description here.

Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels


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