Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Emilia Pepita Reyes
33 years old
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Arcanist Human
Empyrean Conjurer

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About Me
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Very comfortable with all levels of mature content, from fade-to-black to explicit descriptions.
Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Very comfortable with all levels of mature content, from fade-to-black to explicit descriptions.

Survived playtesting, 2021. Thank you!

Participated in the Winter Event 2021!

Survived the nian on the Lunar New Year 2022!

Explored the hedge maze in May 2022!

Tracked down a lost mask.

Gathered pumpkins.
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Feb 19
LT Detective
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Street, Borough
Pickering Crescent, Lower Fens
33 years old
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Dark Brown
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Zoe Saldaña

Strike & Cinder

Calm | Reflective | Observant | Melancholic | Lonely | Workaholic | Introverted She can be quite particular, with things needing to be 'just-so' for her not to fuss. More often than not, she is highly reserved with new faces, making it difficult to connect with her, but she opens up when comfortable. Her voice is usually soft and sweet, although she tends to flatten it in professional environments, making her sound clipped and severe.

Emily is put-together and stylish, with a trim, curvy figure. Delicately pretty, with soft walnut skin, and large dark eyes. Presenting herself well is important. Her body language is prim: she stands up straight and walks with a steady, graceful cadence, never dragging her feet. However, she tends to blend with the background where she can. Her sense of fashion is very feminine: make-up, likes to smell nice, and prefers pencil skirts and blouses with heels for her daily workwear. She wears her dark hair down, but styled and out of her face. In more casual settings, she still prefers heels, although she will usually pair these with skinny jeans rather than a skirt. Depending on how much she'd like to dress up or down, she will wear a blouse or a vintage t-shirt. Even her lounge clothes are carefully curated--she's not overly sentimental and she enjoys shopping for clothes anyway. Anything with a hole or too worn is quickly thrown out or donated, so her rotation of clothes remains fresh and nothing ever gets ratty.
Maker's Mark
Animal Appearance

Other Information
Emily is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Emilia Pepita Reyes was born in a run-down neighborhood in Florida, the second child to absent, distant parents. When she was still young, her mother and father separated, and married other people, leaving Emily and her sisters strung between two new families. A meek child, Emily went to live with her grandmother. The old woman was the only stability and love in her life and she remembers these years happily. Her grandmother taught her Spanish, how to cook, clean, dress, and a myriad of other life skills. Sadly, when she was fourteen, the older woman passed away. Although she did not have much, her children squabbled for years over their inheritance, and Emily and her sisters were forgotten in the fray. They were scattered to live with different family members. Emily was sent to live with an aunt who preferred gambling and being out with friends. This was just fine by the young girl, who decided she would much rather be alone than pretend to have a family. At base, she had food, and a roof over her head. Unfortunately, with no guiding force in her life, the girl fell in with an unsavory crowd. Although she wasn't the sort to aggressively act out, Emily's adolescent and teen years still saw her in and out of cop cars, from a combination of her own apathy and bad influences in her friends. Her future looked dim, which became a vicious cycle that fed into her apathy. Then, in her junior year of high school, she met a boy. It was an auspicious meeting--he stayed on the right side of the law, had ambitions and ideas for a stable life and he really liked her. What could go wrong? This was where she turned it around. For love and better life. When it came time for college, Emily actually applied. She followed her boyfriend to Boston, emboldened by promises of marriage after graduation, and happy to get out of Florida. For a variety of reasons, things did not go the way of marriage. For her part, Emily discovered a love of learning in a subject she cared about which dominated her time. With her nose in a book, she did not notice that, for all his jealousy over her, her husband-to-be was stepping out. According to him, this was her fault for neglecting him. The break-up was impressively messy for both her and their social circle. Fortunately, Emily had fallen in with a group of good people, better influences than the ones she had back home, and she ultimately decided to stay in Massachusetts. She pursued degrees in criminal psychology and criminology. Unfortunately, it put her off from relationships altogether. She did try, though, still dreaming of that house with a white picket fence, a dog, and two and a half kids. She was in and out of relationships for years, serious and casual, but nothing stuck. After a few too many broken hearts, Emily decided the whole institution wasn't for her and threw herself into her work instead. After graduation, Emily enrolled in the police academy, her heart set on becoming a detective, while a small part of her enjoyed the ironic twist of her life. She was assigned to Easthaven, and within a few years, achieved lieutenant detective with a specialization in criminal interviews and forensics. In 2020, she decided to return to school for a Masters degree in criminology. In early 2021, she found a book of perfect circles in the Inkpot.

Magic & The Metaphysical

Magic Keywords

Light, Healing, Abidance

Mundane Keywords

Ballistics II
Spells & Powers
Kitchen Witch Emily's magic is not particularly ostentatious. In fact, one could just call her a basic witch. She uses her magic for cooking, cleaning, and healing. Her magic smells like campfires on a cool night, rum, and raspberries. Although she knows a few ways to twist light into a weapon, she doesn't like to use magic to fight--none of her spells naturally run in that direction. The main thing that sets her apart is that she is friends with a good number of shifters. This isn't because of magic though. She just happens to be able to cook for an army. Her spells are written in a rune-hand that resembles Enochian and her rituals are often built around an arrangement of nine circles.
Minor Magic Abilities
Will-o'-the-Wisps (Light) With a touch, Emily is able to charm small objects to emit a soft glow, in whatever color she chooses and float nearby to provide light. By default, it becomes a kind of warm sunlight glow, but her second favorite color is a purple-blue flicker. She is able to move them with a thought, to follow her or deactivate, but others can move them with a touch. They are harmless, but they are not static. Some quirk in the spell causes them to wobble, bob, or spin as if they have minds of their own. When there is a cloud of these objects, they zip after each other, playful, or swirl like a microcosm of gravity wells. The charm typically lasts for a few days, weakening at each sunrise, unless she attends to it, although in dark spaces, it has greater longevity. It can be any small object. Cleanus Corpus (Abidance) With a gesture, Emily can clean up minor messes or mend mundane objects. No more reorganizing junk drawers or her purse. No more scooping spilled sugar back into the bowl or wiping crumbs off the table. These things will fly to their appointed spots, whether that be storage or the bin. Things like broken vases, ripped cloth, or torn paper can be mended to be like new again.
Other Magic Notes


Dulce is a large, female, cream-colored cat with pale green eyes. She can speak but only Emily can understand her. To everyone else, she sounds like a normal cat. Her collar has several charms on it, waiting to be enchanted.

Item Name
An arcanist's lost journal
A book Emily found in the Inkpot. It is a slim volume with a supple leather cover. The contents are more like a journal rather than a proper book, with hand written spells and directions on creating perfect circles. It was Emily's introduction to the world of magic.
Resonant Spell-Queller
3 Luck
A teardrop crystal pendant with a small loop at the top. It is made of what appears to be an unknown substance, its' smooth surface fogged with microscopic runes and circles. Inside is a drop of sunlight. It glows faintly with a warm ember glow, but when hit with a spell, it flares bright white. Full Description Here
A vintage ivory hair comb with a fan-like shape above the teeth. The fan is carved with a peacock displaying its feathers. When activated, it confers invisibility on the wearer. Full Description Here
Broom Schtick
A rough-hewn staff of dark varnished wood with Empyrean and Eldritch runes burned into the length. Although it keeps its imperfect appearance, cracks and other breaks in the wood are sealed with magic. However, when it’s inert, the runes appear to be a trick of the light and it looks like a hiking stick without bristles and a broom with them. When activated, the Broom Schtick confers flying or levitation on the user. Full Description Here
Good Boi Ointment
9/10 Uses
A creamy, shimmering healing ointment that smells faintly of mango and chicken soup. Applying it feels like a hug. Full Description Here
1 stone
A gift from Billy. A single-use shield ward that protects the user from physical harm. Full Description Here
Light Lattice Slingshot
A set of six rings that house a slingshot made from a lattice of light. Full Description Here
Good quality component
A gift from Algy at the Halloween Festival. Thread
Pumpkin Charms
5 count
Marbles containing tiny pumpkins earned at the Halloween Festival, 2022. Keyword Charm: 1x Animate, 1x True Sight, 1x Pandora, 1x Plants, 1x Growth/Reduce
Jack-O-Lantern Pendant
Good component
Earned at the Halloween festival. Allows the user to reach across the veil between the spirit and mortal realms. Full Description Here
Siren Scale
Recovered from a dying siren here.


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