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The Ritual Murders | City Mystery

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The Ritual Murders

Chapter I: Curious Circles

The Lighthouse March 2022, Volume 1 Issue 4
The Lighthouse May 2022, Volume 1 Issue 5


Chapter II: Caught Red-Handed

It's been a long year since The Lighthouse reported on the remnants of ritual circles being found in dark alleys and hidden crannies of the streets of Easthaven. The intrepid agents of the Exchange have puzzled some of it together, concluding that they have a murdering cult on their hands; not one individual but several acting on a common goal. The patterns show the cult have been gathering the life force of their victims, all of which were half-bloods.

Until now, people have only stumbled over the remnants of the crime, a body long dead and scuffed out circles. Over the months, Exchange presence and surveillance in the hidden nooks and crannies of the city has intensified, both by mundane and magical means. No creeping cultists will be left unharassed should they target anyone, as the community have begun calling in reports of unknown faces or strangers approaching them.

Their goals appear to remain unfulfilled, as activity persists even if further murders have been prevented for a few months now. The community has been warned to be careful wandering after dark and alone, and Exchange agents are on task to prevent further murders and attempt to catch a cultist. Lethal force is permitted should the cultists become hostile.

Chapter I

Curious Circles | Completed

Chapter II

Caught Red-Handed

  • To participate in Chapter II, you must have participated in Chapter I or join a character who has participated in Chapter I.

Chapter III


  • To participate in Chapter III, you must have participated in Chapter II.

How-To & Rules

  • Begin a thread in one of the five neighbourhoods in Easthaven. If you post an open, note it is for the "Ritual Murders" event.
  • There are limited threads, so a player should stick to one or two characters for this event.
  • For Chapter II, there is a limit of 2-3 characters per thread.
  • When you feel like it's time for the encounter to drop, submit a Monster Encounter Request and tag @Admin in the #mod-request channel on the Discord. Be sure to note that it is for the "Ritual Murders" event.
  • Once you have the encounter, you may solve it with combat, socially, or by escaping.

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