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Account & Thread Reactivation Request

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If you require a moderator, please post in this thread using the template provided. When you have posted, copy the post link and tag @admin in the Discord server's #mod-request channel. This guarantees that we will see it.

Do not edit your posts in this thread. If you have posted a different mod request and have a new one, make a new post.

This thread is for getting accounts reactivated, OOC or IC, and fetching discontinued threads from the archives only. Refer to the General Moderation Request thread for where to go for other mod request issues.

As stated in the Guidelines, we move accounts and threads into inactive and discontinued after a month (two with a LOA) when we see no activity, but players just have to drop a request here to bring them back into play. Fetch your inactive characters from the Inactive forum and your old threads from the Discontinued forum.

Account Reactivation
[b]Account Link:[/b]
[b]Type:[/b] Member/Human/Half-Blood/Undying/Shifter/Spirit
[b]Creation Thread:[/b] If reactivating an IC account. You may be asked to do revisions if our system has changed since last time you were active.

Thread Reactivation
[b]Thread Link:[/b]
[b]Forum:[/b] Which neighbourhood does it take place in.

I would like to reactivate Markus, and have his utility threads unlocked

Account Link: Markus Eldridge
Type: Human Arcanist
Creation Thread: Markus' Creation

Thread Link: If we are going to do this...
Forum: Development

Thread Link: The Broken Compass
Forum: Shippers and Plotters

Thread Link: Spinning the Web
Forum: Wanted Add

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