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⁂ Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Full Name
Theodore Graham Anthony Crowhurst
42 years old
Man About Town
Played By
Cursed Human

Player Information
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
January 8
Exchange Inquisitor
Work Location
Street, Borough
Hawkins St., Newton
42 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Karl Urban

With a childhood spent being shaped into the ideal monster hunter and vampire killer, Theo has been ingrained with the attitude that his own body is the best weapon at his disposal. While the brain enables him to outthink his opponents, a body kept in fighting form allows him to outmanoeuvre them as well. He's built like a rugby player, tall and muscled where it counts. However, a lifetime of training, fighting, and work as a soldier and police officer has taken its toll. A nasty scar across his thigh aches in the cold, making him less quick on his feet when it bothers him. He’s suffered from several broken fingers and sometimes finds delicate manoeuvring beyond him when the muscles and tendons simply refuse to behave. He’s lucky to have avoided any major broken bones but certainly has suffered from a cracked rib or two. His hands are worn and calloused, from work and handling weapons. His face has, through providence, remained safe from any major injury such as broken noses or jaws. If providence comes in the form of having a habit of hitting first. While lacking the aristocratic features favoured among England’s elite, he’s handsome all the same. Described by his late wife as a working man’s handsomeness, sturdy and lacking the sharpness of the aristocracy. Approachable, in other words. His hair is neatly styled and he keeps up on his shaving when he can, generally meticulous in his grooming in order to present a neat and proper image in appearance at least. When it comes to clothing, he favours darker and more practical colours and cuts. Theo buys things to last, good leather boots, a woollen coat expertly crafted for colder weather, a mackintosh raincoat for rainy days. He has come to favour well-tailored suits and waistcoats, adding a tie if he needs to dress formally. He rarely leaves the house without his shoulder holster.
Theo's temperament is one that has a tendency to flare up, prompted by slights, idiocy, or plain annoyance. He will give someone a piece of his mind without mincing his words, in some cases the famed British courtesy slipping. With years spent as a soldier and a police officer, Theo knows people and has had his tolerance for them worn paper-thin. He does, of course, have a basic sense of survival and knows when to stay his tongue. Outside of situations that would prompt his ire, he’s calm and courteous, if gruff at times. In his good moments, he’s a good-natured and likeable man, conjuring that old charm that first caught Lenore’s attention when they were younger. He has a soft spot for children and enjoys joking with the few friends he has. He’s still well known as an irascible man among any outside his immediate circuit and those within, the difference being that those who know him accept it as simply another element of his personality, forgivable if only because when it matters, Theo would kill for them.

Maker's Mark

Animal Appearance

The Exchange Archivist and something of a friend to the taciturn Englishman. The relationship is sometimes antagonistic.
Juniper came to Theo's office on a last chance ticket, and so far she's passing with flying colours. Although not friends, their mentorship has them being friendly.
A reliable agent on his team. Theo considers Dune a friend insofar as they've gone through some hairy situations and he trusts her to get the job done.
A community leader Theo has formed a formally informal friendship with. And started a casual dalliance with.
Other Information
  • Knows conversational French. Reads and can speak Latin. Can read Middle and Old English, with some knowledge of Middle French. He can recognise occult languages but only knows enough to get the gist of a text, with the possibility of missing important details. He leaves translation to the professionals.
  • Has a passion for rugby.
  • Drives an Aston Martin Vantage 2020.
  • Usually armed with two SIG Sauer P226, one with ordinary ammunition and one with modified silver ammunition.
  • Always carries a dagger on him, small enough that his cantrip can work with very little effort.
  • Carries a longsword that has been in the Crowhurst family for some time, said to originate from the Middle East and be exceptionally sharp. The scabbard is of relatively new make, leather and wood more prone to breaking down than metal over the years, and has recently been enchanted to shroud itself and the sword sheathed in it from the eyes of ignorant humans. There's a fanciful legend attached to it about having received it from a water nymph in a river, but Theo doesn't put much stock in it. Otherwise, it appears to be a damascene blade made from Wootz steel. The hilt has been replaced multiple times, but the blade is original from whatever distant relative of Theo's first wielded it, showing nary a sign of wear or tear.
  • Theo's penthouse apartment, located in Newton.

Theo is the firstborn son of an ancient line of vampire hunters. He grew up knowing the supernatural, hearing stories of them at the knee of his nan, his father returning from hunts, speckles of blood smeared on his shirt. In years of yore, the Crowhurst family held wealth and nobility and to this day retain their titles even if their wealth is more modest than many others in the nobility. Nevertheless, he was raised in their ways, taught to identify the supernatural by mundane means, introduced to the forms of magic and the occult, but told firmly to not meddle in it. The risks were apparent. Crowhursts hunted monsters, but they were human, and very few of them should meddle in dangerous magics. Their goal was protection and prevention. Theo took to it with dedication, if lacking the zeal of his ancestors. Alongside this, Theo kept up a veneer of the mundane. He attended school, learnt of the world of hard science and fact that rejected the supernatural. It had been made clear that he should not even acknowledge the supernatural, scoff at anyone who claimed it was real. The cognitive dissonance of embracing the truth while simultaneously rejecting it wore on Theo, chipping away at the dedication until it was clear to his father that he didn’t have much of a will to pursue the family tradition. His sisters were zealous enough that Theo, a reluctant participant, didn’t impact the family legacy too hard. His grandmother ran a pub, after all, so they weren’t all obsessed vampire hunters. So, while Theo did maintain the lessons of the supernatural, of fighting, and how to defeat it, he laid plans for a painfully mundane life once he was ready to move on. And that was what he did. Once he graduated, he enlisted in the RAF, training as a regiment gunner and picking up some vehicle maintenance. It fit neatly with his pre-existing skillset, Theo becoming an exemplary recruit. After his mandatory service, he moved on to a career, joining the London MET. Here his family legacy was helpful, as Theo was able to identify when something had a supernatural reason or mundane. In the end, he had a relatively successful track record for solving cases. One thing was made clear, whether supernatural or mundane, the most damage was done by the kind of monsters who knew what they were doing. The sort of monsters who acted cruel for the sake of it, who enjoyed others pain and suffering, it all came down to people. Whether they were supernatural or not hardly counted into it, this tempered the Crowhurst approach of ‘kill monsters’ with the keen mind of a detective trying to solve a case. Theo crossed paths with the England based Exchange often enough, served as an informant once he realised their actual goals, but kept out of it. They knew of him, were suspicious of his intentions, but once they realised there was no string of killings that followed in his wake, they left him alone, beyond utilising both his knowledge and information when it would be helpful to them. The next chapter in Theo’s history was the most mundane. He met a girl, fell in love, and followed her home. Lenore was from Boston, a PhD student focusing on myth and folklore at King’s College. She returned to Boston, Theo following her. They married so he could gain permanent residency, and he took a job at the Boston PD. This lasted until Lenore took a job with Baxendale College. Theo commuted for some months but soon grew tired of the back and forth and the little time spent with his wife. In this moment of weakness, the Easthaven Exchange actively recruited him. They were short on expertise and, having been clued in by the London Exchange that a Crowhurst was in the area and one that wasn’t an indiscriminate killer, saw the opportunity in recruiting him. Finally, Theo answered the calling of his family legacy in a roundabout way. He took to the Exchange like a fish to water, with a background in detective work, policing, and hunting the supernatural; he was ideal for the organisation. Unbeknownst to him, his wife had fallen into bad company during the months he’d been working and partly living in Boston while she’d been in Easthaven. Lenore had found friends in vampires and kept it from Theo. They were both under the impression neither knew of the reality of the supernatural. Lenore’s interest turned into an obsession, her academic interest turning into a desire to become a vampire herself. Her eventual turning into a vampire was something she did without informing Theo, and her deception managed to pull the wool over his eyes for a short period. It went on for long enough that on the discovery of the truth, Theo flew into a rage–their first real fight, Lenore furious at his lack of understanding, Theo angry at her deception and her stupidity. He warned her, a warning his father would be proud of, making it clear that his hand would be the one to kill her if she betrayed the unspoken laws of the Easthaven community. But Lenore was too far gone, drunk on power, a fresh vampire with little understanding of how the supernatural world worked. She became little more than a serial killer. Theo, for the first time with intent and zeal, tapped into his experience hunting vampires. She did not last out the week; the carnage she wrought was significant if short-lived. Theo staked her himself, performing the necessary steps to make sure she did not rise again. Feeling betrayed and empty, Theo’s dedication shifted to his job. He was known for brutal efficiency, if not lacking in compassion when warranted. The old Exchange Inquisitor liked it, tapped Theo for a potential promotion once she retired. That was a few years in the future still, though. The whole event with his wife did spark a little bit of a grudge against vampires, even if Theo is unaware of who was behind his wife’s turning. Should he find out… well, they likely wouldn’t live long if he had a say. Theo was a seasoned detective by the time the Inquisitor stepped down. His promotion was reluctantly accepted, but the title felt like it didn’t fit his shoulders—no more than ‘vampire hunter’ or ‘Lord’. Theo didn’t stop directly engaging with the cases crossing the desks of the Exchange, but then there was no such thing as a desk jockey in the Exchange, not really. And so life went on, Theo marked by his experiences, gruff and grumpy. But he had a cause and something to drive him forward. Up till then, he’d been lucky, avoiding anything disastrous, but in hunting down a rogue circle of arcanists, Theo found himself at the wrong end of a ritual. A curse wasn’t an issue for Exchange agents, they had some in their number, but now that was something for Theo to contend with. For all intents and purposes, he had joined the supernatural community himself now, no longer fully human. It wasn’t in his nature to stop just because of a spot of bad luck. Life moves on, Theo spending time learning his new curse and contending with the drawbacks. After all, an Inquisitor had to do their job, and the Easthaven office wasn’t large by any means.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Light, Metal, Null, Earth
The Knack, Melee I

Spells & Powers


Theo is able to manipulate metals, shaping them to his will. Whatever their composition or quality, they become malleable in his hands and Theo can act the role of a sculptor. While the metal looks like it yields to him, it otherwise maintains its natural quality. So even if he is bending steel as if it is nothing, to others it will feel just as solid and unyielding should they attempt to touch it. For this magic to work in most cases, he must be maintaining physical touch with the metal he intends to manipulate. Overuse and loss of control have a series of symptoms, starting with nosebleeds and headaches, before Theo may eventually faint. Over time, Theo had further developed his skill in manipulating metals. At the moment, he is also able to manipulate small pieces of metal without touching them. He can manipulate coins or similarly sized objects in the air and change them in subtle ways.


He can summon true sunlight to his hands. It comes in the shape of a roiling ball of molten sun, giving off heat and light. It is powerful enough to be felt by those around, but not to the degree of burning Theo to a crisp. If it was at all possible to maintain it for long enough, he might even get a tan. Overuse and loss of control have a series of symptoms, starting with nosebleeds and headaches, before Theo may eventually faint.


Thanks to hours of practice, Theo can short out any magic within a certain radius based on his success in triggering the magic. He can attach this magical nullification field to any object or person within his eyesight, creating a spot where magic cannot take root. It is not permanent but provides a vital opening in a fight. Overuse and loss of control have a series of symptoms, starting with nosebleeds and headaches, before Theo may eventually faint. Developing this power further, Theo has discovered how to snuff out the magic in a small area permanently, usually contained to single items or runes scratched onto the ground for a ritual. Magical items that must be charged up by some means are drained, and minor enchanted items are left with their enchantments faded entirely.


Similar to his affinity to metal, Theo can change rocks and earth into any manner of minerals, usually hard, crystal structures like quartz, corundum, or even diamond. He can also create many types of salt, and joined with his abilities within metal, most materials coming out of the earth are just at his fingertips. He's proven himself able to shift the earth and rock around him as well. He can destabilise it underneath someone's feet or have crystals burst out of the earth, created in a burst of magical pressure.

Cursed Abilities

Echo (Woe) Theo has gained just enough control over the strangeness of his magic that he's able to echo an effect from his Sorrows table that has already occurred in lieu of rolling. He can do this up to half the number of dice in his Cinder pool, rounded down. Third Eye (Woe) Theo can blink open his metaphorical third eye. In short bursts, he can see the fabric of magic around him. The rush of information is often too great to hold his eye open for longer than a moment, but with it, if he can interpret what he sees and can make out auras around other beings if they are magical themselves. He is also able to see the outlines of enchantments. Trickster (Dolor) After opening his Third Eye for a minimum of one post, Theo can switch someone's keyword with one of his own on a successful Cinder roll. This lasts for the remainder of the thread, and Theo no longer has access to that keyword for the duration. If this is done more than once per thread, roll twice on the Sorrow's table, each time beyond the first.

Minor Magic Abilities
Cantrip (Metal) At will, Theo can change the atomic structure of metals. Iron can be changed to steel, steel to silver, and so on, so long as he has knowledge of the composition and qualities of the original metal and the metal he wishes to turn it into. It is almost instantaneous with smaller pieces of metal, taking a few more seconds if he transforms something sized like a small blade or dagger. He must use more effort to change larger items, and it is almost impossible for very large items.

Other Magic Notes

Seven Sorrows

1. Blackout: You become the centre of a personal null field. Any magic cannot enter or leave this field, fizzling out before it can even take root. You cannot roll Cinder for Magic Keywords for two posts. This does not impact Luck loss. 2. Bad Luck Charm: Something around Theo will go wrong, either something he's handling directly or something someone is doing. Remove 1d6 from the next roll in the thread, either Strike or Cinder. Does not have to be the person who rolled the Sorrow.
3. Pick of the Litter: Reroll on the Sorrows table three times, free choice of one result. If you get this result again, disregard and reroll the dice for a different result. 4. Magnetic: You become magnetic, attracting any type of metal around you. Anything metal will stick to you, little pieces rolling towards you as if pulled by a strong magnetic field. Effect lasts for five posts.
5. Third Eye: Things go so awry, a literal third eye appears on your forehead. You do not gain any prescience, it's just a third eye. Disappears within the day. 6. Mirror: Free choice of a negative effect and re-roll on the Sorrows table. The result applies to everyone in the thread. The one rolling the Sorrows has double
7. Silver-Tongued: Your tongue turns into solid silver in your mouth. You can make sounds, but cannot form any understandable words. Effect lasts for five posts. 8. Sunburn: Your palms blister and burn, like they've been pressed to something molten hot. Effect lasts for five posts, after which they fade as if they never were there. Remove 1d6 from your Strike pool for any rolls made within those five posts.
9. One-Horned Wonder: A unicorn appears. No matter where you are, there's a unicorn. A classic white-as-snow unicorn, with a flowing mane and tail, and polished black hooves. Maybe even the horn is sparkling gold. It'll disappear within the hour. 10. Overload: Something goes right or very wrong, depending on your perspective. Theo's power overloads, bursting out uncontrolled. If it is in the context of an offensive power, roll a Cinder attack roll and apply it as an area of effect versus the DC of anyone within range.
11. Gemology: You suddenly start sweating gems, painful and sharp as you secrete them from your skin. The type and size will vary, often depending on the situation and emotions involved, but they'll bunch up underneath clothes and drop from your skin, sharp enough to create little cuts. 12. Gilded: Whatever Theo touches turns to gold for the next five posts. Food, objects, people. This is a temporary effect, whatever he touched will eventually revert back to its original state.

Item Name
Wayfinder Badge
An Exchange badge shaped like a palm-sized coin, with intricate circles and runes etched onto the surface. It allows Theo to track and find nearby Exchange Agents.
Enchanted Scabbard
An unremarkable and otherwise plain scabbard that goes with Theo's sword. It is enchanted with and illusion that renders the sword and scabbard unnoticeable when sheathed.
Enchanted Marbles
Keywords: Trap, Cut. Two coloured marbles gained from the Mari Lwyd during the winter festival. Each can be used once, with the effect based on their keyword.
Keyword: Shadow. A milky eyeball encased in what looks like crystal clear glass-like material. Within the glassy orb, the sightless eye appears inert but occasionally twitches, especially when the holder needs to make a decision or things seem at a crossroads. About the size of a mandarin orange. It can be used three times before it disappears.Details.
The Knight's Manacles
Keyword: Abidance. A pair of wicked-looking manacles, the interior curves stained with dried blood. When held or worn, you can use the Abidance keyword spontaneously, like a Half-Blood. It has three charges. When these charges are spent, it becomes inert. If used in a ritual, the Manacles can provide the Abidance keyword. When used this way, it is destroyed. Details.
Minotaur Horn Fragment
A Superb ritual Component.
Pumpkin Crystal Ball
Keyword: Divination. The crystal ball offers two (2) uses of the Divination keyword. A failed roll can be rerolled without spending a charge. Once the charges are spent, the crystal ball dissolves into sparkling sand. Details.
Halloween Charms
Keywords: Animate, Psychometry, Pandora. Three charms, with one use each. Each pumpkin charm contains one minor use of its given keyword. The charm is destroyed upon use. If used in a ritual, the pumpkin charm would be considered a Superb component.
Bracing Pumpkin Liqueur x3
On consuming one of these potions, the drinker immediately regains 1 LUCK, but also feels incredibly, staggeringly drunk.
Lucky Chocolates
Five chocolates that restore one Luck when consumed.
Coin of Mercury
Two uses of the Illusion keyword. Superb component.

Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels


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