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⁂ Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Early Spring

Spring is starting to warm up the chill of winter, with snowdrops and vernal crocuses making themselves known.

Full Name
Maxim Yakov Kuryakin
32 years old
Man About Town
Played By
Wolf Shifter

Player Information
About Me
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
Nov 19
Work Location
Street, Borough
Laurence Ave., Lower Fens
32 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Sebastian Stan

Max is physically fit and athletic, maintaining his needs as a werewolf to keep himself healthy and sane. He's conscious of how he lives, maintaining a healthy food intake, regular physical activity, and proper grooming. He often hears that he's handsome from his family and the many people he's flirted with and carries himself with the confident gait of a man who knows he's attractive. His thick dark brown hair is usually neat and cut short, but it gets unruly and wild when he's preoccupied. Another favourable feature is his bright blue eyes, proudly inherited from his mother. In his clothing choices, Max prefers simple and practical clothing, henleys in darker colours, various hard-wearing jeans, and sturdy jackets. With the constant risk of ripping them, he leans into cheap and easy shirts and trousers but tends to buy higher quality shoes and jackets. His one suit is only occasionally trotted out, and Max prefers to leave it on the hanger altogether. On an average day, he'll be wearing a simple henley, jeans, and jacket, no-frills, beyond his ever-present dog tags. He has a habit of rolling up his sleeves when at work. He's been a werewolf for a few years now, so he's used to preparing for the eventuality. Spare clothes in the trunk of his car, snacks for when he gets hungry, first aid kit just in case. When the full moon is due, he heads out to the forests if he can for a camping trip to avoid others of a non-wolf persuasion. His shape and size change when he shifts to the hybrid form, transforming into a massive, intimidating creature, all hulking muscles and digitigrade feet.
Unflappable | Opinionated | Gregarious | Affectionate | Responsible | Loyal | Impulsive | Flirty Intimidating is one word often applied to Max, but the effect is primarily accidental. He possesses a physicality that the casual observer might classify as a threat, which he knows when to downplay or exaggerate when needed. He's managed to shake the military hallmarks in how he carries himself, preferring to present a relaxed exterior, body language seeking to invite people in rather than discourage them. Often, Max can be a bit full of himself, confident and charming, with a good helping of vanity. But he's a social creature, eager to meet new people and befriend them, figure out what makes them tick. But he knows people, and when he can get away with something and when he can't, so he adapts to whoever he's dealing with, so long as they're not getting nasty. His passion, besides making friends and charming people, is literature and media. He's a part-time Master's student in English Language and Literature, handled side by side with his day job as a paramedic. Here, he has found an intellectual passion that adds more to a potentially unsteady life as a werewolf. He's got a special interest in the concept of fairy tales, legends, and gothic stories, with monster movies falling neatly into that. At the root of who he is, however, is a man who feels very strongly, and a few might even call him intense. While he's more prone to confronting a problem head on, he logically knows he has to temper that impulse with firm reasoning and properly evaluate the situation. He's not afraid of picking fights either, but he has to make sure it's for the right reasons.

Maker's Mark

Animal Appearance
When Max transforms, he transforms into the monstrous wolf-human hybrid that identifies afflicted werewolves, grossly oversized at a hunched 250 centimetres (8'2"). His body is heavily muscled, making him a hulking intimidating presence. His pelt is predominantly black, thickly furred with a handsome well-shaped head that is the only natural element about his hybrid form.

An old friend from uni, Emily is Max's best friend. They had a long winding road to dating, but they're there now and settling into the new normal.
A past colleague/friend/lover in the army, Dune is another of Max's close friends. With common backgrounds comes a common understanding.
Max's roommate and good friend since 2021. Goki brings out the fratboy in Max, although tempered by Max's common sense.
A born werewolf Max met one full moon early on after his move to Easthaven, they've forged a close friendship and mutual respect.
Juney is a tiger shifter Max met shortly after moving to Easthaven, he's grown to feel a brotherly protectiveness for her.
The literal ghost in Max's closet, the two met in a high-stress encounter, but they managed to set their differences aside and now they're friends.
Max's ex-girlfriend from his early uni years. Despite the shock of encountering her again, Max let bygones be bygones.
A relatively short acquataince before it went pear shaped. After a disagreement and a mismatch of personalities, Max largely wants nothing to do with the guy.
After knocking her off a ladder in the library, Max flirted up a storm with Laura and started a brand new friendship.
An old friend he met during his military service, thought to be dead, so it was quite the shock to reconnect.
A chance encounter had Max meeting another of Easthaven's supernaturally inclined, although he doesn't know exactly how. Their friendship is new, the both of them getting to know the other.
Other Information
► His Boston accent is very mild, almost nonexistent sometimes, but it's slowly coming back since moving back to Massachusetts. ► Fluent in Romanian, mostly without a foreign accent. ► Speaks Norwegian, Arabic, and German fairly fluently, if with an obvious accent, and can read advanced texts. ► Knows enough French, Farsi, Kurdish, and Russian to have an elementary conversation and read texts. ► As a former Green Beret, Max went through the MACP and participated in army competitions, winning a few when he was still human. MACP consists of a mix of Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, Judo, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and boxing. ► In active service, Max learnt a few tricks from other services, particularly the dirty fighting tactics more common in Krav Maga, which gave him a reputation for being opportunistic in his fights.

Born in Boston to parents of mixed Eastern European descent, Max grew up in South Boston, going exclusively by the nickname Yasha, derived from his middle name, throughout his childhood. He was a bright young kid, smart enough to be able to skip a few grades and graduate from high school early. He was also the first in the family to start and finish a Bachelor's degree, which he completed at UMass Boston, a stone's throw from home (Go, Beacons!) Max thrived during uni, gaining a solid friend-cum-study group, and although he had trouble getting taken seriously, both being and looking young, he made the most of it. His uni years are where he met most of his friends and acquaintances, knowing people from all walks of life, both former lovers and friends. After graduation, Max enlisted in the US Army. It was a choice made when he didn't know where to go when his friends moved away, went into busy careers, or even got married. A recruiter caught him in a moment of uncertainty and offered him a clear solution that was presented as an opportunity to travel, learn, and become something more than just a guy from Boston. He applied himself with gusto to his new role, getting through boot camp and getting a real taste of what waited for him in the next decade of his life. Almost as soon as he reached the rank of Private First Class, qualifying him for the SFAS programme, he pushed to get into the Special Forces. The tough training pushed him to his limit, but he found out he loved it, getting moulded into what USSOCOM needed. Becoming a Medical Sergeant, Max found he had a knack for patching people up in the most chaotic of situations. The majority of his time in the Special Forces was spent connected to EUCOM and operations in North Africa, linking in with local military and joining special operations. After more than five years working under USSOCOM, Max was sent on a NATO training operation in Norway to undergo training in winter conditions. In the cold north, he was separated from his squad and attacked by a feral werewolf. This would change his entire life. The attack cost him his left arm, and he would've bled out if he hadn't been found. The assumption was that a bear had attacked him, while Max's delirious tales of a hulking wolf passed off as his mind playing tricks on him. However, a few short days after the attack, when he'd stabilised, he was visited by a group of Norwegian soldiers, who knew what had happened and knew what was going to happen to him. Max did not believe their explanation that he would likely turn into a werewolf on the next full moon, a mere week away. Still, they had significant enough pull that they managed to keep Max where he was and delay reports of his injuries to his superiors. A week later, Max found his body transformed and his mind gone wild, corraled by the group of soldiers–werewolves themselves–and shown that the world would never be the same again. Waking up the day after, his left arm rapidly healing and repairing missing bone and muscle–a painful process Max is not eager to repeat–he realised the truth of it. He couldn't deny that he was unstable and dangerous unless he learnt how to control himself. Thus, Max found himself temporarily reassigned with the Norwegian special forces in the far north, operating on Russia's border. He joined the soldiers who had first introduced him to the world of werewolves, learning the Norwegians' tips and tricks while also sharing what he knew as a Green Beret. Eventually, after intense training and learning how being a werewolf worked, Max left Norway to return to his unit in the 10th special forces group. A superior office in USSOCOM was in the know, taking Max under his wing and covering for the few outbursts Max experienced as they tried to gain equilibrium. As a result, Max was primarily assigned to operations that did not have heavy combat involvement, but it didn't always go according to plan. During one such operation, things went FUBAR, and Max lost control. He blacked out, with no memory of what happened and the operation file wrapped up in red tape and confidentiality. In the aftermath, Max was a mess. He had to go through extensive psych evaluation and assessment, unstable and prone to bouts of anger. The army therapist he worked with worked intensely on changing Max's thinking that the death of his entire squad was his fault. The therapist assuming correctly that his bouts of anger were connected to the violence but incorrectly assumed that his taking the blame was survivor's guilt rather than hard facts. The result was a confused and uncertain mind whenever the incident comes up, Max clinging to the idea that it wasn't him to keep a tight grip on his control. The incident was the death knell of his military career, even if he was given the time and resources to pull himself back from the brink. With a PTSD diagnosis attached to his name, Max was honourably discharged in 2021, sending him back home to Boston and on the path of a new start. Moving back to Boston required some adjustment, but Max stayed on track. Through the help of the G.I. Bill and applying for scholarships, he enrolled at UMass Easthaven and got a job as a paramedic.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
4 5
Ground Sense, Sound/Song, Synergy, Partial Shifting, Detect Magic, Pheromone Charm, Bastion
Brawler I, II, III

Spells & Powers

Ground Sense

Max is constantly aware of those around him, whether they're sneaking around or walking normally. Based on the patterns of their approach, a lifetime of experience can extrapolate some intent behind it. Someone sneaking around is likely up to no good.


Whether howling as a wolf or speaking as a man, Max knows how to impact those around him to the best effect. A long, intimidating howl to ward off opponents or supportive words to his compatriots are only two of the many ways he can impact a battlefield. Communication is key, after all. He's recently learnt to throw his voice far away from himself. It's a useful tool for disorienting and turning an opponent around, making them believe he's somewhere he isn't, or simply serving as a distraction. His thrown voice is as loud as he makes it, whispering, speaking, or yelling.

Partial Shifting:

Max has gained further control of the nuances of his shift. He can selectively shift parts of himself to benefit his human shape rather than requiring a full shift and attracting more attention than he should. He can also use the partial shift to stave off the full shift for a moment if he can regain control.

Detect Magic

Max's natural sensitivity to magic has evolved into something more finely tuned, allowing him to detect and track various forms of magic. He's naturally turned into how magic impacts the world around it, the vibrations or shock-waves of magic in action or the scent of it in the air, whether it's the way it electrifies its surroundings or leaves a residue. This is simply how Max perceives the impact of magic on the world. Slowly but surely, Max is catching the distinct qualities of certain magics he's encountered, that differentiates it from other magic. This is still something he's learning, so he's still clueless if he's never run into a particular type of magic before.

Pheromone Charm

Max knows how to be charming when he wants to, how to soothe hurts or unruffle feathers if needed. As a werewolf, he exudes a specific chemo-signal that can soothe and calm frustrated people, attract and draw in those who are positively inclined towards him, or make others trust him more than they otherwise might have.


Max's long experience in the military as a special forces soldier has given him an insight into how to support and help people get where they want to be, be it in chaotic battle situations, training, or problem-solving. Lowers the dice Threshold for one of the target's rolls.


While Max wont hesitate to throw himself into the fray, he wants those around him to be safe. Unharmed, if at all possible. He knows how to cover others if need be, take the hit instead of them, or just do his best to make sure they don't get hit, by changing the flow of the battle. Increases DC by 1 for the target.

Concordance (Hyrd)

Max is able to magically bond with others if the emotional connection is strong enough. When in Concord with someone, he is able to sense the general location of them, while sudden and powerful emotional or physical distress is sensed like a danger-sense. When close to those he's in Concord with, the connection is stronger, experiencing faint empathic insight about each person.

Minor Magic Abilities

Aspect of the Beast

Max's werewolfism shows through various ways; his temperature is higher than the human average, eyeshine when light hits his eyes, and his enhanced senses. Max's sensitivity to his preternatural senses has developed into a keen skill in sensing the otherwise invisible. Enchanted objects and active magic use give off a particular kind of vibration from the tension of the magic that allows Max's honed senses to pick it up if he's close. (Detect Magic) Max has a calming way about him. Maybe it's his effortless confidence, charm, or just the way he talks, low and calm, when people are in a panic or about to panic. A touch or some soft words can help someone feel calmer in his presence if they're in the right state of mind to accept it. (Pheromone Charm+Sound/Song)

Other Magic Notes
► In Concordance with Mathus Dascalu. (Fresh-cut grass) ► In Concordance with Emily Reyes. (Glow of lamplight) ► In Concordance with Juniper Gray. (Earth and rock) ► In Concordance with Angela Dune. (Fizz of soda) ► In Concordance with Tanaka Gokiburi. (Shot of Fireball) Ritual Magic Max has relatively detailed knowledge of rituals, runes, and how to cast circles through a mix of reading theory and observation of rituals in action. Working so closely with Emily and participating in her rituals has given him some practical insight without having to practice himself, although some of the understanding that comes from performing magic still escapes him. Much of the feelings based information is based on what Emily's told him. He's most familiar with Emily's particular brand of magic, her style and the sort of spells she favours, as she's taught him much of what he knows. Max has even scribed a couple of rituals himself, but he's meticulous and careful to ensure none of them are complete enough to activate and has never let blood touch any of his notes.

Item Name
Magic Marbles
One use item with the keyword Misdirection. Cinder roll to activate. Earned at the Winter Festival '21
Halloween Charms
Keywords: 2x Pandora, Plants, Flying, Elasticity. Each pumpkin charm contains one minor use of its given keyword. The charm is destroyed upon use. The pumpkin charm would be considered a Superb component if used in a ritual.
Bracing Pumpkin Liqueur x3
On consuming one of these potions, the drinker immediately regains 1 LUCK, but also feels incredibly, staggeringly drunk.
Lucky Chocolates
Seven chocolates that restore one Luck when consumed.
Coin of Mercury
Two uses of the Illusion keyword. Superb component.
Welsh Dragon Pin
Keyword: Abidance. When touching the wearer, it lowers the Threshold by 1 on one non-combat roll in a thread pertaining to keeping control. An emerald green circle with a ruby red dragon attached. It is warm to the touch and tingles like something magical. It is attached to Max's dog tags.
Whisper Scales
Keyword: Sound. Picks up vibrations, voices, and noises when held against a surface. If separated, the two pieces will transmit sound to each other, regardless of the distance between them. Details.
Illusory Ring
Keyword: Illusion. A ring of pewter shaped like a snake biting its tail. It offers a minor illusion covering some monstrous features, like a shifted hand or ears. It is attached to Max's dog tags. Details.
Magic Terrarium
Keyword: Necromancy. Once per thread, while holding the pendant, the user can reach into the spirit realm. Though their physical form does not change, they can see and touch unmanifested spirits. Any physical interaction that uses Strike or Cinder would target a Spirit's Manifested DC. Details.

Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels


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