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⁂ Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Early Spring

Spring is starting to warm up the chill of winter, with snowdrops and vernal crocuses making themselves known.

May Update | 2024

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May Updates

Some big updates for the month of May! We have an all-new Guidebook that’s undergone a whole lot of minor edits and some major edits, both for clarification and adding more information about various things, especially locations people frequent. While anything major related to the game has been specified, it would be useful for everyone to re-read and get familiar with the pages relevant to them. While we have a search bar now, the new organisation makes it important that you know where to find the information you need when checking the guidebook.

  • New Guidebook! Check it out.
  • The forum rules and discord conduct have been revised and some things have been expanded on, make sure you’re familiar with these.
  • Exchange Equipment has been renamed The Knack, with a new description.
  • Shifters are reduced to 4d6 Strike when they’ve ingested Aconite.
  • The ritual penalties have been organised and clarified, it is very important that all arcanists know the mechanics around rituals.
  • All Advancements from Novice to Apprentice have been reduced to two prompts.
  • All but Possessed Advancement for Apprentice to Master have been added.
  • Toolbox removed, links added to the sidebar profile.
  • The Master-Legendary Keywords are in the process of being updated. The main categories of Space, Time, and Reality will be broken into three keywords each. More to come.
  • Advancement Prompts for Master to Legendary.

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Barbarous Nightclub
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