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The Neighbourhoods

Places of Interest[edit | edit source]

What are some strange and interesting places characters can investigate? This is often a question that is hard to answer just through browsing, so collated here is a few highlights from all around Easthaven and its lore. These can be considered informal plot hooks and things players can use when their characters interact with the broader world.

Easthaven[edit | edit source]

The Subways[edit | edit source]

Each of the subway lines have their own character and quirks, which can be read in detail in the location posts under each location forum.

  • Old Town has the oldest subway section.
    • Many abandoned rail lines, one that angles downwards and becomes completely submerged.
    • In abandoned areas near the harbour, wanderers can hear eerie song luring them towards them.
    • For those aware, the song is from the harbour sirens.
  • Newton has the newest subway section. Well maintained.
    • A reputation for being the most incidents of accidents and passengers getting stuck in doors.
    • People have reported being shoved and tripped, but no one being around to be blamed for it.
    • Many have experienced urges to jump onto the tracks and the subway has a high rate of assumed suicides reported.
    • It is cold even during the hottest of summers.
  • Upper Fens has an old subway section, but well maintained and modernised.
    • The long winding tunnels taking passengers to the platforms they need to reach can be disorienting, it isn't out of the question to get lost.
    • If you get lost around Eden Cemetery station, strange fog often appears, accompanied by whispers luring you deeper.
    • Many bodies have shown up, no signs of struggle or marks and no indication of foul play.
    • Rumour says if you pass the same thing seven times, you wont find your way back.
  • Lower Fens has an old subway section, its maintenance seemingly cobbled together and showing its age, but it's still the most reliable.
    • If you keep an eye out, you might be able to spot small figures running around on the lines. Those in the know will recognise these as brownies or tomter.
    • Going deep into the walking tunnels, people might hear the slow deep breathing of something massive sleeping somewhere in the walls.
    • It is unbearably hot during the summer and comfortably warm during the winter. They blame the bad ventilation of the old place.
    • It has the reputation of being the subway section with the least accidents and unexplainable events.

Places of Higher Learning[edit | edit source]

Easthaven is home to various smaller colleges, but the two big and more well known places to get a degree is University of Massachusetts Easthaven and Baxendale College. UME is a relatively new addition, its campus from the 90s and very modern where it stands at the very beginning of the peninusla, the last stop on the T and the waystation if you're heading towards the Fort or the Lighthouse. The Billingham Library is the only spot of interest for ghost hunters, with rumours of spectral students among the stacks.

However, Baxendale is a beast of a different sort. It's old and has possibly been there since Easthaven was established in the 1600s, although the buildings are generally from the 18th and 19th centuries. Fallow Hall, Baxendale Hall, Ayers Hall, and Carlyle Hall are the four buildings that make up the college, each with their own rumours and oddities. For those who know where to look, the entire college is covered in the signs of arcanists inhabiting their halls. Etched symbols and runes, circles on circles, although quite conciously the campus itself has nothing resembling circles in the architecture and gardens.

To the Exchange and the supernatural community, Baxendale is known as a hotspot for magical research, both practical and theoretical.

The Harbour[edit | edit source]

Picturesque on a sunny day and eerie on a foggy day with the Easthaven Lighthouse looming in the distance, the Easthaven harbour is the oldest section of the city. Although the old historic docks are underwater, visible on sunny days when the water is clear, the newer docks follow their design closely enough, marrying modern ideas with old aesthetics.

From the fancier harbourside spots in Newton to the historic buildings and tourist spots in Old Town, there's something for everyone along the harbour walk, although at night it is inadvisable to wander alone. Sirens are known to inhabit the harbour, luring innocent bystanders in for a meal.

A more bening danger are the bridge trolls underneath the bridge leading out towards the industrial area. The pair are socially awkward and bad tempered despite how many times the Exchange have told them off for trying to take a toll from late night walkers. Sometimes seals and whales can be spotted as well, but many suspect some of the seals might be selkies.

Greater Easthaven[edit | edit source]

The Mountains[edit | edit source]

The Coast[edit | edit source]

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