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Arcanists are the witches and wizards of the world. They are also shamans, priestesses, witch doctors, sorcerers, and enchantresses. They are every kind of human magic-user, from every culture. There are countless variations of magic in the world—what sets arcanists apart, what makes their magic work is a set of magical fundamentals. These are the building blocks of ritual magic, a powerful form of magic invented by humans.

A Word to the Wise[edit | edit source]

The path of the Arcanist is our most detail and mechanics-heavy path. Undertaking this path requires knowing the rules to Rituals and Enchantments in and out. If this amount of reading or double-checking your work feels overwhelming, the Arcanist's path may not be for you. The process around an Arcanist's magic must be done correctly, considering its connection to both Advancement and enchanting objects that impact our dice system. Precision is important, as we may be forced to invalidate or change submissions concerning magical items if things are not done correctly.

The Arcanists Path[edit | edit source]

While beginner arcanists are just like their mundane human counterparts, as the arcanist uses magic and develop their skill, the magic does change them in small ways. An experienced arcanist, with countless rituals under their belt and careful study of the metaphysical is known to be a little more resistant than mundane humans, with an ability to recover from wounds far better than humans, although still at a slow healing rate. Arcanists who aren't careful can also find the marks of their rituals gone wrong showing through in more peculiar ways, from interesting scar patterns to other permanent marks.

Unlike humans, arcanists slowly develop the mental fortitude to deal with magic to wield and resist. Their encounters with magic may also shift their perspective from their previous mundane lives, as magic blows open the doors on everything thought to be unreal and make-believe. How an arcanist deals with this varies between them. However, as they are very much human, they do not have any special sense for magic in the beginning. They use their knowledge through study and scholarship combined with careful observation to pinpoint magic and identify enchantments through the physical marks it leaves behind. An arcanist who has honed their skills carefully is slowly able to pick up more through the exposure to magic in their work. This manifests as the Third Eye ability.

Like any human, an arcanist is vulnerable to curses, afflictions, and death. Perhaps one might argue they are more vulnerable, considering their work with rituals and spellwork, often known to be unstable. The drawbacks of using ritual magic are as myriad as its uses. Magical corruption, insanity, and the risk of backfire are just a few unintended (most of the time) consequences. Most accidents during casting stem from an arcanist being rushed while drawing the sigil circle or runes or during experimentation. With enough precision and care, an arcanist can avoid the more dangerous side effects of using magic, though this does not preclude a successful result from hurting an arcanist if they don't safeguard against more mundane forms of danger. A fireball is still a fireball, no matter who cast it. While there are no limits to the ways these things can happen, a ritual can end in both a curse or an affliction of undeath. A violent encounter with a shifter may end in the arcanist turning into a shifter themselves if they survive to the full moon.

Codes of Conduct[edit | edit source]

Arcanists are not subject to the Codes of Conduct, but if they're aware of them, they would do well to heed them. They will only suffer the ill effects of breaking Hospitium laws.

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

  • 'Arcanist' can be considered a term in the meta—characters do not need to call themselves by that title and most don't.

Central Features[edit | edit source]

Ritual magic
A central mechanic to an Arcanists work and many of their abilities either use or facilitate it.
The crafting of magical objects.
Arcanist Abilities
The breakdown of the special traits and abilities an Arcanist gains.
Familiars and Focus Objects
An animal or item that guides and helps an Arcanist in their work.
The Resonance Effect
The downside of taking ritual magic to its limits.

Creating A Human Arcanist[edit | edit source]

Naturally, human arcanists are aware of the supernatural. This knowledge does vary, some have grown up surrounded by it, others are only just discovering it, and many again know something but not everything. This is entirely up to the player's discretion.

When creating your character, refer to the Creation Guide for a step by step explanation of the whole process. Below is a quick reference guide to the first two ranks of the Arcanist Path. The Arcanists select one portfolio of Magic Keywords at creation. Only keywords in that portfolio is available for selection as you gain ranks. At the Augur rank, you can select a second portfolio.

Quick Creation[edit | edit source]

Starting at Circlebreaker (Untrained) Starting at Conjuror (Dabbler)
  • Select a portfolio.
  • You have one (1) keyword slot at Rank 1, which you may fill with a Magic Keyword from your chosen portfolio.
  • You may create a charm based on your chosen keyword.
  • You have the Collector ability.
  • Because you're starting at Circlebreaker, you can also add one (1) Mundane Keyword.
  • Select a portfolio.
  • You have three (3) keyword slots at Rank 2, which you may fill with a keyword from your chosen portfolio.
  • You may create 2 charms based on your chosen keywords.
  • You have the Collector ability.
  • You gain a familiar or focus object.
Strike 4d6 🔥Cinder 7d6 Strike 4d6 🔥Cinder 8d6

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Starting characters normally are only able to start at one of the two first ranks. To read more about the higher ranks, refer to Arcanist Advancement for an overview.

Building Your Background[edit | edit source]

Here are a few further questions you're welcome to answer as you create your character:

  • How did they start the practice of ritual magic?
  • What do they use it for?
  • Do they have a mentor?
  • What do they actually know about the supernatural world?

Master Keywords[edit | edit source]


At Magus rank, an Arcanist can select from the Master keyword pool.

"Your knowledge and power are so great that you are able to dip your pen in the inkwells of the gods to scribe your runes. Time, space, and reality... These are powers that are not meant to be toyed with and although they may provide incredible rewards, the risk is extraordinary."

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