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In the interest of keeping our server running smoothly, moderation will be primarily geared towards steering members away from potential problems. The intent is to ensure drama or arguments do not start, but being asked to change the topic or move on is not a mark against any participants. Discussions wander into troubling or controversial topics all the time, and that is perfectly okay. It is simply meant to serve as a gentle reminder.

The Maintenance Category

For the most part, all things relating to administration and moderation is contained in the Maintenance category on the Discord server. Here #mod-request, #questions, and #support-ticket are set aside as a space where we act as administrators. Outside of this category, we are players just as anyone else and want to have fun and enjoy ourselves in the space we have all made for our hobby, and communicate directly about our personal threads and ideas.

However, in this space or if we have to break out the admin hat outside of this space, please do not argue about a ruling. If you would like to discuss a ruling or seek clarification on anything, you are welcome to do so in the #questions or #support-ticket channel. If you want the staff's attention in these channels, tag @admin. Do not misuse this tag.

Outside of the Maintenance category, please remember that the admins are players in the game as well. We are not looking to police threads or make rulings while in player spaces. Assuming intent behind conversations, jokes, or discussion wastes our and your time and removes a space where we too can relax and express opinions. Staff will step in if things get out of hand, but this will be clearly communicated.

Discord Conduct

Keep to the Topics

Aside from the General channel, each channel serves a specific purpose. For the sake of keeping things organized, try to be aware of it, and while conversation may stray from one subject to another, if it is drawn out, consider moving your discussion to a channel that fits better.

No Unsolicited DMs or Friend Requests

Do not message or send friend requests to people out of the blue without first asking or establishing a rapport.

Avoid Controversial Topics

Our server has its focus and it is, ultimately, for a hobby. We get enough doomscrolling in our everyday life. So while we are playing in a real-world setting with characters encountering problems we may be familiar with, the Discord is not the place for discussing them. We acknowledge there are many important conversations to be had in terms of sexuality, religion, politics, etc., but they are not appropriate for our space.

If you happen upon a topic that falls into this category without intending to, you may be redirected or told to stop. This is not a strike against you, but something to keep in mind. If you find you would like to continue a discussion or debate at length, please invite the player(s) you're talking to into DMs.

No Armchair Doctor/Medical Discussions

We understand that you want to help each other, but we feel like this can do more harm than good. Ultimately, no one here can be verified as an expert in any field. When it comes to prescriptive medical advice (be it medicinal, dietary, related to mental health, or whatever else), that should be left to the professionals. This applies equally to those looking to offer that advice and those attempting to solicit it. We understand that you may be going through things and may be looking for help, but the fact of the matter is that this community is not equipped to provide that kind of support. We do not want to end up in a situation where inappropriate advice is given, and someone is harmed as a result.

NSFW Channel

Be conscientious and sensible about the NSFW channel. We're happy to have a saucy conversation so long as everyone is comfortable, but please do not post pornography, gore, or anything else of that sort. For other NSFW images, if you are unsure, or know that people may be on Discord at work, if you wrap a URL in < >, it will keep the image from embedding itself in your message.

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