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Strike & Cinder Dice uses the good ol' six-sided die. Each character except basic humans possess two pools that reflect two broad categories of skills and abilities: physical and magical ability. These pools known as Strike and Cinder, respectively. More on that below.

Certain elements, such as magic items and event mechanics can increase the number of dice in your various dice pools--leveling a character on their Path can permanently increase Cinder dice, while taking and leveling Mundane keywords can permanently increase Strike dice.

Each Path has a unique set of Strike and Cinder pools. Shifters display a great deal of physical prowess, while arcanists wear the crown for the most magical potential. Both dice pools can be temporarily enhanced with magic, magic items, weaponry, rank abilities, and circumstance bonuses.

Strike[edit | edit source]

Strike represents a character's physical prowess. If a character is a metahuman it can be enhanced by taking Keywords related to strength and speed. Although it is primarily for combat, Strike can be used when attempting any physical feat or practicing a physical skill. Some Universal Keywords can use Strike.

Cinder[edit | edit source]

Cinder is a character's magical and mental prowess. A character can gain additional Cinder dice by gaining ranks in their Path. Cinder can be used to determine success when using or interacting with magic in any scenario (e.g. activating or identifying enchanted items, identifying spells or runes). All Magic and Path Keywords use Cinder, unless otherwise stated.

Starting Dice Pools[edit | edit source]

Path Strike ⚑ Cinder πŸ”₯
Mundane 4d6 0d6
Arcanist 4d6 7d6
Cursed 5d6 5d6
Possessed 4d6 5d6
Half-Blood 5d6 5d6
Born Shifter 6d6 5d6
Afflicted Shifter 7d6 4d6
Undying 6d6 5d6
Spirit 1d6⏫4d6 6d6

Notes[edit | edit source]

A mundane human has no Cinder pool, but they can wield enchanted items that do not require Cinder to trigger.

A spirit has 1d6 in their Strike pool, unless they Manifest. Then they have 4d6.

Most paths have some interactions with materials that can debuff their Dice Pools or are effective against them. Find out more about the interaction between the different Paths and magical wards in the Wards and Protective Materials page, but below is a quick summary of the mechanical impact.

Dice Pool Penalties[edit | edit source]

Shifter -1D6 penalty to Strike. Deducts 2 Luck on a physical hit.
Undying -1D6 penalty to Cinder
Sky Iron
Half-Blood -1D6 penalty to Cinder
Cursed -1D6 penalty to Cinder
Possessed -1D6 penalty to Cinder
Spirit Bypasses their DC
True Sunlight
Undying On exposure reduces their Strike pool to 4D6. Deducts 2 Luck on a physical hit.
Shifters When ingested, reduces their Strike pool to 4D6
Strike & Cinder Dice
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