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A Difficulty Class (also known as the DC) is the number of Passes you need in a rolled dice pool for that roll to be considered a success or a 'hit'. The Difficulty Class is used differently from the Success Range, so be mindful of the correct application of both.

DCs are static[edit | edit source]

DCs are a single number, and meeting or exceeding it is considered a success. The result is binary. Either it is a success, or it is not. You are invited to use how many Passes you get above the static DC to add a little more oomph to it in the flavour.

Strike & Cinder rolls against PCs, NPCs, and Encounters are measured against the Difficulty Class. Each Path has a unique Defence DC. To 'hit' a PC or NPC, you need to meet or exceed their Defence DC. Feel free to use these for other physical scenarios as well, such as grappling or even something more mundane like, chasing or dancing together.

DC Chart[edit | edit source]

Mundane Arcanist Cursed Possessed Half-Blood Natural Shifter Afflicted Shifter Undying Spirit
DC1 DC2 DC3 DC3 DC3 DC4 DC4 ⇑ DC5 (Shifted) DC4 DC10 ⇓ DC2 (Manifested)

Notes[edit | edit source]

As noted before, the dice system is not required for combat unless the thread is for advancement. If it is not for advancement, then feel free to discuss it with your partner. Feel free to use it even if it isn't for advancement.

  • A successful hit goes to the roll in cases where the roll matches the DC. This means that the attacker wins.
  • A successful hit is pure abstraction, with possible reasons for the result up to the player.
  • A successful hit that reaches 10 passes or above deals two strikes to Luck, considered a critical hit.
  • A successful hit with Cinder versus a Spirit targets the Spirit's Manifested DC.
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