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The Success Range is used for untargeted magic checks, magic resistance, mental resistance, and untargeted skill checks and physical skills. Instead of a static number, it is a range which allows you to determine the degree of success between Critical Failure and Exceptional Success.

The way that these ranges are interpreted in the actual thread is up to you as you write your character, so long as you honor the dice roll. You can adjust your odds to make them more difficult if you choose, but you cannot make them easier without admin approval. Admin approval does include enchanted items which the player has made.

Success Range[edit | edit source]

0 passes Critical Failure 1 pass Failure 2 (net) passes Partial Failure 3 (net) passes Complete Success 5 or more passes Exceptional Success

Notes[edit | edit source]

As noted before, the dice system is not required unless the thread is for advancement. If it isn�t for advancement, a player can decide whether the character succeeded in what they were trying to do.

An exceptional success can be interpreted as a success with a little extra flair. Whatever the character did, they did it really well.

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