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Ethereal, incorporeal, bodiless. There is very little known of spiritsβ€”what they are or where they come from, why they exist at all. Are they actually the souls of the dead or something else? Not even the spirits themselves are completely aware. What they all come to understand is that their beliefs make or break them.

The Spirit Path[edit | edit source]

Spirits, whatever they are, have a few things in common. They have a tendency to haunt places, things, or people, although how they might do that varies tremendously. All are almost impossible to touch, beyond a few who seem particularly strong. They can pass through things as if they don't exist, and there is some understanding that they exist on a plane wholly separate from most physical beings on earth. What this might be, the astral plane, beyond the veil, the immaterial, or countless other names and terms, is mostly unknown, although theories abound from those who look into these enigmatic figures.

As might be expected, a spirit's magic tends towards the incorporeal, towards bending reality and the mind, although they can always find ways to affect physical objects. In that same vein, for a spirit true death is a rare thing. They are not affected by physical injury or illness and they do not age. Sunlight merely banishes them and if their chosen haunt is destroyed, they will simply wander until they find a new place to inhabit. However, being magic, they can be killed by magical means and when they manifest, they become vulnerable to physical damage. Necromancy is always a threat and exposing a spirit to sunlight when they have no means to retreat will destroy them.

Codes of Conduct[edit | edit source]

Spirits are are subject to Thresholds, Oaths, Thrice Asked, and Favours in the Codes of Conduct.

Central Features[edit | edit source]

Spirit Abilities
All the traits that define Spirits and the abilities that come from their otherwordly existence.
Spirit Path Keywords
Spirits have a unique set of Path Keywords they have access to, as they cannot
The barrier between Spirits and the world of the living mean they must manifest to interact and use magic. This is the defining mechanic for the path.

Creating a Spirit[edit | edit source]

The methods by which a spirit can return to the world of the living are as varied as the spirits themselves.

When creating your character, refer to the Creation Guide for a step by step explanation of the whole process. Below is a quick reference guide to the first two ranks of the Spirit Path.

Quick Creation[edit | edit source]

Starting at Echo (Untrained) Starting at Shadow [Dabbler)
  • Decide what manner of spirit you are and how you died.
  • You have two (2) keyword slots from the Spirit Path Keywords.
  • You may create one (1) Cantrip based on one or more of your keywords.
  • Because you're starting at Echo, you can also add one (1) Mundane Keyword.
  • Decide what manner of spirit you are and how you died.
  • You have three (3) keyword slots at Rank 2, which you may fill with keywords from the Spirit Path list.
  • You may create one (1) Cantrip based on one or more of your keywords.
  • Add the Namesake ability to your magical abilities.
⚑Strike 1d6 πŸ”₯Cinder 6d6 ⚑Strike 1d6 πŸ”₯Cinder 7d6

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

Starting characters normally are only able to start at one of the two first ranks. To read more about the higher ranks, refer to Spirit Advancement for an overview.

Character Questions[edit | edit source]

  • What do you remember?
  • How did you die?
  • How did you come back?
  • Is there anywhere that you're attached to?
  • If you have been around for a while, are there any historical events you've witnessed?

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