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The Undying are the undead. Vampires, ghouls, liches, reanimated corpses. By some eldritch magic, these once-humans have returned from death and now cling to the mortal coil with unholy tenacity. Through a method known as Grounding, the undying maintain the enchantment which keeps them alive. This method can be something like feeding on blood, flesh, or energy. It can also be something like needing electricity to keep your body limber and animated or sacrificing souls to your phylactery. The undying are not simply vampires, but are highly customizable, allowing you to create undead for any occasion.

The Undying Path[edit | edit source]

As undying, their first death is not their last. They may die of thirst or hunger, drowning, decapitation, or countless other ways, but as long as a piece remains or they are not exposed to sunlight, they will return. As they grow into their powers, their bodies mutate to accommodate their new life. For vampires, it is growing fangs, and developing hypnosis or venom, for a ghoul, it is the ability to unhinge their jaw or crush themselves into tight spaces. These changes are permanent, setting each undying apart from their brethren, but they all start in the same place. As a magic being, the undying are able to use their magic with ease, without the same physical toll other magic users might experience. Their powers tend to develop around supporting their continued existence, with abilities that allow them to blend in, hunt, and lure their prey.

Despite their name the undying can die. It's just that death doesn't stick. They can die of shock, hunger, thirst, or any number other things. On rare occasions, they can even become sick with human maladies, although the constant regeneration of their body tends to fend illness off quickly. The undying cannot be afflicted by the shifter's curse.

Codes of Conduct[edit | edit source]

Undying are are subject to Thresholds, Oaths, Thrice Asked, and Favours in the Codes of Conduct.

Central Features[edit | edit source]

Undying Abilities
All the unique features and abilities that make up the Undying.
The central mechanic of the Undying and something they deal with every day.
Undying Path Keywords
The unique keywords the Undying can pick from.

Creating an Undying[edit | edit source]

Players are invited to explore a variety of undead concepts. Along with the classic European vampire, think Frankenstein’s monster, the jiangshi, and Dullahan. We ask that you stick to undead found in folklore, Lovecraft, and mythology. As the most customizable path, a great deal of their advancement up the ranks revolves around selecting abilities from their keyword pool.

When creating your character, refer to the Creation Guide for a step by step explanation of the whole process. Below is a quick reference guide to the first two ranks of the Undying Path.

Quick Creation[edit | edit source]

Starting at Ashen (Untrained) Starting at Duskborn (Dabbler)
  • Choose your Undying variant.
  • Choose your Grounding method.
  • Select three (3) keywords. Undying can select from their Path Keywords, the Empyrean, or Cthonic portfolios.
  • You may create one (1) Cantrip based on one or more of your keywords.
⚑Strike 6d6 πŸ”₯Cinder 5d6 ⚑Strike 6d6 πŸ”₯Cinder 6d6

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

Starting characters normally are only able to start at one of the two first ranks. To read more about the higher ranks, refer to Undying Advancement for an overview.

Character Questions[edit | edit source]

  • How long have you been dead?
  • How did you die?
  • Did you become undead on purpose?
  • Who taught you about the life?
  • Do you have any notable deaths?
  • Are there any historical events you've witnessed?

Note: Don't create a known historical figure.

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